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It’s been a while since we last had a giveaway on the blog, and this is an exciting one!

But first, a question: how do you carry your postcards around? Over the years, we’ve seen people make do with imperfect solutions to transport their postcards, sticking them along with stamps inside a book, re-using flimsy envelopes or paper bags or just haphazardly throwing them in their purses and praying for the best. We always cringe thinking of those fragile corners…

Maike and Wiebke (aka, the Papersisters) experienced these annoyances too, and decided to take action by creating their own Papertraveler in order to solve the recurring problem of how to safely transport postcards. The Papertraveler is a sturdy and smooth folder, made of two pockets with space for 50 postcards, plus 2 inserts for stamps, stickers or other small paper items. They’re crafted from a tear-proof and vegan material, sewn together, and wrapped in place by an elastic band.

Papertraveler by Papersisters

Don’t they look neat? I’ve been using mine for a few months now, and can attest to its sturdiness. It’s just big enough for most normal sized postcards, but also compact, so it doesn’t take a lot of space in a bag. I keep mine stocked with plenty of stamps and some favorite postcards, just in case. 😊

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for: Papersisters is offering two lucky postcrossers a Papertraveler, along with their handy Pentraveler companion plus a bunch of postcards!

For a chance to be one of these lucky winners, visit their website and then leave a comment below, telling us which postcard (or series of postcards) is your favorite. This won’t be an easy task, as there are many nice postcards there, with popular series featuring the Life of a Postcrosser, German themes, Personalities, Mail topics, or the Happy Postcrossing series…

Papertraveler by Papersisters

So have a look through their website and let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below — if you win, some of these will be included in your new Papertraveler! Don’t forget to check back here next Saturday for the winners (randomly picked by Paulo’s script, as always).

And the winners of this giveaway, as chosen by Paulo’s random number generator are… picquick and MiddLin! Congratulations everyone, thank you for your enthusiastic participation!


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717 comments so far

PauliB, Germany
What a clever idea! I travel a lot and always struggle to store my postcards in a safe and compact place... :)
My favorite postcard series would be the "Inspiring Women" one - particularly fitting considering that tomorrow is International Women's Day! ;) ✊

strawberry131, United States of America
Nice! I have a flat pocket in my messenger bag & usually hope for the best for the corners of my cards—theirs is a much nicer solution!

I like their Planets postcard, plus the German Beer one. 🍺 Not a postcard, but I always like the stampers, they look so tidy on the cards I’ve received.

BeckyS, United States of America
This is an improvement over the child's metal lunchbox that I carry my Postcrossing supplies around in. :)
I am partial to the Around the World postcard.

Ingmal, Austria
I like the Happy Postcrossing series most. ;-)

Hawwa, Spain
I've been using my papertraveler for a while, and I can't be happier with it! I bought one of those for a friend, and she loves it too :)

As for the postcards, my friends appreciate the "Life of a Postcrosser" series a lot. Another favourite is the postcard with different post cancellations ("Around the world").

saintursula, Turkey
I have had an eye on one of these papertravelers for a while now...

I like the Moon and the Planets cards!

teresamoleiro, Portugal
I love the papertraveler idea, I didnt knew it existed!

My favourite series is the Life of a Postcrosser!

margreetbtn, Netherlands
I love the series "life of a postcrosser" as it is so true! All these cards make me laugh out loud!

And the papertraveller looks handy for meetings too!

tburkhart54, United States of America
The paper traveler seems so cool. The books I carry are always stuffed with postcards.

My favorite series is the stamp flags!

Nantia_M, Greece
That is amazing! I loved all the cards but I think I liked the "Life of a Postcrosser" series best!

tw1nlyn, United States of America
I like the World Heritage sites cards!! Lynne

Caro_Emily, Germany
I thinks it is an amazing site and i LOVE the Happy Postcrossing Series.
I thought about buying it for myself but winning it would be so much cooler

amylynphoto, Italy
I like the 'Why I love Postcards" postcard, "The Moon" postcard, "Winter Sky" postcard, all the "Stamp Flag" postcards, "Around the World" postcard, and German Landmark series. :)

jmr1739, United States of America
What an amazing invention! Typically, I carry my postcards in my purse. Yikes, huh? I am enchanted by the "Happy Postcrossing" series of postcards. Wonderful!

MichelleCooper, United States of America
This looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity! I love the Happy Postcrossing series the best. I love the bright colors and images.

mlandman, Netherlands
That’s a great prize! I guess it’s so handy and I love the looks! My favourite postcard is “Hallo, Happy Postcrossing from the Netherlands” and I like “Happy Postcrossing from a meetup” too, I will attend one in Belgium next month!

thebee_debbie, Belize
Fantastic! These ladies are sooooo creative. The Life of a Postcrosser is my favorite can relate to many of those. Thanks ❤

DonnaM, Canada
Love the products and my favourite cards are the Happy Postcrossing series!

Lavonq, Poland
The series "For You" captivated me the most, good luck for everyone :-)

ned44440, Ireland
Being asked to pick a favourite series of postcards is almost like being asked to pick a favourite child = an impossible task!! Every time I open one page on the site I say "Oh, these are definitely my favourites" and then I go to another page and I say "Oh . . . . " You get the drift!!
For now I am going to say Life of a Postcrosser because I found myself agreeing with every single statement.

BethKK, United States of America
Wow - what a great collection of postcards! I loved the series of Inspiring Women, as well as the Through the Year series. However, the blog is exactly correct: there are so many great postcards, it's difficult to choose a favorite!

I generally use a cellophane envelope from the USPS to carry my supplies when I travel. The papertraveller is lovely!

imbrito, Portugal
That is amazing! I've a small bag to transport my cards, but it isn't as cool as Papertraveler!!! I loved all the cards but I think I liked the "Mail Topics" series best!

jm1122, United States of America
I carry my postcard and mailing supplies in a plastic zippered bag...this folder would be a vast improvement!!
My favorite papersisters cards are definitely the mail themed ones!

Hectorious, Guernsey
Very much like the months of the year set, moon, planets and signs of the zodiac, thanks for the chance of winning.

swonild, Italy
I enjoy postcards of flags made with stamps very much and also postcrossing theme cards. Thank you for the opportunity :)

NamelessNina, Netherlands
I have a box to transport my cards, but it takes up a lot of space so the Papertraveler would be amazing!
I absolutely love the 'our planets' postcard. For now: fingers crossed.

_Bibi_, Germany
The papertraveler is such a nice invention. I always put postcards and stamps inside a book that I read during travelling. I always have to take care that the stamps do not get lost when I open my book for reading.
My favourite series is the 'Happy Postcrossing' series. :)

ProudMum, Netherlands
I usually stick my cards in my diary or any other book, but they sometimes fall out in my bag. I love the personalities postcards especially Maria Sybilla Merian. I wrote a piece about her for my English students. I love her work.

anniewilsonpaquin, Canada
Well... I think this might be a good place to start shopping awesome (and useful) Postcrossing items ! Will have a look later this week-end.

KarenNfld, Canada
The Life of a Postcrosser series is very cute and creative!

MarYany, United States of America
I like the stamp postcards and would love to win!

anniewilsonpaquin, Canada
Oh... forgot to answer the question... 😬
My favorite series is the Personalities one, especially Inspiring Women.
Thank you !

SoonerOrLater, Germany
Oh wow! Nice work to develope a thing like the papertraveller :)

I love the Nothern lights postcard as well as the "inspiring women"!

anaaugusto, Portugal
I love the Mail topics theme! :D

concertpix, United States of America
This is great! I have been wanting to do the Santiago hike from France to Spain. I think the Postcrossing card from Spain in the picture is a sign!. I would take this along on my journey!

mattyboy3y, Italy
Thanks for this great idea! I love the Beethoven theme! Greetz from Italy!

freshwaterwi, Italy
I love the mail series, but most of all I love the "happy postcrossing from [country of your choice]. They are so well designed: colorful and interesting! I also appreciate their selection of washi tape.

czuczy66, Canada
I like the LIFE OF A POSTCROSSER cards. Thanks too for the great ideas.

TerkaF, Czech Republic
It's really difficult to say which series is the best. But I love Happy Postcrossing and Stamp flags series.

PatteHen, United States of America
Great offer! My favorite is the "Life of a Postcrosser" series.

welikesarah, United States of America
Love this idea! My favorite card is the year 2020 card. Time goes by so quickly; it's fun to look back at commemorative cards a few years later.

Tizy78, Italy
Wow, thank you! I like It stamp flag.🇮🇹

Newdawn, Switzerland
The series of Inspiring Women is great

CEBooth, United Kingdom
I like the Beethoven commemorative card. I love the idea of the papertraveller

snowgoose, Jersey
Fabulous idea and, although I seldom carry cards with me, I do need some special place to store my cards and stamps, especially stamps! I LOVE the Happy Postcrossing series. However, I have yet to receive one but maybe one day .... hint, hint!

aurelie426, United States of America
This is so cool! So glad to have found out about the papertraveller and pentraveller and would love the chance to win them :)

My favorite postcard is the Posthorn!

januari, Sweden
Hej, what an interesting website with beautiful and original cards. I surely will order some of them...
The series I like most are: the 'Happy Postcrossing'cards, 'The Year' and 'Life of a postcrosser' (wonderful!!!)

maripe92, Germany
Due to the International Women's Day tomorrow I would choose the series 'Inspiring Women'. 🍀

Norway_girl, Norway
My favourite series is the Life of a Postcrosser series. Especially these two:
No.1: You know you are a Postcrosser when a postcard rack attracts you like a strong magnet
No.8: You know you are a Postcrosser when you get many colorful postcards - even the ones belonging to your neighbors

Lata, United Kingdom
Everything is lovely in your website! I recently took up studying German again after a gap of many years, so my favourites are How to say hello and goodbye in German.

CarinaDSLR, Germany
Pretty neat! I really love the "Stamp flag" postcard series. Especially the "Europe stamp flag"!

coyvo, Germany
I love the Planet cards

EandJKing, United States of America
So cute and such a great idea! I love their Mail topics. The stamp flags are so cool!

shugal, Germany
Many thanks to Papersisters and Postcrossing for this great giveaway! :)

I have to admit that the Papertraveler is the by far best product yet from Papersisters. I'm not into illustrated cards, I prefer photo cards of sights and cities. Of course I like their meet-up cards because I collect meet-up cards. :) I think "Life of a Postcrosser" is closest to my taste.

CorgiGirl, United States of America
I like "Life of Postcrosser No 11" though they are all adorable. Great site. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lila1503, Germany
I love them all, but my at the moment my Favorit are the inspiring women from Germany.

Kat-Zen, France
This is a great idea!
And I especially like the Personalities series, in particular those dedicated to Poets, Inventors, Painters, etc.

saikat_das, India
'Happy postcrossing' series is my favourite!

theirmimi, United States of America
There are a lot of neat postcards but my favorite is the the vintage happy Postcrossing set from the USA.

shadowsword, Malta
German Food, for me, as a fan of schnitzel and sausages.

GlobeHopper, Germany
Wow what a wonderful invention! ... I like the “Life of a postcrosser” series!

wrenwren, United States of America
Love the Papertraveler!

My favorite postcard from the site is The Moon. Thanks for the giveaway!

mapa, Belgium
What a lovely postcards! How to choose a favorite? I love the months serie and the you know you are a postcrosser when…
Nice website and lovely products! Will be buying some things!

Else10, United States of America
My favorite postcard series is life of a postcrosser, especially the one that says, "You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when a postcard rack attracts you like a strong magnet." So so true! It's the first thing I aim for during outings, at museums, etc. It's a sickness! LOL

picquick, Germany
So many great cards. I really like the "Beethoven 250. Geburtstag", "Postcard Basics" and the "Welcome to Nordrhein-Westfalen" cards.

porkwithbones, United States of America
I like the Special Occasions postcards.

Gen24, United States of America
This is such a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
Of course I love the U.S. stamp flag cards, as well as the winter sky and planets card. :)

Ineminemutte, Belgium
I really love the first moonlanding postcard :D. I was very happy when a kind German postcrosser sent me one, but of course I'd love to send it out myself as well!

I also love the postcards about the moon, planets and northern lights, as well as the European stamp flag and the birthday rainbow card. There are too many nice postcards to choose from :)

And of course I also love the Belgian postcard in the series 'Happy postcrossing from..." :)

The papertraveller looks very useful! I've also been struggling with the question of how to transport my postcards. I often put them between a book, but books can be quite heavy :).

mysweetlife63, United States of America
Love this idea, much better than mine of wrapping them in paper & hoping for the best!

ctim, Sweden
Thanks a lot for this nice giveaway!
My favourites are the "Happy Postcrossing"- series and "The Year"- series.

Griffica, Bermuda
What a lovely idea!
My favorite series is Happy Postcrossing!

zomertje, Netherlands
Love the Happy postcrossing series I only got 2 left so I could use new ones. The traveller looks splendid ,

honeybee, Austria
I love most the "Inspiring Women of Austria", "Beethoven's Birthday", the "astronomical and astrology cards" and of course the "Happy Postcrossing"-series. I already bought two of the papertraveler as a present for postcrossing-friends - but not for myself yet. :)

mrvnrdll, Iceland
The Happy Postcrossing series is very nice!

Sarilyn, United States of America
The Happy Postcrossing series is so fun! That's what I like right now. :)

BlueVWBeetle, United States of America
I like the Year postcard set. WOW! The traveler is very attractive and well thought out. Fingers crossed :-)

SnailMailForever, United States of America
This would be great for bringing postcards on the go! I was in Arizona last week, and carefully packed a postcard in my backpack to bring with me on a hike to a petroglyph canyon. This would have been perfect!
My favorite series is the Life of a Postcrosser series! So fun!

HM, Netherlands
Stamp flag series is my favourite.

While travelling I use an old correspondence/ letter folder, bit larger then A4. Or just a rubberband, when travelling light.

DorotheeB, Germany
As a postcard addict I love all the postcards, but the set "Frauen - set of 15 cards in German" is really special.

Bees-and-Butterflies, France
What a clever idea! My absolute favourite is 'why I love postcards'.
When I buy postcards I always keep them in my hand so they can't get damaged or bent.
Happy Postcrossing.

elisabeth_51, Russia
I carry postcards in a small plastic bag, I try not to wrinkle the corners. Plastic is not the most suitable type of packaging.
I like the Frauen series of postcards - set of 15 cards in German.
I respect Berta Benz and Marlene Dietrich.

Candy1211, Hong Kong
Happy passersby is my favorite theme. I will find places I have traveled here, such as: Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Macau, the United States, etc ... and many other countries and places. Surprise! The last one is a typical cross-road crossing. The flat collection is great.
Good night

Sandristica, Spain
All of them are pretty but The Year set is amazing.
I carry my utilities of writing in a fabric carpet.

nm_rockhound, United States of America
Very hard to pick just one...but I'd have to go with the FIRST MOON LANDING 🚀🌕🇺🇸

D2M2, United States of America
I like the US Stamp flag best.

If I'm shopping for a few postcards, I put a holder made
out of part of a cardboard envelope inside a small
fabric bag that I made.

I've I'm buying lots of postcards, I stuff them in a box
that fits them, and load them in the back seat of the car.

NZ_Chris, New Zealand
I currently carry postcards in my bag in a small plastic ziplock bag. Looking at all the postcards, my favourites would be Beethoven's 250 and the moon landing. Great website!

kate101, Hungary
My favorite is the the vintage Happy Postcrossing set. :)

SilverGirl68, United States of America
Well, these are fabulous! Having just had to root out from the bottom of my *deep* bag all the (now somewhat mangled) postcards I was carrying in case an urge to communicate struck, I am already feeling the relief of the Papertraveler. If I have to choose--such a challenge!--I love that cow, and Dusty Elephant with that bright green band? Perfect.

dougmv214, United States of America
My favorite availing postcards pictured are the ones of the prevailing German. beer, since they are among the best in the world. The pictures of brews from Germany remind one to have one at the end of the day to countervail the travails in life and bring a little more joy.

ekofan, Netherlands
Good idea, Papersisters : to let us scroll through your website .
I like the mail related cards most.

ClairyB, United Kingdom
Their Happy Postcrossing series are lovely, they'd make a great display for my pupils!

miriginger, Russia
I've checked the website and found a map postcard that I received some time ago. I really like it. Speaking about postcards I would like to send myself - 'Planets' are the best! And I also like the 'Birthday Rainbow'.

avenue, United States of America
I like the international series.

Jackass2, Germany
I like the cards "Life of a Postcrosser". They are so true!! :-)

Kukichainu, Germany
I love The Year series, though sadly it has increasingly less in common with reality. But if I can't have snow in reality, I do love it on my postcards.

Lunushka, Belarus
I like Winter Sky postcard and Stamp Postcards serie

katkero2, Belgium
I like life of a postcrosser the best.

raraelli, Switzerland
"Inspiring Women from Austria" is probably my favorite postcard!

Exploradora73, Netherlands
I am at a meeting at Stavanger today and broughed there meet up cards with me. When I was in Germany last month I used there German map cards.
But my favourite is now there newest serie Life of a postcrosser. It is so regonizable.

athanasi, Greece
Papersisters' idea is cool!!! The postcards I would choose are 'The Year' ones.

kaste, Finland
Happy Postcrossing series is my favourite!! And I love the papertraveler idea!!

ShariLoveFIN, Finland
I',d like those new The year 2020 cards 💙

georgewilliams, United Kingdom
My favourite postcard is the "German Beer" one :)

boonegirl, United States of America
I like the moon and October cards.

Shambala, Canada
Nicely done Paper Sisters. Travelling with cards is not easy and I bring a small bag to store them in - a mesh one from the dollar store did ok on my last trip but few did get damaged. My favorite from the sisters is the Happy Postcrossing series for countries.

pefawm, Norway
The Life of a Postcrosser are such beautiful cards with quotes that everyone can relate too.
We never passes a shop without checking if they have beautiful cards.
Our mailman knows our name and we might be the only ones that keep them busy.
We have made a lot of friends through Postcrossing.
Through Postcrossing we learn a lot about countries, cultures and interesting sights. We visit places we never would visit if it wasn't for these meetings.
If we would join a quiz we score high in geography.
If anyone ask us what the price of a stamp is we know.
Not only on a rainy day we like to write and sort out postcards, we also like sending cards from our vacation. What better way to write postcards on a beautiful spot with cards and stamps stored in the papertraveler from the lovely postcardsisters.

CyberJo, United Kingdom
I love the flags made of stamps. A new stamp to see every time you look at the postcards.

joyfuljill, Canada
I love this the idea of this for being able to travel with my postcards. I love to write them hanging out in coffee shops and stuff so this would be fantastic. I love paper sisters postcards as well. I think if I had to pick a series favourite it would be the life of the postcrosser but I'm also drawn to the moon landing postcard ❤️

babytreese, United States of America
My fave is the phases of the moon postcard. I have always been fascinated by the moon and it's affects on people.

serendipity2, Turkey
What a lovely surprise! Actually I most love “Postcrossing” themed postcards but I rarely get this type of postcards so far. Good luck!

Bet, United States of America
I love the set of women postcards and the year 2020 postcards. I would love to have both in my collection. While traveling I just use a large sturdy envelope to carry my postcrossing supplies and hope for the best!

Sparky4, United States of America
My favorite is the German landmark series, because I would love to visit all of them! The graphics and colors are very cheerful. Great idea - would love to win!

LeaB, Germany
My favorite is the postcard „German bread and rolls“ 😊

sienemien, Belgium
What a good idea: the papertraveler! We, postcrossers, have always a lot to take with us on holidays, postcrossing meetings, ... So this is the ideal card, stamp, ... protector to take with us. My favourite cards: Beethoven because it's his year!

writerchick85, Canada
Big fan of the Life of a Postcrosser series!

EngelDD, Germany
Their postcards are just awesome in general but I'm in love with the "Happy Postcrossing" series and already sent many of them from different countries as well. 😍✌📮

alexisl, Canada
I really like the stamp flag postcards, but I really love stamps so I'm biased. This papertraveler is a great idea!

SpiritGalaxy, Germany
My favorits are the postcards from the Postcrossing series 😀

ironseafish, Germany
I really love the German Landmark Series :)!!

AWEF, United States of America
I currently keep my cards in my backpack, in one of those brown paper bags they put pastries in at coffee shops. So yeah, this would be a a good idea!😄 My choice would be the Life of a Postcrosser cards. I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve gotten from Papersisters.

Bies, Netherlands
Since tomorrow will be International Women's Day 2020 I pick the Postcards Women set! Inspiring women from
Germany, interesting because I only knew Marlene Dietrich.
The world is full of powerful women, from Germany but also all other countries and I am lucky to be living in The Netherlands.
I know there are women struggling every day, and I would love to let them know we are thinking about them.

Narwal_lover, Belgium
I love the mail themed postcards with all the stamps on it. I've never seen any postcards like that before :) I also like the plants postcard and winter nights a lot. Good luck to all of you who want to win a paper traveler :)

amysbrooks, United States of America
I like the moon phases and the Christmas the best!

Inesainesa, Russia
I like: Year-a set of 12 months of postcards

romanda87, Virgin Islands of the USA
I have my cards in a pretty plastic container in my living room, not very organized at all. My favorite series of postcards are the flags from the stamps. Those look so cool and completely different from anything else.

Mara7, Latvia
This is a wonderful idea! I do love the papertraveler - sandy camel color. And I also enjoy the postcard sticker, usually have hard time to find goodones!

Thank you!

Treasure, Spain
My favourite postcard is:
I'm in love with the Birthday Raimbow postcard with all those birthday wishes.
Thanks for the chance to win!
Greetings from Barcelona!

RutterFamily, United States of America
Ooo - love the idea of the papertraveler. I like their mail postcards - I love postcards made up of stamps!

whodalalee, Canada
Wiebke, how wonderful to see a friends business on Postcrossing!!! I love your Canadian postcard and enjoy using the CA- stamp you made for us. Congrats my friend!

CarlaCristina, Brazil
What a great idea. I like thei collections: Life of a postcrosser and Personalities. And zodiac. Thanks

Laszlito, Hungary
Women series!!! ❤

WilmaT, Netherlands
I love the designs of the serie "Life of a Postcrosser".
The paper traveler seems to be very handy, to store your cards.

twilson74, Canada
I love this I was actually looking at it on the website.
I love the Around the World postcard as well as the Vintage Canada Set and the happy postcrossing one from Canada as well. :)

Hello from Canada

bryn31, Netherlands
This looks great! I sometimes use the pocket in the back of my notebook, but to have a pretty binder specially for postcards would be cool. I like the “International” postcard collection best.

dlchenev, United States of America
German Composers, Beethoven, and First Moon Landing.🎶🎹🌕

girlinthecafe, Netherlands
I love the moonlanding and the why I love postcards postcards the most.

Nytetears, United States of America
US Stamp Flag is one of my favorites

kkarylie, United States of America
This is so cool! I've been thinking about how to make a travel kit for postcrossing using a tin that I got a set of postcards in but I can't really fit pens, pencils, etc in with it.

I spotted the German Bread postcard immediately, I love baking, but I also think the Year set is a unique idea and I really like the design.

Happy Postcrossing Everyone!

kareny, Hong Kong
My favourite is the Happy Postcrossing series!

alhanaart, Spain
What a great idea to carry postcards and keep them safe! It was hard to pick just one, but the "Europe Stamp Flag" is one of my favourites.

sallyanne, United States of America
I have been using an old Christmas card box for this purpose - I can't wait to upgrade!

MOTHsan, Germany
The papertraveler looks fantastic!! I really hope I win one!! My favorite postcard series is the one with the zodiac signs. :)

inuk, Germany
Hello, I love the welcome to Nordrhein-Westfalen most. All those little pictures showing sites of my county. It´s a pity, that there are only welcome to-postcards of my county and Hamburg and not of the other ones of Germany. I´d really love to send and recieve more of them.

Chirp2lou, Canada
I love that people actually keep their postcards organized and not just in a bag in a box like I do! I found some interesting things to purchase on the Papersisters website but I think I like the Happy Postcrossing Canada card best.

Kayarina, Ukraine
Great idea!
My favorite topic is "International Postcards". Especially "Sternzeichen", "Northern Lights" and "Why I love Postcards".
Although it is so difficult to choose the best ... All postcards are beautiful!

angelikapa, Germany
Cool Idea! I like signs of zodiac most.

frau_schill, Germany
personalities and special occasions are my favourites, and together with stamps they would feel much better in a papertraveller than in a simple envelope :-)

AnniePost, United States of America
Love the Northern Lights one especially. I love this place--ordered here before.

denska, United States of America
What a great giveaway! I like the all the Postcrosser series, especially # 9.

shayper, Canada
Thank you, Papersisters, for offering this giveaway! My favourite series are the "Inspiring Women" series (Austria and Germany), and I would love to see these for more countries. I also love the postage stamp flags.

CarlaW, Netherlands
This is amazing .
The postcard set I love the most is The Year

blekket, Czech Republic
I usually carry transparent A5 plastic envelope to protect everything important like stamps and postcards :)
When I read all "Life of a Postcrosser" postcards some weeks ago - I laughed a lot how it´s true - so definitely this serie!

dollart, Finland
Every card serie papersisters do are made for postcrosser with love and care. My favorite are Happy postcrossing serie. First met them and their lovely products at Tampere meetup.

katze77, Germany
I use a very big folder to carry around everything, but actually it's heavy and everything falls around :(

The postcard sets are really hard to decide... I liked the "inspiring women" and also the "German painters" - what made me smile was the "bad hair day" fantastic!!! :-D

cartonfamily, France
It’s a great idea ! I love the postcard rainbow birthday !

CindyMc, United States of America
What a useful and attractive folder! It looks like a great idea. I like so many of the Papersisters postcards, including, The Year 2020, Beethoven, Northern Lights, Signs of the Zodiac, etc., etc. 😊

AnnElliot, Russia
From "Life of a Postcrosser" series "You know you are a Postcrosser...when a postcard rack attracts you like a strong magnet" - that is sooo me!

borealis, Norway
I usually only have one card to transport, so I make do with a book.
I like the Women series.

Edmonds, United States of America
What an awesome idea. I like a number of the series collections -- from the artist Georgia O'Keefe to David Allen Sibley's birds; Star Wars' Women of the Galaxy to the Green Collection.

Miriamel, Germany
This is really a great idea! There are so many nice postcards - I like the German maps and the cards with the little pictures of typical German things.

maramm, United States of America
What a nice giveaway! I like the happy post crossing series best, as I did not even know it existed. But I also like the year 2020 postcard. :)

jg_from_nu, Germany
This year in Germany? Beethoven of course! ;-))

CBear214, United States of America
I love everything on this site-- I think I liked the postcards of stars/ moon/ moon landing/ northern lights the best.

claireandivy, United Kingdom
Life of a Postcrosser No.1 Is my favourite card, this is definitely me! I can spot a postcard rack a mile away, and also collect magnets too!!

HarryVedge, United Kingdom
I like the Planets postcard - because I like anything astronomical, but also due to the use of colour.

joyoustmjp, United States of America
A postcard holder is a great idea! I keep mine in an old Easter basket, but the Papertraveler looks like a MUCH better solution. I like the Months of the Year set, and the US flag made out of stamps, too

Adam-1, Israel
I definitely could have used something like this for me last trip.

My favorite postcard is the one showing the Northern Lights.

Heepy, United States of America
I love the Planets postcard the most! Yes, throw cards and stamps in the purse and hope for the best - that's me!

roxy92670, United States of America
Oh thank you for the chance to win some of these gorgeous items! That camel colored traveler is such a pretty color! I lalso love the US Flag made of stamps! That is a very cool work of art! Thank you again and take care!

saluti_al_postino, Italy
Wow! The holder is a great idea! 🤩
I love the international postcards, so finger crossed 🤩

reiselustig, Germany
Great invention, papersisters! Usually I put the postcards into a book while travelling. But i would love to win one of these papertravellers :-)
Well I cannot decide, what I like most - e.g. some of the germany series liek german bread and german sweet, Wolrd heritage sites, but also the inspiring woman set... so many great postcards! (Some of them I saw before on some postcrossers walls, but did not know where to get them :-) )

uncknitter, United States of America
Such a great idea!
I love the natiional flags made from stamps. It's so fun to see so many stamps in one place.

neslihanim, Turkey
wow, they are cool. I specially like "German World Heritage Sites" series.

AutismMom, United States of America
Wonderful giveaway! So hard to choose, I guess I would say German beer & beer glasses, USA stamp flag or any related to planets, night sky, moon landing. They all are fantastic!

EttaHenry, United States of America
I was having one of those days (hard week, son's hospitalization, devastating cancer diagnosis from another relative, etc.) but visiting your website has cheered me up! I like the months of the year postcards. And I REALLY like (and plan to order) the stickers that turn any photo into a post card. THANKS for making my day brighter!

SylviaM, United States of America
The papertraveler and pentraveler are such great items! I normally carry my pens in a Ziploc plastic bag, my postcards in a slightly too large cardboard box with a bit of paper stuffed around the postcards to keep them from sliding around too much, and my postage stamps in a folder. Obviously, the papertraveler and pentraveler would each be a huge improvement!

I love the "Life of a Postcrosser" postcards -- the sentiments on them are totally accurate and they made me laugh : )

KarineL, Canada
I like the happy postcrossing from CA, the life of a postcrosser series and the year series.

ctr, Germany
Hard to decide.... mhm.... I think "Inspiring Women" are my favorites.

Muneca, Germany
Wow neat idea! Yeah unfortunately I am one of those that just throw their postcards for send into my bag and hope that they are fine until my arrival to the post box.
My favourite series would be the Happy Postcrossing, although every other is fantastic too!

GenevaSophia, United States of America
Lovely giveaway. My favourites are the flag stamp postcards (and the airmail sticker postcard).

Have a great weekend, postcrossers!

Jaerad, United States of America
I Love them all but I think the Happy Postcrossing series is my favorite......and the Papertraveler is a lovely idea! I love to be organized!

aspenone, United States of America
Wonderful, little device! I usually have a bunch of paper bags thrown in my suitcase or purse and am always looking for them. I just might have to purchase one! My favorite postcard was the around the world one.

pentar, United States of America
Lots of very nice postcards but my favorite is the Happy Postcrossing series.
Thanks for having the give-away!

tjane, Canada
Happy postcrossing from... Is a very nice series. And also German bread 😊

Escilas, Mexico
Loved the "Women" set on the Personalities section. I hope they make another set that includes women of other nationalities :)

Zeanette, Poland
WOW! 😍 Happy Postcrossing - this is my favorite! All country on one card! This is it! ❤

Caramis, Netherlands
My fave has to be Hamburg - German Landmark Series. Just as colorful as the city itself. Could recommend Hamburg to everyone.

80sTrekkieGirl, Canada
I love the “life of a postcrosser” series! So unique.

JaneJarve, Ireland
My favourite is the BIRTHDAY RAINBOW one, but there are LOTS I really like. And they're good value too. Thanks for featuring this website, as I'd not known of it beforehand. Continued HAPPY POSTCROSSING everyone!

KJ_lillianopal, United States of America
My favorite set is "The Year" postcards!

CelesteP, South Africa
I absolutely love all the postcards they have for special occasions!!!

Violetbluebird, United States of America
All of the postcards pertaining to Germany and German life are my favorites. I used to live in Germany, and I miss it very much. As for my postcards, pens, and washi, they travel in a zipped, soft-sided iPad protector (without the iPad). Not exactly ideal, but better than nothing I guess!
Happy Postcrossing to all!

KnittingSofia, United States of America
Ooooooo I love the Stamp Flag postcard series, what a cool idea given how many of us like stamps as well!!

mscheess, United States of America
I love their "German Bread and Rolls" and "German Beer" postcards! So interesting to learn about these traditional foods through Postcrossing! :)

ASawvel, United States of America
Yay! I love ALL the cards, but I especially like the set with the months of the year. I need 2 sets of those - one to mail and one to keep.

jaeltentpeg11, Australia
I usually travel with my postcards in a haphazard collection of envelopes.... :-\
Those stamp-flag images are awesome!
I've even received the German one! :-D DE-7640116

mclifford973, United States of America
I love the 'Life of a Postcrosser" series! Cute.

agprosser, United States of America
I love them all, but if I had to pick, the World Heritage Sites series might be my favorite.

PTS-lola, Finland
I like Stamp Flags

Kattekate, Israel
Thanks for the great ideas.! My favourite series would be the Happy Postcrossing and month of the year!

nekomiao, Australia
This is such a cute little folder! Would be perfect to also store little stickers to decorate the postcards with. My favourite series is the "for you" series. Specially the donut one.

stukgelezen, Netherlands
The papersister site is great, I put my postcard in a cardboard box but would love the sandy camel! and as for postcard, they are all great but I would love the ones with a Dutch theme because a lot of fellow postcrossers love to receive cards from my own country, which is The Netherlands.

maxcat1, United States of America
Life of a Postcrosser series!
But tied with the Beethoven commemorative. So hard to decide. The Night Sky and Zodiacs are right up there, too. Delicious eye candy. Thanks for the mid-afternoon snack :)

harrickson, United States of America
The Year (series) with my Papertraveler... sounds like an excellent blog topic!

crashtestrider, United States of America
I really like the German Breads postcard. Besides Postcrossing, I travel the world from my kitchen, trying new international foods when I can get my hands on the ingredients! Life of a Postcrosser No. 9 is a favorite, too, because I have laughed at myself for this exact thing :)

LindsayNorman, United States of America
I've ordered from Papersisters a few times and they have great products. I like Personalities the most because it's the intersection of postcrossing and history.

BridgetLarsen, Australia
Love the Postcard Traveller such a great invention. I love the meetup cards with all the maps on them, gives me an idea how big a country is and big our world really is but in postcrossing we are all so close

ColoradoDoxie, United States of America
What a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win one.I really like all of the papersisters postcards but especially the stamp flags. I actually have a bunch of them in my stash right now!

mojokin, Canada
This looks like a wonderful idea to keep supplies safe and tidy. I really like the Life of a Postcrosser series. Thanks so much!😊

ebot, United States of America
The life of a Postcrosser set looks amazing! Some are just too true! 🤣

Kittykatten, Åland Islands
Hi! I like the Happy postcrossing cards :)

analise, United States of America
I usually store mine in whatever plastic wrap my souvenirs came in! This is a lovely idea and I hope it takes off in our postcrossing community. :) My favorite is the personalities, and in particular I'm so happy Sophie Scholl got represented! She is a hero for the whole world and her story is so empowering.

catambau, United States of America
I very much like the Happy Postcrossing cards! Pick me please!

yBenP, Hong Kong
I love the Postcard Pack "For You"!

Knerq, United States of America
I like everything! The postcards, the stamps, the stickers, everything!

lapje, Netherlands
A favorite, as in ONE (1) 🤔 indeed a very difficult choice....

Love the "You know you are a postcrosser when you keep explaining to yourself and others why you need more postcards" card,
the 'Airmail International ' one is beautiful, BUT
my absolute favorite is 🥁...
"The Year' series !

linku, Germany
Stamp flags, Northern light and sky postcards for me :O)!!


kellymcf, United States of America
I like the stamp postcard series the best but all the postcards are great!

miablancs, Canada
I have purchased two rubbers stamps recently being the Weather Stamp and the CA- Stamp. I totally fell in love at the time with the postcard series entitled

Women - set of 15 cards in English

I plan in the future to purchase the rubber stamp Thank you Postman and shall purchase the postcard series at that time.

Cheers, Mia Blancs

nannydino, Canada
My favourite series is the Life of a Postcrosser!
Hard to pick just one series...I love them all :)
Good luck to all

Kseng, Singapore
I love the idea of having something to carry my postcard in! I alway have a hard time making sure they are not destroyed by by bag. My favourite postcard would be the happy postcrossing series it so colourful and well designed!

Krystleseng, Singapore
Wow so cool !My favourite set would be the happy postcrossing set !

SunflowerLover, United States of America
Wow, what a great way to carry all the supplies that are needed for this great hobby! I would love to use these when I travel because I can't stop this habit just because I am away from home. I love new inventions!
My favorite set is the YEAR. I love how they have "explained" what happens each month. Also, the Zodiac cards are fun!

BlackWatch, Canada
Life of a Postcrosser is a favorite, but all series are very nice!

NaruMinamino, Peru
I really like the Happy Postcrossing series. I recently learned my country is in that collection, so I'll have to buy some :)

Cre8mail, United States of America
I love the looks of these! I really like the Mail topics postcards. I so wish Papersisters were in the USA, I love their stamps too! ❤️🐌💌

tintenn, United States of America
These are absolutely amazing! I sent MANY postcards from around the world on my travels! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

see3, United States of America
I like the Zodiac, Planets, Moon, Winter Sky series.

Sanra, Germany
The Happy Postcrossing Series is my fave. So beautiful postcards. 😍

MiddLin, United States of America
They are all so cute! I'm especially drawn to the "Life of a Postcrosser" series.
In the States I carry postcards in a cardboard envelope or a tin that postcards came in, and a cellophane envelope for stamps. When abroad I carry my cards, stamps, pens, stickers, etc in a plastic pencil box.

Izumiko, Japan
My Wall Favorites already had a Paper Sisters card on it.
And the “August” card is wonderful!
Postcard traveler was everyone's dream, and my dream💕

rockypyrite4893, United States of America
My favorite set is the Beethoven Birthday set because I play the piano and I love music.

moseandmiao, United States of America
My favorite is the Moon Landing postcard! But, all of the designs look like they would be fun to send and nice to receive!

Moo58, United States of America
My favorite is October postcard. My birthday month of course!

kikataika, Hungary
My favourite one is the German drinks one.

Dee-Marie, United States of America
This is a great idea and they look so nice. I like the Happy Postcrossing set.

AccentOnHakes, United States of America
Oh these are so cool! My favorite is probably the series of flags made of stamps, since I've been recently experimenting with stamp collages.

craftyAnnaLu, United States of America
These postcards are fantastic! My favorite is Birthday Rainbow.

Finnbadger, United States of America
The Moon is a favorite, as well as the zodiac.

Haniev, Indonesia
I have to use plastic folder to carry my postcards around. My favorite postcards from Papersisters are the Happy Postcrossing series as well as German Bread and German Beer because I'm a foodie. =D

Glow_Radiance, United States of America
My favorite postcard is the one of Margarete Steiff - I learned that the line of high quality toys is from a company started by a woman.

bm123i, United States of America
My favorite is the Happy Postcrossing series 😍

GalinaZai, Russia
Hello! What a great idea! I really like the topics of space, moon, planets, northern lights and of course Happy postcrossing !!!
I congratulate all women and girls of postcrossers on International Women's Day on March 8th. I wish you love, happiness, a full mailbox of beautiful postcards!

karli, United States of America
Good idea to sell these. I like postcrossing from czech republic postcards.

OlgaKrokhina, Russia
Hello, it is beautiful present ♥♥♥ i like cards "the year"
🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Happy spring 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

micaelab, United States of America
I have been eyeing the papertraveler for a little while now, how awesome is this giveaway? Thank you for doing it!! I absolutely love the Happy Postcrossing series (of course), especially the Mexico, France, and Spain postcards! Thanks again!

Dimble, United Kingdom
I already have one and I love it. Totally recommended 👍👍👍
Good luck to everyone in the competition! I like the Happy Postcrossing series best, but I also love the months of the year series.
I totally love the ‘Buntes Deutschland’ card and would love to see a series of those cards for other countries (please Maike and Wiebke 😁)

ciccicocco, Italy
How nice it would be to have your book to travel !!! I saw your postcards, all very interesting. I like "The German Composer" and the "German sweets"!

scutso, United States of America
Love this idea! It would be great for carrying around the stamp flag series of cards 💗

MargCook, Australia
What a lovely idea! I've just been on their website & have over 10 items in my cart already - oops! LOL
I love the Christmas & Birthday rainbow postcards, the Mail postcards not to mention the rubber stamps - wow!

Inselfreundin, Germany
My favourite is "Life of a Postcrosser". I really had to laugh, when I read them, because there is so much, which sounds exactly like me.

5kjenni, United States of America
My favorite is: Life of a Postcrosser!

TenshiMegami, Finland
Postcard Basics

grizzabella, Germany
My favourite is the German Landmark series at is were one of their first cards :) Anyway all cards are fantastic

kuhnildi, Romania
I'd like to win "The year" and the "Happy Postcrossing " series!

Lindesimpino, Russia
Ohhhh, so difficult choice! But I think on International women's day I'll choose the Inspiring women postcards as favs :)

RomaZanders, United States of America
Brilliant! I travel a lot, too, and put my postcards in a folder (not sturdy enough) and my stamps in a small plastic bag. I never even considered that someone would come up with a solution. I don’t know why, though...there are a lot of us postcard aficionados out there to make this a sought-after product! And the choice was easy for me, postcard-wise. I’m PASSIONATE about Beethoven’s Ninth, and the limited edition Beethoven postcard is wonderful! ~Roma

BenthosNekton, United States of America
Awesome! My favorites are the science illustrations and the US flag stamps.

Gummu, India
Where there's Postcrossing, there had to be a Papertraveler! What a cool idea. I've been looking up at the skies a lot lately and watching the International Space Station fly bys. Connecting around the world today through Postcrossing is something I didn't think possible until I discovered it recently. As we go further into the skies and into deep space, my wish for us is to connect with what is out there with the same sense of oneness. So right now, the Moon, Winter Sky and Planets are speaking to me as favourites...!

I use metal box to store my postcard...this is a good idea.

I like Ms Benz postcard

poulpe, Belarus
I usually carry and transport my postcards to the post office and from it in a book or in my notebook, but having Papertraveler like this seems a really nice idea.

I like Life of a Postcrosser series and German Painters & German Composers cards the best.

Depechechrissy, Germany
I am a big fan of the HPC-series and wished I would receive on from each country during my postcrossing "career" :). Also the German landmark series is a great collection item.

emanuelavan, Italy
Happy sunday,
I love personalities serie ..
I think it is great!
Ciao ciao

fausta__, Lithuania
What a beautiful and great idea!! Love papertraveler!! My fave series has to be “Life of a Postcrosser” - so cute!!

Hafizaa, Malaysia
I love the "Life of a Postrosser" =)

PascaleOh, France
I particularly like the postcards on personalities. I note pleasantly that this series gives an important (and deserved) part to women. Thanks for them ! Thank you for us !

AdelaisLili, Bulgaria
I really like 'Why I like postcards' but all the others look great as well :-)
Happy Women's day!!

leaflet, United States of America
This is hard...I like the International cards especially the winter sky and aurora borealis.

acropolis, Greece
Thanks for the opportunity,
I found "German themes" very interesting!

Aleksandra_JPL, Poland
Amazing products!
I like the "Months series" a lot.

Happy Women's Day to all girls and women!

duck2006, Germany
I really like the “Happy postcrossing” series!

Bobebar, Germany
Hello Papersister, my postcards are usually put in my handbag or put on the passenger seat in the car. Then a little "accident" happens every now and then.Your "Papertraveler" is ingenious. In it the postcards survive the way to the mailbox.
The postcard collection of you is really great and very extensive. It's hard to pick out a series. But I really like the postcards of personalities and "Life of a Postcrosser".
I wish you both farther many creative moments and all the best!

Cubbie, Germany
I prefer the Happy Postcrossing series

-AlterEcho-, Finland
I usually carry them around in a plastic little bag, which is a shame because.. well, plastic. :( So I'll be definitely checking this papertravel even I don't win. :)

Oh, and I really enjoy the space, skys and astrology series of postcards, like the Planets, the Moon (and moon landing), Sky, Zodiac, etc, they are specially wonderful to me.

romulus, Hong Kong
My postcards usually come in box sets. As for the rest, I just store them on my bookshelf, and for the ones I'm ready to send, I put them in a small paper bag.
My favorite postcard is Winter Sky!

siobhan, Germany
This is a neat idea! :)

I like the "Personalities" and also the "German landmarks" series best.

tikismeekis, Spain
Great idea! I usually try to put them carefully between the pages of a book, but it's really messy because they end up falling or I forget they're there. My favorite series is "The Year".

SeaRainShel, Philippines
My favorite is the Happy Postcrossing series. Thanks so much.

xxSylvia, Germany
I like the postcards of the papersisters very much. It is a nice way to share a little of our german way of life or about our history (persons) with other postcrossers. So I have allways some of this cards in my" outgoing-box".
So I can´t say which is the best maybe the ones with the famous building or the typical food ones... or the german poets... ? I really love them all

LenaSophie, Germany
I love the stamp flags, but they're all very beautiful!

vasquez_se7en, United Kingdom
These look awesome!!! I have so many favourites it's hard to chose, but I like the cards with lots to read, like the 'why I love postcards' :D and the 'Life of a postcrosser' ones

cyrinne, Germany
I carry my cards in a flat pocket of my backpack, always hoping that I won't forget them and stuff anything else into that pocket...

I like the card "German Bread and Rolls" best, because my husband always complains about the bread being different as soon as he is abroad, haha. (I actually prefer Italian bread myself, but that's a different story...)

Florallle, United Kingdom
What an amazing choice of postcards. My favourites are the Life of a Postcrosser - struck a chord there! 😄

IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia
I like Happy Postcrossing, it depicts icon or important building/ person of a country, not in a serious way such as other series. it's cute & fun series, yet still informative one. good job !

Cassisia, Germany
I love sending Papersisters' cards and often find them in other Postcrossers' favourites. Until now, my favourite cards were "German Food", "German Drinks" and "German Sweets", but recently I've fallen in love with the series "Life of a Postcrosser". The slogans are so true and funny, I can't wait to send them! 😊

seaview, United Kingdom
My favourite postcard set is The Year - 12 month postcards.

Because I prefer visual than text heavy postcards. As not too much text for those receivers who can't read English frequently but might recognise the name of the month in English and enjoy the visual motif. Plus it's nice to recognise a new month of the year by sending a specific monthly postcard. Although I hardly send or receive to the southern hemisphere - it be nice to think how month's characteristics are different from northern hemisphere.
I like the month postcards as everyone on the planet can relate to the passing of time in a year.

a_n_n_e, Germany
15 women - in English.

Not only on today's International Women's Day do we need more stories about women! We live in 2020 and not in 1800 so please give women more space in every field!

Huari, Germany
First thought I'd go for the different maps of Germany but am now settling for the set of Frauen/Women - fantastic selection of inspiring women!

heimaey, Finland
Stamp flags!

lbp1961, Canada
I love the serie called The year. Beautiful card for every month. Thank you for letting me discover that site.

Malaya, Philippines
I really like the Inspiring Women postcards especially Maria Sibylla Merian. :) I usually store my postcards & stamps in a flimsy plastic folder whenever I travel and the Papertraveler is really nice! 💕

eta55, United States of America
A postcard specific portfolio is a great idea! I usually use a travel case i have for a steno-pad but it is only somewhat suited for the purpose, and is a workaround, with a separate pencil case. I like this idea! You were not kidding about hard choices! I'm torn between the personalities group and the Mail topics group, but I think I have to go with personalities. Thanks for all your efforts for Postcrossing!

ichabodhides, United Kingdom
What a neat idea! They look so pretty, too! As for the postcards, the Happy Postcrossing series is my favourite.

Monika_N, Poland
I love the 'mail' series, it's really awesome! :)

PoppyDunes, Netherlands
The German painters postcard! All eight of the depicted artists are brilliant and I admire their work. German painters really know how to make colours pop.

Daphmaas, Netherlands
My daughter and I just bought a couple of boxes, but this is a way better solution. I love Life of a postcrosser number 10. Sunday, rain, coffee and postcards: life cannot be better!

ennov-y, Germany
Life of a Postcrosser 📮

Igel-Post, Germany
While traveling I usually carry my postcards, stamps, some washi tape and a small pair scissors in a case that looks like an air mail envelope. But the beautiful Papertraveler seems to be a much safer place to put them. I like the "Life of a Postcrosser"-cards. There is a lot of truth in them and they make me smile. :)

niacarnelio, India
I'm a huge fan of stars, constellations, and planets (basically the cosmos & universe) so I really loved their postcards featuring some Winter Sky Highlights, the Moon, and the Planets. Thank you for the chance! I hope to win, this would make life so much easier than transporting and keeping my postcards safe in odd boxes (currently using a durable but not as cute shoebox).

maroen, Netherlands
I love the " life of a postcrosser" cards. They are so right. I really am like the cards say hahaha.

I carrie my postcards, stamps and other stationary in a big make up bag. Not very nice but pratical. But I love the folders. Maybe a nice mothers day gift 😍

Kayla221B, Canada
My favourite was the Posthorn - such a nice image for sharing our stories and information around the world.

I had just accepted bent corners on my postcards, but it looks like I don't have to now!

ezredax, United States of America

I love the paper traveler. Would be a treat to take to meetups. I usually carry my postcards, stamps and rubber stampers in a plastic box.

I love seeing the world on little bits of cardboard.

PostcardPal, Canada
Lovely postcards. And a wonderful idea for storing them.

My favourite would be: The 'Happy Poscrossing' series (with an emphasis on the one named 'Vintage Canada').

Crossing fingers!

famorca, Germany
what a great idea, unfortunately i often damage cards in transit _ rücksack, coat poket, shopping bag etc, so a "papertraveller" would be just the job. Well done "papersisters".

As i live in Germany, the "German Landmark" series i find the most interessting

EveH, United States of America
I usually carry my postcards in a sturdy envelope or bubble mailer - they’re pretty safe there but the Papertraveler is a much more stylish and neat option!
Favorite postcard series would be “Inspiring Women” and “Life Of a Postcrosser” but I also would like to give a special shout out to the Bad Hair Day postcard :))

Mindee, Finland
What a wonderful idea indeed! I often use a plastic file folder.
I really like your Stamp flag serie! :)

Mandy_L, Ireland
I like a lot of the cards but I think my favourite one is one about the moon. I am interested in space although I would not know a lot so the moon one appeals to the sense of thirst for knowledge and exploration.

Pumalein, Germany
How great! I carry my postcard in the normal paper bag which you get, when you buy postcards.
I really like the personalities postcards especially the german composers but the inspiring womens are also great. I am excited to see when I get my first postcard from this serie. :D

mavrocks, Australia
Fantastic idea. I always carry my postcards either loose in my handbag or in an envelope. Not a good idea to keep them looking

My favourite series would have to be - Women -set of 15 cards in English. As it celebrates Women's Achievements throughout history on March 8th and as I clicked on this giveaway on this date I thought it most appropriate

svahatao, United States of America
I have yet to find a portable postcard organizer that works with my chaotic life. Perhaps this one will be the answer. My favorite series from their website is the "Life of a Postcrosser" jokes.

Amya80, Italy
Papertraveler is really a great idea, the perfect solution for every postcrosser, good job papersistes! My favourite serie is The Year.
Good luck everyone

loops, Belgium
I love the international one, specially the zodiac signs. It reminds me the simple drawings of the French postcards "Adé l'chicon" :-)

Sempiternal_Saphire, France
The series of postcards that most interest me are without doubt the personality series and espacially the German composers, philospohers and Marlene Dietrich!! I love music and I study cinema and philosophy so I guess that makes sense! ;-)

picketfence4, United States of America
Greetings and what a joy! It is lovely to see what Papersisters offers. The creativity is fantastic! I loved, the first time I saw it, "Typical Postcrossing." It shares the cycle of how a Postcrosser does what they do!! Just so fun :) Thank you so much!! Keep Postin'!

DorothyT, United Kingdom
Great prize! I’m new to Postcrossing and am looking forward to sending and receiving lots of cards. I particularly like the Women series - very pertinent today, 8 March - and the Zodiac series.

Siletol, Belgium
What a fun giveaway!
I love the 'Life of a Postcrosser'-series! The 'Happy Postcrossing BE' card is very appealing as well as the 'Around the World' postcard with all the cancellation marks. Thank you for sharing Papersisters with us, I've never heard of them before and it's always fun to find new shops that sell exactly what we Postcrossers need.

Gagaie, France
Wow! A wonderful givaway!
I have a stamp from them, very good craft.

Have a nice day and good luck all ! ☺

cerisette79, France
What a great giveaway!!!
the postcard i love the most from the papersisters website is the "why I love postcards" one :)
Thanks for this giveaway!!!!!!

mairigold, United Kingdom
inspired invention papersisters ! happy international womens faves are the moon planets winter sky....out of this world !

DueSer, United States of America
I really like their "Life of a Postcrosser" series!
No. 8 is true for me - I get my neighbors' postcards all the time. I think my mailman doesn't even read them - if it's a postcard it must be for Chris. LOL
This giveaway is so neat! Thanks so much:-)

Hyshu, United States of America
My favorite is the Life of a Postcrosser. Of course, I have always loved the one for the United States. Thank you

MrsMidsomer, Finland
My favorite card is called "Bad Hair Day" It's adorable!

ACEA13, United States of America
It's too hard to choose! They have so many great options. One of my faves is the moon postcard.

innah96, United Kingdom
I love the stamp flags, but they are all so amazing!

NikkiMartin, Canada
What a wonderful idea! Much better than what I currently do which is placing the items in plastic bag and putting them wherever there is space. In regards to the postcards, I love the German ones as 5hey are beautifully designed. Wish they had similar designs for Canada. I do like 5he Happy Postcrossing from Canada, astrology, the moon and the Christmas Postcard.

NIDUSKA, Finland
The Year set postcards

travelswithcharlie, United States of America
This would be lovely to travel with. I usually drag the cards around in my purse, hopefully in a postcard-sized envelope. Love the birthday rainbow card and the German beers. Thanks.

Melody1, Italy
My favourite postcard is "Happy Postcrossing from Italy" :-)

bowlofclay, United States of America
I have a big gift box for my new cards and stamps and I keep received cards in shoe boxes. When I take them to school to show my students I put them in my planner and hope they don't fall out!
I love the postcrosser series and the moon, starts, and planets.

shianre, Canada
Very fascinating.making organizing a whole lot easier. Great idea.

Ilia222, Russia
I like the "Year" set of 12 postcards. This is a great idea with postcards!

RRT, United States of America
I love the Northern Lights postcard and others about the night sky. Such an exciting give away! Someone will be very lucky!!

campestral, Canada
My favourite postcard on the Papersisters website is the "German Postcrossing Greetings" card. I love the cute little graphics on it and to someone who has never been to Germany before, it quickly summarizes the most charming, exciting, and delicious parts of German culture! :)

SteG, Belgium
Woah this is a fantastic give away!
My favorite are the "life of a postcrosser" series!

CanadianDriftwood, Canada
I love the “Happy Postcrossings from Canada” postcard set! Perfectly done. 🇨🇦❤️

msskt, Finland
I was fascinated to see the Women postcard set! That one is definitely my favourite - hopefully I'll receive some of those postcards via Postcrossing.

MerakiArtist, United States of America
Hello and thanks for the chance to win. I like the Zodiac one. :D

lio35, Germany
My favorite is the series with German poets, painters, inventors and so on =) Those are great to send people in other countries

Wyckje, Belgium
What a beautiful Papertraveller!
My favourite postcard set: the life of a postcrosser!

Tsadida, United States of America
I agree with everyone who's said it's hard to pick one. I like several of the themes. I'll go with the Germany series in honour of the papersisters. I like their German Sweets and typisch Deutsch cards because I like learning about other cultures.

angeleye, Germany
Wow, that is really neat! I usually put the cards in my purse and hope for the best.

I like the Germany from North to South card and the other map cards they have.

CarynRuchiadi, Serbia
What an amazing idea!
I love their postcards! It's true that it's not easy to choose as they're all so nice 😍
My favourites are "September" , "German composers" , "Ludwig Van Beethoven" , "Zodiac signs" , "Happy postcrossing from Indonesia" and the stamps that forms into a Finnish flag 😍

Sheapy, Germany
Nice Idea! I like the Life of a Postcrosser Series.

Rutu, United States of America
Wow this product looks amazing! I currently use a old detergent box to store my postcard related stationery.

How can I chose "ONE" from so many amazing designs!
I guess I am a bit partial to the "Happy Postcrossing" series.

meropa, United States of America
I love their stamp flag series. They are so colorful and detailed! I like how their Papertraveler is so well-organized. All the spaces you need when you love sending postcards!

Bethmnie, United States of America
I like the Happy Postcrossing series. I carry my cards and stamps in a zippered bag. The Papertraveler looks nice! Thanks for the chance to win.

vesnal, Slovenia
The most I like serie Personalities. :)

Maestla, Spain
I didn't know this web and I think I love all I've seen on it!! Maybe my favorites would be Germany series (it would be great to find similar series of other countries), postcrossing and 2020 postcards.

JCB24, Netherlands
Vintage HPC-NL set

jackie1969, United States of America
I like The Year series. Very cute!

Mattie07, Netherlands
I love the Happy Postcrossing series, though I've never seen a card of it in person I love the look of them and they make me smile when I see them in the gallery.

bookends, United States of America
Papersisters have so many great cards. It's fun to receive an order from them:) Today (I'm sure it might be different tomorrow) my favorites are: Why I Love Postcards and Postcard Basics, Around the World, Zodiac, the Moon and Northern Lights.

GalinaZai, Russia
Hello! What a great idea! I really like the topics of space, moon, planets, northern lights and of course Happy postcrossing !!!
I congratulate all women and girls of postcrossers on International Women's Day on March 8th. I wish you love, happiness, a full mailbox of beautiful postcards!

Kabouter63, Netherlands
I love the website of the Papersisters and also have met both sisters last year in Amsterdam. I love the happy postcrossing cards a lot. Their papertraveler is sooo beautiful and very handy at meetings, holidays or whatsoever.
I wish you all health and love, beautiful postcards and a happy mailbox

fmstrada, Italy
I often travel to Israel (ah, love!), so I have an entire set of Israeli postcards and rubber stamps to add a touch of Mediterranean flair while I'm in travel mode, in my home away from home. I carry them in their little cardboard boxes...but this Papertravelers are so classy, perfect for an explorer! My favorite postcard by Papersisters is "Beethoven 250. Geburtstag", it reminds me of a Beethoven stamp I've just received on a postcard from Germany! Or the "Women" series, very inspiring (not only on March 8). And... the "travel mode" rubber stamp! Thank you for this wave of inspiration, it would be lovely to have this beautiful set as a travel companion (as soon as the coronavirus outbreak will allow me to leave again...).

mounten, Italy
Ohh hard to tell there are a few lovely postcard from the Papersisters.
I love most GF.... (I collect them) and the Life of a Postcrosser also the Flag cards are very awsome.
Thanks for the givaway!

MorganBesoe, Canada
I've already got a whole wishlist full of cards on the Papersisters website! I think my favourites are the Happy Postcrossing cards. They've got some fun washi tape and rubber stamps that I've been eyeing too...

Golfingkazaa, United States of America
What a neat product! I like the mail topics series the most! Good luck everyone.

woven, United States of America
I love the Special Occasions postcards. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

starrymist, United Kingdom
What a great idea. My favourite is the postcards basics!

kefisch, Germany
I love the series "Life of a Postcrosser", especially No 8!

Annabella13, Finland
I love the Women series :)

Flippie, Canada
I fall in love with the "Happy Postcrossing " series. That's the one I hope to win. Thanks for his opportunity.

dogfan, United States of America
I love the Happy Postcrossing series! I have received 2 of them and hope for many more!

azdimples, United States of America
My favorite is "Life of a Postcrosser".
Thanks for the "give a way".

Regndroppar, Finland
I like the Happy postcrossing series most. :)

sokakkedisi, Turkey
Such a great collection! I liked mail-related section, my favourite is postcard basics

Dinker, United States of America
I really like the year - set of 12 monthly postcards.

marupiter, United States of America
This would be so convenient to carry my paper goods around with me. My favorite set is the Life of a Postcrosser set.

lilacs, Germany
It's a pleasure to send the German landmarks cards. They are an inviting to visit my country.

Moekje, Netherlands
Those travelers look so handy! I just throw my "ready to send" postcards in my bag and hope for the best (which usually works out fine).

I like the Birthday Rainbow postcard. Reminds me of colourful washi tape, haha!

fisherman, Ireland
"Happy Postcrossing from" series is my favourite

Lies76, Belgium
I simply ❤️ the Special Occasions, and my favourite is "The Year 2020/Limited Edition", so exciting and fun 😍.

Millefolia, Germany
HPC Series is my favourite! ❤️

Sari_H, Finland
Life of a Postcrosser-series is really nice👍🏻 I would love to have a Papertraveler, they seem so functional 🙂 The others goodies would also be highly appreciated! This would be my first ever winningin anything, so I'm keeping my fingers grossed 🤞All the best for everyone, stay safe & healthy ❣️

Kahvisieppo, Finland
Wow, what a neat idea! If I don’t win, I’m definitely buying one!
Very difficult to choose from Papersisters’ amazing cards... but right now my favorite is the Beethoven card :)

hmthompson, United States of America
I identify with the the "Life of a Postcrosser" series. I have been living that way for a decade.

V_e_ra, Turkey
I liked "Life of a Postcrosser" series and also I couldn't resist the niceness of "Postcard Pack "For You"". If I had them, I would send them happily all around the world. I hope to win. Thank you:)

Irmao-das-Almas, Brazil
I thought the tribute to Bertha Benz was beautiful in the women's series.

Irmao-das-Almas, Brazil
I thought the tribute to Bertha Benz was beautiful in the women's series.

jwang4, United States of America
I like the Beethoven card a lot since I just saw one of his original musical compositions in a NYC collection. The 2020 celebration series is also wonderful.

Miss-Cynical, Germany
The Papersisters always come up with the best ideas! At the moment I like their "life of a postcrosser" series the best - they always bring a smile. The Women's series was great too!

cariboocarol, Canada
Because these sisters are also Postcrossers, they really know what we need and like! I love this postcard travellers kit and I like their Life of a Postcrosser series plus their rubber owl stamp is very cute....I have one of those!

ip39, Turkey
I like Happy postcrossing serie but my favorite is personalities I guess 🤗

kelseyhannah, United States of America
Life of a Postcrosser No.3
You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when you get strange glances from people when you shop for postcards

So true... yes, I need to buy 100 postcards at this National Park because I do have 100 friends. :-)

jammons, United States of America
I have an envelope/sleeve for stamps that I carry with me and add postcards when I need to mail them.

I like the stamp flag series!

GlitterEmitter, United States of America
I love the Life of a Postcrosser series! Not only is it unique but also relatable. I've been called "obsessed" and accused of "always having postcards on the brain."

teachwi, United States of America
I LOVE the dusty elephant traveler! I just went to
a meetup on 2/29/2020 and this would’ve come in REALLY handy!!

nothlitHAWK, United States of America
Oh the postcards are delightful! I liked "The Year" series so much, and the washi tapes are really nice too!

brooklynboo, United States of America
I love the stamped but my favorite is the US...Postcard ID Bison.
I also like the post-crossing pins ❤️
Good luck everyone!

cspt, United States of America
My favorite: You know you are a Postcrosser...

JannCady, United States of America
My favorite is the American flag!

la_luna_pusa, Philippines
My favorite is "The Year 2020" postcard I received from a Postcrosser. It's one of a kind postcard that celebrates this year despite the calamities and diseases affecting the world today.

sharifah, Brunei
Life of a Postcrosser is my favourite...everything sounds sooo true...would love to received those in my mailbox. :-)

Sprinkledonut, Canada
Life of a Postcrosser! Very funny and all true. ; )

Ken_dra, United States of America
I love that someone is thinking about these common postcrossing problem like traveling with postcard supplies. My favorite is 'the year 2020' postcard.

Lleytoncassidy, China
I love Life of a Postcrosser No.8 the best haha! It's so funny.

Rainlover, Australia
The Life of a Postcrosser gave me a smile :-)

tazzini, United States of America
We love Harry Potter and keep ordering the boxed set! We also found Roald Dahl postcards! how sweet.
The papertraveler would be so awesome to take to the library and work on postcards- right now we use a photobox.

acornity30, Australia
I use faux leather messanger envelopes, I’m always happy about an upgrade. The stamp flags are my favourite :D

Portiariana, Singapore
I like the "Life of a Postcrosser" series best. They are light-hearted, humorous yet true, reflecting my exact sentiments on postcrossing.
Esp card #1 of the series: "You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when a postcard rack attracts you like a strong magnet "
Have been a happy postcrosser. Thank you.

malleechick, Australia
My favourites are the Life of a Postcrosser ones ... all too true!
I have a photo that I took of my then boyfriend (now partner and fellow Postcrosser) in 1982 in a small street in Stockholm. He's standing at a postcard rack choosing one to send to his mother. Our lives with postcards have been long.

selfishgula, United States of America
I have an old press board folder for my postcards when i travel.
I love the inspiring women of Austria and Germany series. The moon, northern lights is also a favorite. Thank you!

lucy2166, Korea (South)
What a great idea! I have some problems.
I like Happy Postcrossing Series most!

imtuz, Taiwan
It's such a wonderful idea! I usually put my postcards in a pouch. I store all the postcards in a tin box at home and it's getting lot heavier thanks to postcrossing! I love the "postcrosser" and "german heritage" series from papersisters. one is funny and the other one is artsy and informative!

wanying_lala, Malaysia
German beer 🍻 Cheers!

ukhalanthar, United Arab Emirates
I liked the card series from " Special Occasions".

Ti-ti-uu_North, Finland
The Year series is amazing. Time seems to travel so fast, that it´s good to stop and think about the moment.

I keep my "travelling" postcards inside a zipper´s ok for the mailbox and back, but the one Papersisters have created it really solves the problem with longer travels and with more postcards.

Postcrossers postcross outside the homecountries borders too.

catinboots, Bosnia and Herzegovina
What a beautiful idea for a giveaway! My choice are Happy Postcrossing cards. Regards

bugbrat, United States of America
When I'm traveling and want to send postcards, I've just kept stamps in my wallet and postcards in the (usually paper) bag they came in when I bought them. The Papertraveler is beautiful and a great idea! My favorite set is the Life of a Postcrosser series.

rainingheaven, Malaysia
The Papertraveler is a really great idea!!!! I always put mine in an envelope just to hold it. But envelopes don't last and I technically, contributed to the waste in the country again.

Love the Papertraveler for sure!

Thistlar, United States of America
This is exciting! I travel for work, so I carry postcards in all manner of ridiculous ways, from loose in my purse (unwise) to sandwiched between stiffer cardboard and then ziplocked for stability. The Sisters have a much better solution!

I really like all the postcards under the “International“ link on the website. From the opening “Northern Lights” on down, the cards are informative and also charming to view.

However, the seasons are awfully cute, too...

livi16, Spain
My favorits are the postcards from the Postcrossing series!

sekkyokuteki, United Kingdom
The Papertraveller looks Great!
As for favourite series, it's so difficult! I like Happy Postcrossing series, also like The Year and Life of a Postcrosser series too.

Kasimir2007, Germany
This Website is great. I prefer the Northern Light postcard. But I also like the German Heritage ones.
I Keep my postcards in the paperbags I receive them and the stamps are in my wallet,

oratoyk, Japan
Great invention! My favorite postcard is "German Sweets".

mvandrogenbroek, Netherlands
I like the Happy Postcrossing series and the series that include the Northern Lights the most.

josephvm, India
Awesome! I love their International cards.

sarsy, Australia
I love their ‘why I love postcards’ card. It’s too true and probably not big enough to hold everybody’s reasons 😊

giorgina80, Italy
Hello my favorite is
Happy Postcrossing 💕
Many thanks for the possibility

Nickynoo, South Africa
what a fantastic idea! i am always worrying about those poor postcard corners... I love the "Happy Postcrossing ZA" postcard. Usually South African Postcards will focus on one part of the country or one attraction - this one is focusing on a variety and is a refreshing change. I also enjoy the "Life of a Postcrosser No.2" postcard. This is particularly true for me as I cannot get postcards in my town - so whenever I visit a Town/city which may have postcards I go on a hunt until I find them! - my family have accepted this but don't particularly want to join me 😂

Dyonte, Malaysia
Beethoven 250th Birthday - Limited Edition because it is so meaningful

footprintleaver, Singapore
I love the “Life of a Postcrosser” series best! The wordings resonate so well. Lol!

Zaara, Finland
I love the stamp flag series and Beethoven ! And others as well, it is hard to choose! ❤️

Singalarius, Germany
I ordered all ready a few sets, created by the fantastic papersisters - my next order will be the women series and Beethoven and the month series - and many more cards...I am looking forward to it!

Seutje, Belgium
What a splendid idea to keep everything at hand !
Their website is also very inspiring, I love the series of great women !

Twinnytom, Germany
My favourite ones are the postcards with pictures of german foods, drinks, sweets… and typical german things. Because they are 100% true 😍😍😍

NorthmorKnights, United States of America
I like the Life of a Postcrosser series, the happy Postcrossing from the USA, and the women series. Awesome idea and that's for the opportunity.

dictaudrey, Indonesia
I always love the Happy Postcrossing series! They're pretty and lovely! Also thanks for the opportunity to join this giveaway!

Eveline4, Netherlands
My favourite cards are the Stamp Flags. Great idea!

Tjalva, Germany
My favourite is the "Life of a Postcrosser" series. :D

lucide, Netherlands
That is so cool! I am always trying to keep my postcards neat and this would be very handy. I love the stamp flags and wish they had a Dutch flag one!

miss_eszti, Hungary
I love "relatable" posts and stuff like that, so the "Life of a postcrosser" series really grabbed my attention, but I think my favourite is the "German Poets" one.
I'm happy I found this website, cause I'm a newbie in postcrossing, and always looking for places where I can buy nice, interesting cards :)

Jacob, India
I loved the colourful Life of a postcrosser series .. they were very relatable and truly express the feelings of each postcrosser receiving a postcard .

stetzel, Germany
What a brilliant idea! I like the "The year"-series the most.

Fireblossom, Germany
That would be so nice to take to meetings! I love the "Happy Postcrossing" and the "stamp flag" series the most :)

ps_photobug, United States of America
This is so wonderful, I like the "For You" set.

Martin-CZE, Czech Republic
It's nice idea. I use usually books and big notebooks to save them on the travel. Or laptop works well!
I really like stamp flag series.

Seracker, Singapore
Ah what a wonderful giveaway, I'm sure it'll make the winner really happy.
I like the Why I Love Postcards one a lot :)

DerHenni, Germany
I've already ordered some of their postcards before and as a German, I especially love their Germany series, with all the specialties from Germany!

Dianchik81, Russia
Thanks a lot for this opportunity! The Moon, Planets, Winter Sky, June, Happy Postcrossing RU

AnMiSa, Germany
The Life of a Postcrosser cards are so great. I would love to receive some of them soon. My favourite is number 1. I always need a variety of cards from several places, with various topics for different postcrossers all over the world.

soraya, Spain
I like the women's portraits in English and the year 2020. The rubberstamps are great!

alessia83, Germany
I love the German women postcards, the German philosophers postcard, the German Landmark series, the Postcards of the month, the Beethoven postcard, there are so many beautiful postcards on the papersisters homepage, it is really difficult to choose! What an amazing giveaway, I'm sure it will make the winner very happy. :)

Caradeangel, Germany
Thanks for the amazing givaway!

My favourite is the "Life of a Postcrosser" series.

Cri_ciprea, Italy
What a nice idea!Thanks!
I usually carry my cards inside an envelope but their corners sometimes get bumped all the same. I like all German cards especially the Heritage sites. I studied at Heidelberg University so Germany became almost my second homeland!

Misa015, Czech Republic
Thanks for great giveaway! My favourite series is "Happy Postcrossing from..." :)

MalinR, Sweden
Wow, what a generous giveaway. That pentraveler looks fantastic and very convenient instead of having stamps in my purse and cards scattered everywhere in my luggage.
If I have to choose between the many many great postcards it will be "Why I Love Postcards" because the text on it really sums it up what it is all about. :-)

NanaPam, United States of America
What a nice giveaway... I enjoyed looking at all the different kinds of postcards that are available from the "Papersisters", my favorites are the series of Life of a Postcrosser, the planets, and the flags made from stamps. They would be fun to send and receive!

poetrymoon, Germany
Inspiring Women seems to be favorite for many. I like it too but having moved to Germany recently, I am starting to appreciate the German-themed postcards even more. Hence, they are my favorite now :)

Brak87, United States of America
The First Moon Landing! There are so many that I love, but this has to be my favorite!

awjeezleapinglemurs, United States of America
This is so cool! I love the “special occasions” postcards, especially the year ones where they talk about cool things from the current year. 🎉

Feuerfunke, Germany
A great idea! i use a lunchbox for my postcards, stamps and stickers. but in most times, it is to big XD

i love the new "Life of a Postcrosser" Series. i find me in most of them XD

lama1, Netherlands
As a woman: The women cards of course ;)

keydidilein, United States of America
My favorite postcards are the German Landmark Series in German. They look pretty cool and informative.

cutemoonbow, Germany
I love the idea of these "Papertravellers"! It's so unique!
My favorite series has to be the "Life of a Postcrosser" since they are so relatable~~~

jimfields3, United States of America
I really like the Life of a Postcrosser series, especially for those new to Postcrossing. I also think I'll order the postcard Why I Love Postcards to open up that discussion with future Postcrossers. Thanks for the giveaway, Maike and Wiebke, Ana and Paolo!

Cassildra, United States of America
I love the moon, the northern lights, and the signs of the zodiac! This is a neat giveaway. Thank you!

katweh, United States of America
I love all the cards with the German themes!

missmewcan, Canada
The Papertraveler is a wonderful little thing to keep my postcards safe when I need to take them along with me. I sometimes need to finish a postcard or two at work.
As for which postcard series I liked; it would be "Life of a Postcrosser". I especially liked #12.

homemailby_anett, Poland
hello;)my favorite series from Papersisters is Life of a Postcrosser! why? Because I am one of them and all these quotes are also about me and are very apt. I really like these postcards. As for the organizer. Very nice idea, especially for travel when I want to take a few postcards and send on the spot.
I myself keep my postcards in a large wooden box. I got it for my sisters' birthday. I love this organizer very much. Greetings to all. I wish you many postcards sent. Good luck in the competition :)

rubber_ducky, United States of America
I really like the astronomy cards :D

cleopatra-matta, Italy
I love the Mail series. Great site, so many interesting postcards 😍

Daralorraine, United States of America
Oh my goodness - those stamped flags are gorgeous!!!!! I love them!!!

levittamara, Ukraine
I like - we ordered 100 2 days ago with other Ukrainian postcrossers!

linzgriz, United States of America
Given that yesterday was International Women's Day, I'm all for the "Inspiring Women from Austria," as well as "Frauen" cards in German with their "Women" cards counterpart in English. And since tonight is a super moon/worm moon definitely "The Moon" series!

Anactf, Portugal
What a creative idea! I like it very much!

It's not easy to choose a postcard or a series of postcards because they are amazing. But I would choose the series: "The year - set of 12 months!"

LorenLee, United States of America
I've been longing for just such an item. The makeshift pocket thingy I'm using could use some updating! I enjoyed their website, really liked their rubber stamps.

EmilyLou, Spain
I love the moon and the signs of the zodiac postcards 😍

PrincipeStellare, Italy
I am greedy, so I enjoy the food themed postcards, like ''german bread and rolls'', and also they provide interesting informations.
I built a huge wooden case to carry postcards, pens, stencils, and everything i need. But it's cumbersome, I have to admit it! Bye and happy postcrossing to all of you!!!!

dershots, Canada
What a great idea. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I like the Airmail International postcard.

alexbay7, United States of America
What a clever solution to carrying postcards! I tuck mine inside a notebook, with the stamps and cards together. Then I hope they don't fall out! My favorite cards were the Life of a Postcrosser, because as a new member, I am excited about this new hobby. Best wishes to everyone!

R_PostX, United States of America
The Papertraveler looks to be both useful and timeless; well done, Papersisters! My favorite card is "Birthday Rainbow" -- I love the vibrant colors + warm birthday greeting. But I also appreciate the Postcrossing-related cards, because connecting via snail mail on a global scale remains one of my favorite hobbies! :-)

fancyQB, United States of America
I really like the Life of a Postcrosser series. Numbers 2, 8 and 9 are my favorites.

FoxLilly12, United States of America
I love the U.S. stamps postcard, it is so cool looking!, I also love all of the different masking tape, my favorite one is the encyclopedia/ solar system. I think that is a clever idea to hold your postcards, I just use a box :) Happy postcrossing everybody!!

Achat, Germany
My absolute favourite is the "Life of a postcrosser" series.
I had to laught loud when I saw me myself in the quotes.
Happy postcrossing!

chicasal, United States of America
My favorite item isn't exactly a series, but the postcard sticker. I usually use my own photos as postcards and these would make them look so much more professional! Nice work, ladies!

post2bubbles, New Zealand
I love the papertraveler idea, I so need one 🖤 🖤 🖤

My favourite series is the Life of a Postcrosser.

yellowrose70, United States of America
Life of a Postcrosser No. 4 makes me laugh out loud. "You know you are a postcrosser...when you keep explaining to yourself and others why you need more postcards." I didn't even realize I was rationalizing about how I can always use and need more postcards until I read this one! Yep I,m a postcrosser... What a great idea the papertraveler is--a portable desk!

Shesa-Renegade, United States of America
I haven't found a good way to carry postcards with me when I travel so it means I have to buy some when I am there. My favorite postcards are the astronomy postcards. I'm a scientist and such a geek!

Gnoe, Netherlands
How awesome! I love the papertraveler ❤️ It's hard to choose a favourite postcard indeed... I _think_ I like Why I love postcards, The Moon and Birthday Rainbow best!

Weihnachtsstern, Germany
So nice. I love it.

suvimmmm, Finland
Life of a Postcrosser -serie is my favorite.

JacquiH, United Kingdom
Much better than tucking them into the back of my diary!
I love the Life of a Postcrosser series :-)

kirk2001, Germany
I like the "Life of a Postcrosser" series because I found myself in Nr.1, Nr.4, Nr.5, Nr.6, Nr.8, Nr.10 and similar to Nr.12. I live in a house with 48 flats and when I meet the mail carrier I tell him I´m the one with the postcards and he answers "Oh Mr. S....."

Twinsis, Portugal
International series is just amazing. Stamp flags are beautiful and the signs of Zodiac, the moon.. are very interesting postcards.
Great collection!

Roro1710, United Kingdom
What a great idea!!! Somewhere to keep all my cards safe and flat!
I love the mail and Postcrossing series, seriously, how cute are those cards 😍😍

ChicClara, Canada
they are very talented, my favourites are the mail topics and with stamps flag, I can't wait for the Canada one and the Happy postcrossing as well.Thanks for the giveaway.

Thelma75, Canada
What a nice idea! It’s hard to choose a favourite but I’d pick « Life of a Postcrosser » series. 🤞🏻

booksnob, United States of America
My favorite is the inspiring women set of postcards but I also love the 2020 limited edition as well. I really think all of them are great. Thanks for introducing me to this cool company.

mcfloozy, United States of America
I love the international series! Especially the flags made of stamps.

jag236, United States of America
I love the stamp flag series!! :)

jltrimble, United States of America
I would love to receive all of the happy postcrossing ones mailed from around the world. I think I am more likely to buy all of the stamp flag ones for myself.

animemiz, United States of America
Love the Life of a Postcrosser series!

dipsoul, Philippines
I love the Happy Postcrossing series.

Great idea on the papertraveler :)

Arzum, Turkey
I really appreciate their work. I liked the inspiring woman series.

StephanieJo, United States of America
I love "The Year" postcards as the artwork is so beautiful and would spread so much joy around the world. Lovely!

InTheDoghouse, United States of America
I throw my cards in my bag - it's terrible, I know!

I'm so happy to see a postcard honoring Sophie Scholl! She's a true hero.

NodePajomo, United States of America
What a cool idea! I usually tuck mine between larger and sturdier mail pieces.

I love the Postcrossing series of postcards as they remind me of similar sayings regarding Mail Artists!

sarabimama, United States of America
My favorite postcard is "The Moon". What fun it would be to store "The Moon" and other postcards in a new folder designed just for postcards and stamps!

justM, United States of America
I am using a zipped bag right now, it has a sections for everything, but alas, it's not too sturdy. I'd be in 7th heaven to have a papertraveler, almost as happy as having 2 lbs of German chocolates to eat. Mmmm.. I really enjoyed the Women in History the most. It was fascinating to learn where Melitta coffee filters came from. I would most likely buy the US flag card made from stamps. The Papersisters are amazing and a big Thank You from me to them for their generosity and creativity.

camelotqueen2014, United States of America
Although it was a bit difficult to choose, I have decided that my favorite are the Women series.

Apelser, South Africa
This is an awesome idea.
My favourite is The Year series.

MasonEugene, United States of America
I loved the Posthorn postcards! I'd heard of them in books before, but never really imagined that people used to use them in place of letterboxes.

coleerbao, Morocco
Thank you so much for this giveaway!
I like the German world heritage sites

helenis, Russia
So many postcards!!!
The traveller is really nice. Taking 50 postcards in a journey is more than enough 😀 apparently, you're going for an year and don't want to be separated with your lovely and hardly chosen postcards ^_^
It was quite tough to chose the most fantastic postcard series but "the 2020 Year limited edition" looked really warm and nice.

WildArtemis, United States of America
So many wonderful choices! I really appreciate the Year series for sending, and I love receiving the ones with facts about the country of origin!! These folios are gorgeous!!

TheresavT, South Africa
I'm so happy to find out about Papersisters! In Malawi we have 1 card supplier with a very limited range.
Papersisters will most likely never bring out a Malawi stamp flag (wish *) but I love the designs of the other countries.

Yoyolanda, Netherlands
What a beautifull traveller!
My favorites change every time I see new cards 😃 but today it's the typical Dutch cards.

apaskill, United States of America
I LOVE their Life of a Postcrosser series. The postcards are so relatable and make me laugh every time I read them.

Kaddi2103, Germany
Ich finde die Karten zum "Leben eines Postcrossers" super ☺️

KiwiJacq, New Zealand
What a great idea. I love the Life of a Postcrosser series.

Robyn_Leigh, South Africa
I like the German Landmark Series (English) best :) they're very lovely and remind me of my travels there ❤️

PatiNoel, France
Oh my god!! Did you see that huge collection? The Beethoven one and the inspiring women are absolutely perfect!!

Infolass, Australia
Great website. For me it would have to be "Happy Postcrossing AU" of course.

gijsvgompel, Netherlands
I don't carry much postcards around, I have a big box at home. But when I do, I carry them inside my journal. I love the Mail-series!

stefcard, Germany
My favourite series is the Life of a Postcrosser!

mavpochka_ri, Ukraine
"The Moon" - my favorite.

BevV, Zimbabwe
It was a hard choice, but being a Guide Guider and so a member of the largest feminist organisation in the world, it had to be the Famous Women of Germany set.

What a wonderful way of keeping postcards - I normally keep my spare cards in sandwich zip lock bags at the back on an A5 book.

teamug, Germany
This is a really great design. I tried to sew a postcrossing meeting bag but have been not too successful.

I love their "For you" series and the year 2020 card.

Good luck to everyone.

Sunshein, United States of America
Really neat idea. I'm carting my blank cards around in a small plastic shopping bag.

My favorite is "Typisch Sueddeutsch" as I grew up in the Black Forest.

sabatonian, Ireland
I always put my cards in a book and my stamps in a wallet, both of which can cause issues during travelling, so this does look pretty handy and like a clever idea!

As for my fave postcard, it is very hard to choose, but I think I'll go with the Europe Stamp flag -

SayaliM, United States of America
I keep my postcards in notebooks and stamps in back pocket of the notebook while travelling but I must admit that I have dropped both very often if I don't open my notebook carefully so this is such a good product.

There are so many beautiful postcards there! My favourite though has to be life of a postcrosser and why I love postcards, they are so relatable 😉😊

JaKa71, Finland
WOW!! New thing to me!! I've carried my cards and stamps on a envelope and struggling about bending.
I really love those Space theme cards!!! In Finland we don't have much such theme...

readlover, South Africa
I absolutely adore the The Year-postcards, since I love doing something special for people when it's their birthday - what better way than to send them a postcard of their birthday month? :)

MissBlossom, Canada
I love the Northern Lights postcard! So graphic and fun! I make a lot of my cards so I keep them where I draw, or in the back of my agenda!

Oksana1, Belarus
Life of a Postcrosser is really cool! That is exactly what each of us experienced!

zsvk, Czech Republic
We like the International series. So many interesting facts and nice pictures too. Have a nice day and thanks for telling us about Papersisters - we didn´t know about them.

tuulanni, Finland
I like the series Life of a Postcrosser :)

tendoriana, United States of America
Personalities series is one of the best I ever saw! Still waiting to receive first one from this series :) I wish other countries will have similar series too!

Schland, Germany
The Frauen/Women series is an awesome idea! What a cool way to share some interesting personalities with other Postcrossers and still having enough space to write some personal lines as well(:

Bitterkoekjespudding, Netherlands
Stamp flags!

Tetsuko, Germany
I love a lot the live of a Postcrosser series. So funny but so true.

Thank you for the great blog entry about really talented and great postcard and handy postcard stuff designers.

Dazwa, Netherlands
I love them all, but if I had to choose it will be the Planets!
A beautiful way to introduce my daughter to Postcrossing, because she loves them too!

HappyLittleOrange, United States of America
I am both a fan of the stamp flags and the inspiring women series. All of their cards are well designed. I may just have to order some!

malozing, United States of America
I like the Inspiring Women from Austria

cure_kitty, United States of America
Fabulous Postcards! I Love the The Year 2020 and Signs of the Zodiac!!!

heleen3824, Netherlands
What a clever idea!
I love the month postcards from The Year series.
Maybe the Papersisters could create an Inspiring Dutch women series? I would love that as well. :-)

Clicka, Spain
Wow! really difficult... I loved all the cards but I think I liked the "Life of a Postcrosser" series best! Specially Nº9, that sentence totally represents me, haha

SophiePostcard, Switzerland
What a good idea. The papertraveler is a very clever invention! The papersisters have very nice postcards. I especially like the stamp flag postcards and happy postcrossing. ;)

danielc, United Kingdom
I like the 'Look at Switzerland' postcard 😉

futouristka, Russia
I love the12 months series best! Great idea, beautiiful art! I can imagine sending these cards on the regular basis!

loesvand, Netherlands
What a nice site! I really love the “stamp-flags”.

prar_adise, India
I usually carry my postcards in flimsy envelopes that end up tearing sometimes :( This is such a great idea!
My favorite postcard(s) has to be: Around the world, Postcard Basics, Signs of the zodiac, Why I love Postcards and the stamp flags series!

sendwashi, United States of America
Recently, I've seen them pop up on my related instagram posts feed. Nice to see them promoted here as well. The "Happy Postcrossing" series is my favorite.

Gertarud, Germany
I had to smile when reading the statements of a postcrosser, so the life of a postcrosser series is one of my favouries, as well as the German world heritage sites series.

niteperson, United States of America
This would be perfect to win and my favorite postcards are the us flag and the no 1 you know if you're a postcrossser if...
Thanks for giving us a chance to win this paper traveler.

Calpurnia, Germany
My favourites are the cards with German food, they look so happy and colourful. :)

AnisNN, Belarus
I like Life of a Postcrosser most, I can relate to what's writen on the cards! Those travelers are great, the coolest thing about them is that they are eco-friendly, that's my cup of tea.

LemonCakes, United States of America
I have received one Postcrossing postcard from your series and I love it. I looked at the series on your website, everyone of them... gorgeous! Thanks much.

trampina, Germany
This thing is a really cool idea. Mostly I carry my postcards in envelopes but how often have I been thinking already that this isn't the best solution...?
My favorite postcard is the one with the town signs. I love those funny names and there are many more in Germany. ;-)

nddjj, United States of America
These are so lovely! You're right; it's hard to pick among the cards! I would say the US Stamp Flag caught my eye! I'm still new to Postcrossing so the travelers kits hadn't crossed my mind yet. What a wonderful idea, and so beautifully made. I'll be excited to share this site. Thank you!

GrammyQ, United States of America
The "For You" series is my favorite series. The "Northern Lights" is my favorite individual card.

Atasgal, United States of America
I love the cards of the Country flags made with stamps of the countries.

Ksushan, Russia
I use an iron box from under Belgian chocolates - shells for postcards. My favorite subject is Scandinavian sketches, hygge!

juth, New Zealand
Papertraveler......awesome idea...
My favorite postcards......almost everyone.....but will say Christmas ones are very much date I have only received a few......

fire_maggie, United States of America
My favorite are the airmail label postcard and the country flag out of stamps postcards. ❤️

samuraiseal, United States of America
I love the German Beer and Northern Lights postcards 😊

Braam, Australia
I am sorry, but I do not know all these cards - they sound interesting, judging from the comments. Are they available in Australia now / I carry my cards from and to the Post Office in a zip-lock plastic bag with a stiff cardboard backing. Very low-tech, eh / Cheers to everyone - Bev Braam

bluehat, Russia
I liked the Moon. Just fascinating.

MagiaHobbs, Germany
I simply adore the „Life of Postcrosser“ series.

KaFrie, Germany
I have to admit, I didn't even know them before......... shame on me! But I'm sure that'll soon change! I really like the personalities!

sarinubia, Thailand
Well, for me i like Life of a Postcrosser : )
It look like everything about me and my friends

I'm just meet new friends from meetup in Bangkok
and you know what ?
special thing happening like we share stamp together
(it have local group sale old stamp and every time we will tag friend to buy nice stamp)
we play chain card too

the best thing for me is met new friends and everything about postcard and stamp is so cool!

Blackie, Italy
They all look pretty cool - The Year and Year 2020 are probably my bests! And all the cards about Germany are very nice, would be great to have them for other countries as well!

alba_ruthenia, Belarus
Such a wonderful idea! I really like "Inspiring women", German beer and Posthorn!

gbnaabennett, United States of America
I absolutely can not choose between life of a postcrosser and the Women series. They are both so amazing....ok if I MUST I think I will go with Life of a postcrosser, but ARGH only because you MADE me!

guvina, Italy
Super cool! I usually carry my postcards in a pink plastic envelope, but this is muche cuter :)
My favourite postcard is Planets but I also love the Mail topic!

hayleychoi, Hong Kong
My English is no good. I think this is good idea.I like the stamp flag postcards and happy postcrossing

Reader_7, Ukraine
Wow! That's really interesting and useful giveaway. I have found out about papersister postcards just recently. And my great love goes to... Happy Postcrossing series. I love cards that can tell you a lot about the country. You can see common things and different. It's always cool to know something new and those cards are great in that.

irina_koloshva, Ukraine
What a wonderful thing for postcrossers! 😍 Also, Papersisters, thanks, for the beautiful series of postcards, I really like them all!

I think, most of all I love Women set and Happy Postcrossing series! But to be honest it was a very difficult choice 😂

Aismi, Russia
How interesting! I love such cute things and I think it might be really useful.
Speaking about postcards by Papersisters, I like "The Year" and "Mail" series, but all of them are so nice, maybe once I'll find some of them in my mailbox =)

lewi14, Germany
My favourite is the "Life of a Postcrosser" series. Wonderful!

Kewl, Philippines
It has to be Life of a Postcrosser. I ticked off all of them! Hahahahahahaha

Lady_ne_v_rede, Russia
It's a great idea!😊 I keep my stock of postcards and stamps in a craft envelope. It's not that reliable😶. There are a lot of good postcards on the site. The night sky is gorgeous... 🌌 I like the Northern Lights, Signs of the Zodiac, The Moon, Planets and Winter Sky😍

igeado, Germany
"Life of a Postcrosser" is my absolute favorite :) Happy Postcrossing to all of you !!!

mac03579, United States of America
Definitely the German bread postcards are my favorites. Then again, I just love bread! :) Thanks!

Anna_bokkonto, Sweden
I would love to win this one

Great for me since I’m new to postcrossing 😀

Broken_Lamp, Russia
all cards are so wonderful! The Year, the moon, the winter sky, the northern lights, personalities, simply incredible!!!

Xute, Russia
What a cool idea! (I carry postcard in my bag, so sometimes they stay there till inspiration for a week or so, traveling with me back and forth to work)
I like the inspiring women postcards the most

CharlottePV, France
Very awesome idea you had to carry the cards! When I lived in Tanzania, it was difficult to keep the postcards clean and not bent!
I love the 'life of a postcrosser series' and number 2 applies totally to me. Nobody likes to come with me to any souvenir shops that sell postcards... lol
Thanks for the giveaway.

travelinghawkeye, United States of America
I like all of them but the Year of the ... are really cool. :)

ladyhaag, Russia
All of series are really awesome! I haven't receive any of papersisters postcards on postcrossing. I really would be happy to receive one. I like Happy Postcrossing series I think it is really cute!

Burialsheer, Estonia
I love the Postcrossing cards from different countries. :)

lovelysara, United States of America
What wonderful cards! I'm always looking for interesting postcards to send and this is a great resource to know about! I'm totally into the "Women" series Showcasing 10 strong and innovative women of the world ❤️

mailfromnanning, China
I keep my postcards in albums (sorry if I misunderstood the question) and I really like Happy Postcrossing postcards

TillAcademyforGirls, United States of America
I like the Winter Sky postcard the best!

diiaannll, Ukraine
Papertraveler is a very convenient thing, I would be very glad to have it and use it with great joy.😍😍😍
My favorite series of postcards - The Year; Space Series💫❤️

nosoyrosana, Spain
Great idea! I usually carry my postcards in a folded din a4 plastic document holder in my bag.

I love "Why I love Postcards" postcard ;)

molmer, Netherlands
What a perfect way to take your postcards with you, it looks so good. I already can imagine how people sitting next to me in the train of in a cafe will curious look at it :-)
All the cards are great but particularly the mail postcards to spread the love for sending mail!

helenlivelovelaugh, United States of America
Happy Postcrossing is always one of my favorite series and I have actually collected some of those. Love their work. Keep it up!

Fenena, Netherlands
Wow!!! That's wonderful!!! I would love to use the Life of a Postcrosser-cards. :)

nachteulchen, Germany
I like the cards with the season-trees and the card with our solar system
Soooo beautiful.
Greetings, Anne

mimi2007, United States of America
Life of a Postcrosser #9!
My family and friends are on the lookout for postcards all of the time now becasue of my passion for postcrossing. My mother in law found a stash from the 1970s when she was in Las Vegas to give to me for postcrossing. I have been looking for something to keep a few birthday / holiday cards in that will travel well. This is it!

Ela12, Germany
Airmail international and German landmark series are great but honestly I like ALL the postcards! They are wonderful. :-))) ❤️

DoTea, Germany
What a great ideal to produce these Papertravellers! Indeed it is a problem to carry postcards safely.

From their website, I mostly like the German Landmark Series!

reson8s, United States of America
I like the "Why I like Postcards" best, next all the ones featuring women :-)
Thanks! Janie

panda47, United States of America
I really like the 12-Month Postcard set :-)

BellSmallburrow, United States of America
I think I might like the stamps series the best, with the collages of different-colored stamps making the flags of different countries around the world!

The Papertraveler is a great idea! And thanks to the Papersisters for sponsoring this!

LemurBurrito, Japan
This is such a great idea! I am totally guilty of just putting my postcards and stamps in my purse and hoping for the best.

I love the "German Landmark" series and the "German Postcrossing Greetings" postcard. The style of your postcards are so nice!

Shelley333, United States of America
I absolutely 💗 this folder! Quite often I find myself with a few extra minutes and an address...but have to wait to get home to write and send!...It’s a great idea! I love all of the Papersisters postcards...but I am partial to the 12 months of the year! Happy Postcrossing!📫

moonlightlaura, United States of America
Wonderful giveaway! I love the Happy Postcrossing series!

Olaur, Singapore
I love Stamps, so the mail series appeals to me most! I keep my postcards in recycled biscuit tin... Haha! So with this, I will be able to carry it around!

UnicornCarnival, Mexico
I loved the Life of a Postcrosser series, I felt very represented!

Fleder, Germany
The day before while browsing I saw one of the happy postcrossing cards and thought "You have to google where to buy this cards" but completely forgot to. Thanks for doing the job for me. ;) I love the Life of a Postcrosser series - they nailed it totally. =)

geo_graphic, United States of America
Those German Philosophers cards are absolutely fantastic!

Verona10, United Kingdom
I personally love the Postcrossing & Mail series.....I've just ordered some new supplies from the website. My family always complain they never know what to buy me, so I'm being super organised and added the Papertraveler (either colour) to my Birthday & Christmas list.

birdwings, United States of America
The Life of a Postcrosser cards are so unique and spot-on! I love those, and also the one with the German breads stands out as a favorite of mine because I love learning about regional foods and am also trying to learn some German. Thank you!

unicorn11, Canada
I adore the Life of a Postcrosser series! All the sayings are so very true! I've even been fortunate enough to receive a couple from postcrossing friends!!

gingerr4, United States of America
All of the postcards look like mini works of art. My favorite is the German Painters postcard. I am a teaching artist and I look for tools like this to share with my students.

CariMonroe, United States of America
What a cool concept! I'm really liking the planets cards, but also would love the northern lights one as well!

jfroyer1, Canada
Oh, this is nice! I must say that I really like “The Year” postcard set. It would be quite amazing to find that exact window where these were drawn from during all these months: what stories that three could tell!!

Happy postcrossing!

DLRodrigues, South Africa
I LOVE the Papertraveller! So cool!
I like the Life of a Postcrosser Series, as well as the Happy Postcrossing!

janetblythe, Singapore
My favourite is the Happy Postcrossing series! ^ ^

aniswe, Sweden
I do love the whole series of 'Life of a Postcrosser'. I've only been an active postcrosser for a few months now, but these cards puts a big grin on my face. :D

GoCubbies, United States of America
I love the Beethoven cards the best!

Robbentier, Germany
All These Cards are really beautiful. I like the "Happy Postcrossing series" a lot.
I carry my postcards in these boring paper bags, where the seller puts them in, when I buy some.
Would be nice, to get one of these beautiful bags.
Happy Postcrossing to everyone!

chinhxitrum, Vietnam
"Why I love Postcards" is my favorite because it will make my day and because I love Postcards! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Merricat, Sweden
I love their personalities series! It's very informative, I did not know many of these personalities.

frankster, New Zealand
What a great idea - I usually am packing a box of Postcrossing paraphernalia. I love the ‘you know you are a postcrosser’ series. So many of them I really relate to.

Hohdin, Finland
Life of a Postcrosser no.10 is my favorite.

Pinky_Pie, Canada
Wow! These folders look amazing!!! I need one, for sure. I usually put my postcards in an envelope or little bag and pack it to my suitcase next to the laptop, it prevents any damages of postcards.
My fav series is "Mail" (especially "Why I love Postcards"). It's adorable!

winteruma, Japan
I didn't know about them yet, they have so much cool stuff!
I like their special occasion postcards the best, especially the ones about space ^o^b

RobynPainter, Australia
My two favourites are “The Planets” and “Happy Postcrossing From Australia.”

Wilmariina, Finland
I like the HPC series the most! 📮❤️

lunamoona, United States of America
I’ve been making do with an old cigar box—this sounds much less bulky!

The moon postcard was my favorite :)

Inaqwerty, Russia
There are a lot of wonderful postcards here! But most of all I like Stamp Flag and Birthday Rainbow.

Sophie-B, Netherlands
This is definitely a webshop to keep in mind! They work locally, their series on Women is interesting and they have nice stamps and washi tape, but above all I love their series "Life of a Postcrosser". I recognize myself in a lot of the postcards of the series, but most of all in No. 4 and No. 5 :-) Brilliant!

cherlita, Indonesia
I love their stamp flag!

seba_flores, Chile
That's a wonderful idea to keep postcards and postcrossing material safe! My favorite series is the International, specially the "stamp flag" postcards, something many of us like a lot.

norya, Germany
I really like the "women" set - what a great idea to honor them.

Helianthus, Portugal
I carry my postcards inside a book...but this looks so much better.
I liked the postcard "Life of a Postcrosser No.1" - You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when a postcard rack attracts you like a strong magnet :)

ValCoop, Netherlands
If I ever carry postcards with me to write them somwhere else but at home, then I'm usually sticking them inbetween the pages of the book I'm currently reading.
As for the favourite series from papersisters I love the 'Happy Postcrossing from...' one, I already received three cards from it from Brazil, Slovakia and Austria and was absolutely happy, especially taking into consideration those are not the most common countries among postcrossers :)

Axiniana, Russia
This looks like a very comfortable folder, for postcards or just for traveling documents. Neat!
I liked "The Year" postcard series. They remind me of affirmation cards or something like that. Like you're seeing beauty in the mundane. Love it.

truenorth, Canada
I especially like Why I Love Postcards, also the series in Personalities about notable German women. The flags made of stamps are great too.
You're right, it's hard to choose!
Happy Postcrossing!

missronik, United States of America
My fav are the Life of a Postcrosser cards!

plafon_alicep, Italy
Hello I really like all the postcards I can't decide .... but I like the stamps so much. :)

ilovestipe, United States of America
What a fun giveaway! my favorite is the Moon postcards because that is my last name :-)

TankerYanker, Canada
The Happy Postcrossing Series is my fav but you were right, very difficult to chose from !!

RConchinha, Portugal
What a great giveaway! My favourite postcrossing series is Life of a Postcrosser! 😍🤩

Jurga, Lithuania
I like the Happy Postcrossing series the most :)

Allison_b216, United States of America
Ooh, I need a papertraveler!

Moonbabe, United Kingdom
Wow, a far better way to carry them, especially when I am on my motorbike travels...
Love the idea of all the cards, but my favourites are Life of a Postcrosser, The Year set and Happy Postcrossing UK

ACDelco, United States of America
I definitely LOVE the German bread one !!
I love bread all types, period !! LOL

alterego, Canada
Wow, this is very cool. I have ordered postcards many times from Papersisters but haven't yet noticed the new Life of a Postcrosser series! I love those, hard to choose just one fvourite.

This postcard carrier looks lovely. Maybe I will get lucky in this draw! :-)

jmac2123, United States of America
This is a great idea. I always struggle with transporting postcards especially when I'm traveling and hoping to send some to family. I love the international collection (the stamps as national flags) and the German collection. After living in Germany last year it brought back great memories of the bread, the beer, the cultural sites, they were so well done.

Gangurru, Costa Rica
Happy Postcrossing series are our favorites. Todas las tarjetas me gustan mucho. Great idea.

alexacat, Germany
Wonderful website:-) I love the LIFE OF A POSTCROSSER series - especially No. 2, 4 & 10 :-)

Luziaceleste, Brazil
I am one of these crazy persons that believe that postcards are strong enough to survive to any transportation method.
Well... shame on me.
But in terms of postcards, we are really pleased with papersisters pieces.
One of my favorites is 'Why I ove Postcards', and my fave serie is HPC.
So nice to count on thse beautiful and smart support to our hobbie!

justicepirate, United States of America
I love the Happy Postcrossing US and Beethoven ones! Those month ones for the year are really pretty!

MartinaJukic, Croatia
My favourite is their Northern Lights postcard - seeing the Aurora in person has been on my bucket list for years, but until that happens, I will have to make do with postcards of it!

laura_a101, United States of America
The German food ones. I don't have anything to do with Germany, but I sure love food!

ciska31, Austria
I do love German food, so I would love it! ❤️

anissa_nicole9, United States of America
The personalities and zodiac card series are both really good and easily favorites of mine. I love zodiac stuff!

jmac, Canada
Oh that is such a hard pick! I really like the new Year 2020 card and the northern lights card and the postcard essentials. And I know my daughter would love to find the happy birthday rainbow card in our box around her birthday.

Moonshelle, United States of America
So cute! Of course I loved the life of a post crosser ones but I loved the moon one the most!

AadivirS2009, Australia
My favourite series is the Stamp Flags! They look so cool, with the whole collection of the different stamps from different eras!
B.T.W I am only 10 years old and if I win it, I will be over the moon!

Andrea_20, Canada
Wow! So great! I love the Happy Postcrossing serie and the Life of a Postcrosser! :)

hulamunki, United States of America
The Happy Postcrossing cards have always been a favorite of mine!
But I must say that The PaperTraveler is by far the most cleverest design ever and I cannot wait to get one! It's fabulous! Just LOVE it!

Taweng, Philippines
The northern Lights and the Commemorative Beethoven is my favourite

LifeAsRiley, United States of America
So many wonderful postcards! I like the Life of a Postcrosser postcards. Such fun.

cmcrabtr, United States of America
A wide variety of post cards to choose from, but I think my favourite is January. Why? Because it is my birth month and it represents a fresh start and new beginning! Yes, it may be the coldest month but it is the BEST month! Probably my second favourite would be the Happy Postcrossing from the US card. Chad Crabtree, Elkhart IN USA

Yulia-and-Mark, United States of America
I like postcards from the series Mail, such as Around the world and Why I love Postcards ))
And Happy Postcrossing US card! Of course )

mily57, Belgium
I like the set of the Year.
The paper traveller looks indeed very handy.

sentanyone, China
I am into the HPC series,I just collect this series now,I love it!

AlexKimble, United States of America
I like the German painters series!

KaliTragus, Canada
I mainly go with the pocket or bag and hope! When travelling I buy cards there and try to send them all before I return :) I like the postcards with the northern lights, planets, and zodiac!
The life of a postcrosser card about getting your neighbours cards is so hilarious and true also!

Schohema, Germany
I like them all. But most I like from the "personality" series "German composers - invetors - painters - philosophes - poets" as well as "inspiring woman". And "German bread and rolls" and "German beer".
The paper traveller looks great.

coolshiv, India
Love this idea, I have been storing postcards in photo albums. I love the website, the cards on "German philosophers", "German inventors", "German composers", "Inspiring women from Germany" and "German poets" in the personalities category are my favorites.

Joey_Naaeik, India
This is awesome! I never knew this existed. The folder that I made was very bulky and difficult to travel around with.

And as far as the postcard collection goes, it is very difficult to pick a favorite! I LOVE all of them... But if I have to choose, I will go with the Life of a Postcrosser series, Signs of a Zodiac and German bread and rolls :)

Brigi, Hungary
I sewed a little pouch for my postcards, but clearly this is a superior idea, how awesome! :o)

I love all their postcards, but the "Life of a Postcrosser" series is especially cute.

Jammay, United Kingdom
Wow, what a great selection of postcards and themes. I loved the "Why I love postcards" postcard but despite all the reasons listed I still can't decide which one applies to me. Probably a mixture of them all.

juytters, Belgium
I love life of a postcrosser.

coraline95, Slovenia
All postcards connected to space, especially Winter Sky.

Robin67, Austria
I carry my cards/stamps/letters in a beautiful paper wallet, which used to contain notepaper & envelopes. And this wallet I carry inside a plastic pouch.

I especially love the stamp flags and the "life of a postcrosser".

Restu_Amalia, Indonesia
Happy Postcrossing series always brightening my day 🥰