is a special territory in the continent of Europe with a population of 65,228 habitants. The capital of Guernsey is St Peter Port.
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1. Tranchile, Guernsey Postcrossing Supporter Tranchile
3,338 postcards sent
2. Aircraft, Guernsey Postcrossing Supporter Aircraft
2,856 postcards sent
3. GuernseyGirl, Guernsey GuernseyGirl
2,065 postcards sent
4. Hectorious, Guernsey Postcrossing Supporter Hectorious
2,038 postcards sent
5. Honeybun, Guernsey Postcrossing Supporter Honeybun
1,096 postcards sent
6. islandgirrl, Guernsey islandgirrl
693 postcards sent
7. IslandIdeals, Guernsey IslandIdeals
663 postcards sent
8. Happyplus, Guernsey Happyplus
428 postcards sent
9. KathrynE, Guernsey KathrynE
331 postcards sent
10. loulougsy, Guernsey loulougsy
300 postcards sent

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