claireandivy, United Kingdom


About Claire...

Hi, I live in South Wales where it rains a lot! I have a beautiful daughter named Ivy who is six years old and we love to learn about the world through postcards. She loves dinosaurs, crocodiles, sharks, trains/trams, Mr Men, Pokemon, and Mickey Mouse!

We love to receive colourful modern tourist postcards, and our biggest request is that the postcard has the name of the place printed on the front of it, if possible.

If you would like some more ideas, here are some themes that we enjoy......
......amusement parks, zoos, airports, stadiums, multiviews,
volcanoes, mountains, universities, beaches, hot air balloons, waterfalls,
wind turbines, tourist attractions, unusual buildings, museums, Olympics, skyscrapers,
maps, "large letter" cards, Route 66, Lantern Press,
shaped cards, whales, narwhals, cows, Disney, Moomins, Snoopy, Lali Ridl, calendar cards,
Greetings From, Flags of the World, "did you know" and "been there, done that"!

The more colourful the better! Thanks, we can't wait to receive your card! :-)

Please DO NOT send us black and white, art, cats, religious,
old cards, handmade, "keep calm" or free/advert cards.

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