is a country in the continent of North America with a population of 37,058,856 habitants. The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
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1. moonlessnite, Canada moonlessnite
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2. mcbuchanan, Canada mcbuchanan
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3. darkpunkangel, Canada Postcrossing Supporter darkpunkangel
8,993 postcards sent
4. renegade_cavalcade, Canada renegade_cavalcade
8,425 postcards sent
5. Riff, Canada Postcrossing Supporter Riff
8,277 postcards sent
6. richardlater, Canada richardlater
7,978 postcards sent
7. alterego, Canada alterego
7,613 postcards sent
8. EFR, Canada EFR
7,086 postcards sent
9. Skye111, Canada Skye111
6,777 postcards sent
10. Tilia, Canada Tilia
6,588 postcards sent

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