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is a country in the continent of North America with a population of 36,708,083 habitants. The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
Members: 9,930 (Browse all)
Sent: 762,327 postcards
Received: 775,682 postcards
Ranking: 15th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Canada

Most active members

1. moonlessnite, Canada moonlessnite
11,462 postcards sent
2. darkpunkangel, Canada darkpunkangel
7,855 postcards sent
3. mcbuchanan, Canada mcbuchanan
7,383 postcards sent
4. DanielYOW, Canada DanielYOW
6,311 postcards sent
5. alterego, Canada alterego
5,600 postcards sent
6. renegade_cavalcade, Canada renegade_cavalcade
5,228 postcards sent
7. richardlater, Canada richardlater
5,184 postcards sent
8. Nature-Lover, Canada Nature-Lover
5,082 postcards sent
9. Riff, Canada Riff
4,401 postcards sent
10. imahockeynut, Canada imahockeynut
4,064 postcards sent

Random members

ChicClara, Canada Tweetyiscool29, Canada Solangia, Canada Ruxandra, Canada WweGirl, Canada YEGJen, Canada nikkilove17, Canada emma_w48d, Canada Dingus, Canada Quinn8, Canada Cardio, Canada joyfuljill, Canada blee416, Canada SilverShanica, Canada Sueshe, Canada _curt_, Canada canadaposter, Canada DMTerry, Canada Sfander, Canada canuck2012, Canada ongbryan, Canada Dhomeschoolartist, Canada Skye111, Canada Bucol, Canada JessyBaby, Canada Stinkypaw, Canada misiasio21, Canada ultrakitegirl, Canada JasonDavid, Canada verypc, Canada France22, Canada kallini2042, Canada SailorJ, Canada merryrose22, Canada PatDG, Canada moonlessnite, Canada
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