is a country in the continent of North America with a population of 37,058,856 habitants. The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
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1. moonlessnite, Canada moonlessnite
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2. mcbuchanan, Canada mcbuchanan
9,000 postcards sent
3. darkpunkangel, Canada Postcrossing Supporter darkpunkangel
8,674 postcards sent
4. alterego, Canada alterego
6,369 postcards sent
5. DanielYOW, Canada DanielYOW
6,311 postcards sent
6. renegade_cavalcade, Canada renegade_cavalcade
6,257 postcards sent
7. richardlater, Canada richardlater
6,226 postcards sent
8. Riff, Canada Postcrossing Supporter Riff
5,738 postcards sent
9. Nature-Lover, Canada Postcrossing Supporter Nature-Lover
5,082 postcards sent
10. imahockeynut, Canada Postcrossing Supporter imahockeynut
5,017 postcards sent

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