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is a country in the continent of North America with a population of 36,286,425 habitants. The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
Members: 9,580 (Browse all)
Sent: 695,685 postcards
Received: 708,389 postcards
Ranking: 15th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Canada

Most active members

1. moonlessnite, Canada moonlessnite
10,486 postcards sent
2. darkpunkangel, Canada darkpunkangel
7,382 postcards sent
3. mcbuchanan, Canada mcbuchanan
6,479 postcards sent
4. DanielYOW, Canada DanielYOW
6,311 postcards sent
5. alterego, Canada alterego
5,237 postcards sent
6. Nature-Lover, Canada Nature-Lover
5,082 postcards sent
7. renegade_cavalcade, Canada renegade_cavalcade
4,677 postcards sent
8. richardlater, Canada richardlater
4,608 postcards sent
9. EFR, Canada EFR
3,747 postcards sent
10. imahockeynut, Canada imahockeynut
3,633 postcards sent

Random members

Ricky_English, Canada stephdayern, Canada Couragemylove, Canada Arrowgem, Canada DorH, Canada alinemelanson, Canada tjakina, Canada Paulette128, Canada Emmo, Canada KirstinKitten, Canada Windows95, Canada Valnx, Canada Cardio, Canada alterego, Canada purpleferret, Canada die-Dusche, Canada maggipata, Canada kallini2042, Canada unicorn11, Canada keldar5, Canada CJD63, Canada Hamilton143, Canada johnpidgeon, Canada GuyT, Canada ChristineC, Canada ChicClara, Canada vero17, Canada DonnaM, Canada burberrysong, Canada moonlessnite, Canada Sfander, Canada KandaceB, Canada renegade_cavalcade, Canada richardlater, Canada verypc, Canada Riff, Canada
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