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About Shelley...

I really enjoy the process of trying to find a card to match people's preferences. I'm not fussy about the types of postcards I'd like to receive but given a choice, here are some of my favourite topics:
- wildlife (especially birds - but please, NO reptiles).
- nature scenes (trees, leaves, nests, sky/clouds, gardens, 4 seasons, other outdoor scenes)
- building details (windows, doors, staircases, unique architecture)
- books, reading, writing, libraries, bookshops

- I also like handmade cards; creative talent makes me smile
- map cards (country/state/province maps, subway maps, old maps, illustrated maps, etc)
- Wallace & Gromit

- Belarus: I love the art of the amazing Belarussian artist Leonid Afremov.
- USA: If possible, please use the brand new John Lennon postage stamp on the card you send me. Thank you!
- Australia: I would love to receive a postcard of the art of Ray Reeves. I have favourited a few I've seen in the galleries & they look awesome.
- I just discovered these: I have received 16 so far in this series & would love to continue to add to this collection

I prefer real stamps (as opposed to generic postal machine labels) if possible, & I prefer my postcards written & stamped, envelopes not necessary (unless a card is fragile).
I am not fond of sending or receiving blank cards, with no message on them. I think the message on the card is as important as the picture on the other side. It's what makes the connection real, between sender & receiver!

I would prefer not to receive religious cards. And NO TRUMP cards at all. Thanks.

Expired postcards:
I used to list my expired cards, but really, it is sad to see so many. So let's just say there are a lot!

Cards in my Favourites are those I have not yet received so please check there first. I do not *favourite* cards already received & if you send me a card from my favourites, I will remove it from the list in order to avoid duplicates. Thanks!

I register all cards I receive on the same day they land in my mailbox. If you have not heard from me within the 60 days time frame before it expires, it is because I haven't received your card. Please don't ask me to register a card if I haven't received it. I won't do that & would never expect anyone to register a card of mine if they don't have it in their hands. Unfortunately, snail mail isn't perfect. But we love it anyhow, don't we? ;-)

I wanted to add this delightful bit of historic trivia to my profile. I found this link not too long ago & since the Keep Calm cards are so popular, I thought it would be fun to share this: