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is a country in the continent of Oceania with a population of 24,598,933 habitants. The capital of Australia is Canberra.
Members: 6,952 (Browse all)
Sent: 569,295 postcards
Received: 577,167 postcards
Ranking: 16th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Australia

Most active members

1. iwang, Australia iwang
9,684 postcards sent
2. Sharkz, Australia Sharkz
7,186 postcards sent
3. IndigoAngel, Australia IndigoAngel
7,171 postcards sent
4. Shazzz, Australia Shazzz
5,496 postcards sent
5. millierose, Australia millierose
5,162 postcards sent
6. Telopea, Australia Telopea
4,531 postcards sent
7. karenk, Australia karenk
4,428 postcards sent
8. nephthys51, Australia nephthys51
4,247 postcards sent
9. WattlePark, Australia WattlePark
4,239 postcards sent
10. tristia, Australia tristia
4,083 postcards sent

Random members

Kelstar36, Australia RobynPainter, Australia BillBur, Australia AussieTee90, Australia OrianaGirl, Australia Dilemma1998, Australia CFCahead, Australia Amrache, Australia Bowyum, Australia LJ12988, Australia Nyrak, Australia caroline_cordier, Australia Starwood, Australia autumnfierystar, Australia mrtf, Australia bsmilner, Australia Picklesmustard, Australia Bickley, Australia kedwards58, Australia P-star, Australia zifffo, Australia Youngdave, Australia Waykwabu, Australia Smileyboy, Australia kellstarr, Australia IndiaJim, Australia Russell_Turner, Australia abigailsharon, Australia hayleygrey, Australia disisdi, Australia ParAvion, Australia Robbyine, Australia Tstanley, Australia rosscott, Australia mundoo, Australia kwsoon, Australia
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