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is a country in the continent of Oceania with a population of 24,210,809 habitants. The capital of Australia is Canberra.
Members: 6,917 (Browse all)
Sent: 560,858 postcards
Received: 569,439 postcards
Ranking: 16th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Australia

Most active members

1. iwang, Australia iwang
9,479 postcards sent
2. Sharkz, Australia Sharkz
7,027 postcards sent
3. IndigoAngel, Australia IndigoAngel
7,000 postcards sent
4. Shazzz, Australia Shazzz
5,314 postcards sent
5. millierose, Australia millierose
5,157 postcards sent
6. Telopea, Australia Telopea
4,313 postcards sent
7. karenk, Australia karenk
4,254 postcards sent
8. nephthys51, Australia nephthys51
4,226 postcards sent
9. tristia, Australia tristia
4,080 postcards sent
10. WattlePark, Australia WattlePark
4,056 postcards sent

Random members

Tramsnerak, Australia P-star, Australia FigaroFoo, Australia Leahlovesluther, Australia fatmanwalking, Australia Deevar, Australia niclo71, Australia PW07, Australia leacee, Australia MeggieW, Australia Bowyum, Australia Mirfi, Australia Shaz43, Australia Tstanley, Australia zifffo, Australia sarahgilbert, Australia Dale-W_2, Australia Auscruiser, Australia JennyH2dogs, Australia Aussie55, Australia snakebitechronicles, Australia Aussiebear, Australia Aimeef, Australia gmunthe90, Australia autumnfierystar, Australia j4c7, Australia quickbrownfoxph, Australia melissamack, Australia flynnfrogg, Australia legacy_hardware, Australia RosesandWolves, Australia KaySludge, Australia BinkyRed, Australia BigKitty, Australia samobel, Australia AidanS, Australia
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