is a country in the continent of Oceania with a population of 24,598,933 habitants. The capital of Australia is Canberra.
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1. iwang, Australia iwang
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2. Sharkz, Australia Sharkz
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3. IndigoAngel, Australia IndigoAngel
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4. Shazzz, Australia Shazzz
5,730 postcards sent
5. millierose, Australia millierose
5,187 postcards sent
6. Telopea, Australia Telopea
4,825 postcards sent
7. karenk, Australia karenk
4,593 postcards sent
8. WattlePark, Australia WattlePark
4,518 postcards sent
9. nephthys51, Australia nephthys51
4,258 postcards sent
10. tristia, Australia tristia
4,088 postcards sent

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Steveg58, Australia j4c7, Australia leacee, Australia melissamack, Australia cathyh, Australia abbyyy, Australia Jodie05, Australia P-star, Australia AidanS, Australia mrtf, Australia IndiaJim, Australia diana67, Australia Lina_Bina, Australia Merrilyn, Australia malleechick, Australia zeko, Australia AfricanQueen, Australia alvayer, Australia Limmion, Australia Shazzz, Australia Bowyum, Australia ebony_err, Australia ashybear, Australia Brierose, Australia AussieTee90, Australia Kelstar36, Australia MeggieW, Australia susanfromqld, Australia feral, Australia philocartist, Australia mundoo, Australia FiK, Australia jayvee2206, Australia Sharkz, Australia Bickley, Australia iwang, Australia
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