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is a country in the continent of Oceania with a population of 23,781,169 habitants. The capital of Australia is Canberra.
Members: 6,561 (Browse all)
Sent: 506,062 postcards
Received: 514,101 postcards
Ranking: 16th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Australia

Most active members

1. isaacwn, Australia isaacwn
8,036 postcards sent
2. IndigoAngel, Australia IndigoAngel
5,870 postcards sent
3. Sharkz, Australia Sharkz
5,754 postcards sent
4. millierose, Australia millierose
4,695 postcards sent
5. tristia, Australia tristia
4,061 postcards sent
6. Anonymona, Australia Anonymona
4,055 postcards sent
7. nephthys51, Australia nephthys51
3,971 postcards sent
8. Deege07, Australia Deege07
3,863 postcards sent
9. Karenk, Australia Karenk
3,767 postcards sent
10. hmassese, Australia hmassese
3,672 postcards sent

Random members

rjohnson, Australia Waykwabu, Australia dartheather, Australia zeko, Australia acassin, Australia MichelleTas, Australia melissamack, Australia pamchew, Australia Viam, Australia Ron29, Australia caryn98, Australia stjohnsgirl, Australia betteredthan, Australia kellstarr, Australia aberline, Australia snailmailpostcards, Australia TassieHiker, Australia jft, Australia arrow12, Australia lagerlout, Australia VespaSharon, Australia gumnut, Australia Aussie55, Australia Tho84, Australia Mundoo, Australia rose_gold, Australia rosscott, Australia Limmion, Australia nitanaught, Australia pam1935, Australia Aussie_Down_Under, Australia Katimaniki, Australia sashajuryradford, Australia disisdi, Australia cathyh, Australia RobynPainter, Australia
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