is a country in the continent of Oceania with a population of 24,992,369 habitants. The capital of Australia is Canberra.
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1. iwang, Australia iwang
13,310 postcards sent
2. Wallaby_Whisperer, Australia Postcrossing Supporter Wallaby_Whisperer
10,420 postcards sent
3. IndigoAngel, Australia IndigoAngel
9,844 postcards sent
4. Shark_Angel, Australia Postcrossing Supporter Shark_Angel
8,665 postcards sent
5. Telopea, Australia Postcrossing Supporter Telopea
7,846 postcards sent
6. WattlePark, Australia Postcrossing Supporter WattlePark
7,816 postcards sent
7. sarsy, Australia sarsy
6,320 postcards sent
8. disisdi, Australia Postcrossing Supporter disisdi
5,582 postcards sent
9. millierose, Australia millierose
5,192 postcards sent
10. karenk, Australia karenk
4,981 postcards sent

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mrtf, Australia IndigoAngel, Australia MattyM, Australia Starwood, Australia IndiaJim, Australia the_barrons, Australia capchat, Australia PeiyunYiu, Australia jayvee2206, Australia missmelbourne, Australia 3Meredyth, Australia malrae, Australia twinkledee, Australia Deevar, Australia keolin, Australia betteredthan, Australia lynley, Australia Russell_Turner, Australia melissamack, Australia AussieTee90, Australia tapgal601, Australia MorticiaWednesday, Australia mostlyeels, Australia Googieegg, Australia Viam, Australia zifffo, Australia EllieTai, Australia Ravinhide, Australia iwang, Australia nitanaught, Australia papercrowns, Australia PurplePossum, Australia KHudson, Australia pilottom, Australia philocartist, Australia MeggieW, Australia
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