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dictaudrey, Indonesia


(or Audrey) is a member in Indonesia . She has been a member for over 1 year (535 days).
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Lat: -6.99, Lon: 110.42 | Google Maps

About Audrey...

Hello, my name is Audrey. Currently I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. I'm a dog person. I've been living my whole life having dogs as my pets; as well as my kin. I'm an extreme sport freak! I also love craft and nailart; I do these things when I'm free enough. Actually I also love to read but have no time anymore to read books :(

2018 Collection Theme:
Map card. Can you help me with this theme? Any map card is accepted!

Postcards wishlist -not in order- :
* flora and fauna (especially your country's endemic and dogs)
* snow, forest, or water landscape
* I love cartoons so any cartoon cards is okay! (Toothless and Stitch are my fav!)
* celestial objects (e.g. star, moon, planets)
* self-made postcard (professionally printed postcard of your photos, recycle card, hand-drawing card, anything you made it yourself)
Pretty-please wishlist (cards I already have -> :
* Greetings From... by postallove
* Flags of the World by postcardsmarket
* World Travel series by
* WOWcard series by wowcardshop
* World Cuisine series by wowcardshop
If you don't have any postcards that fulfill my wishlist above, just surprise me :)

Tell me about your city/country (food, traditions, habits, etc), one or two words of your language and the English translation, yourself (daily activities, thoughts, similarity with me, etc) or about the card (explain the pic, reasons you choose it, etc).
P.S: write the date and your name please :)
P.P.S: if you're a French speaker (native or not), please write in French. I haven't both speak and write in French for long time, so help me refresh my memory :)

- send folded card (well this is a postcard project tho...)
- send postcard in an envelope (written and stamped please. I don't mind if my address is printed as long as I can receive my card without the envelope)
- send blank postcard/just write 'happy postcrossing' (I don't collect blank postcard and love to read people's story)

Have a good day/night and happy postcrossing!

Note: Indonesian postal service is quite slow so please be patient; it might take a month or more for your card to arrive. some people send me 2 cards because of this and I feel bad about it :(
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