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About Audrey...

Hello, my name is Audrey. Currently I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. I'm a dog person. I've been living my whole life having dogs as my pets; as well as my kin. I'm an extreme sport freak! I also love craft and nailart; I do these things when I'm free enough. Actually I also love to read but have no time anymore to read books :(

All of my wishlist: https://goo.gl/M2V2WX
My favorite are those that matches my wishlist well (as well as some of my received cards I love the most!). And please check my received cards to avoid double. If you don't have any postcards that fulfill my wishlist above, just surprise me :)

Tell me about your city/country, one or two words of your language and the English translation, your daily life, about the card, or anything crossed your mind; just don't leave it blank. And please write the date and your name :)
P.S: if you're a French speaker (native or not), please write in French. I haven't both speak and write in French for long time, so help me refresh my memory :)
P.P.S: raining season is coming so PLEASE use WATERPROOF PEN or rain will wash your writing out :( my mailbox is leaking...

- send folded card (this is a postcard project tho...)
- send postcard in an envelope (written and stamped please. Printed address is okay. The exhibition prefers written and stamped card, too.)
- send blank postcard/just write 'happy postcrossing' (I don't collect blank postcard and love to read people's story)

Every time I request addresses, I always make sure to fulfill their wishlist and/or not sending cards on their 'no' list. I expect you to do the same for me, especially about my 'no' list :)

Have a good day/night and happy postcrossing!

Note: If your card is almost expired, please be patient. Indonesian mail service is literally snail mail. I won't register card I don't receive; no offense.
IN MEMORIAM POSTCARDS: https://goo.gl/qhurzM

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