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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 126,994,511 habitants. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
Members: 9,195 (Browse all)
Sent: 934,014 postcards
Received: 941,360 postcards
Ranking: 12th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Japan

Most active members

1. y12315259, Japan y12315259
12,069 postcards sent
2. sktour, Japan sktour
11,283 postcards sent
3. sheluna, Japan sheluna
10,964 postcards sent
4. kyoto348, Japan kyoto348
9,246 postcards sent
5. mii00017, Japan mii00017
7,475 postcards sent
6. chobinyan2006, Japan chobinyan2006
7,186 postcards sent
7. Lyo, Japan Lyo
5,034 postcards sent
8. conejo, Japan conejo
4,965 postcards sent
4,132 postcards sent
10. maripeace, Japan maripeace
4,068 postcards sent

Random members

yuichanpi, Japan capy-bara, Japan rodr, Japan Yumepirika, Japan sometime_lights, Japan kuniyasu, Japan Petite_Cuisiniere, Japan kaisei, Japan Midwinter, Japan yuuuka0119, Japan Nanami, Japan tyokurin, Japan y12315259, Japan Yulevnaz, Japan plum_blossoms, Japan Natsuko-S, Japan akiko_w, Japan lycaphe, Japan tomoko2408, Japan yukky2015, Japan yukabesan, Japan minyo, Japan khitomi, Japan yukirinko17, Japan maki-k, Japan maloca, Japan tomoko1555, Japan ryan1123, Japan gontesia, Japan tama87jp, Japan QHasami, Japan Nana-M, Japan nsdiiakami, Japan nyappi, Japan yuyunanami, Japan honsumire, Japan
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