is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 126,529,100 habitants. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
Members: 10,585 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,400,273 postcards
Received: 1,411,325 postcards
Ranking: 12th (by sent postcards)

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1. y12315259, Japan y12315259
16,573 postcards sent
2. sktour, Japan sktour
16,027 postcards sent
3. lyo, Japan Postcrossing Supporter lyo
11,227 postcards sent
4. sheluna, Japan sheluna
10,992 postcards sent
5. mii00017, Japan mii00017
9,650 postcards sent
6. QHasami, Japan Postcrossing Supporter QHasami
9,515 postcards sent
7. kyoto348, Japan kyoto348
9,246 postcards sent
8. ohukusan, Japan ohukusan
8,213 postcards sent
9. sasori1027, Japan Postcrossing Supporter sasori1027
8,012 postcards sent
10. fluffernutter, Japan fluffernutter
7,989 postcards sent

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sakurairo, Japan himawari_3103, Japan TonnyTag, Japan tomorinex, Japan katuya, Japan Asami, Japan Yofa, Japan akdlsp, Japan JollieLyla, Japan TorF, Japan ch0micco, Japan tomoko1555, Japan narup-4, Japan kimagurechoco, Japan mach0ris, Japan CynthiaMH, Japan Kiyo6083, Japan KITTEmeguri, Japan miru, Japan yomogimai, Japan moomin64, Japan LemurBurrito, Japan onyagechan, Japan QHasami, Japan runry, Japan teatree, Japan maisa, Japan Japan, Japan yukar, Japan kayoko0716, Japan yuka2325, Japan tomet, Japan sasa_noha, Japan sa-0210, Japan Shimizu_Honoka, Japan maroon, Japan
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