is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 126,529,100 habitants. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
Members: 11,311 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,472,853 postcards
Received: 1,483,549 postcards
Ranking: 12th (by sent postcards)

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1. y12315259, Japan y12315259
17,075 postcards sent
2. sktour, Japan sktour
16,619 postcards sent
3. lyo, Japan Postcrossing Supporter lyo
12,029 postcards sent
4. sheluna, Japan sheluna
10,992 postcards sent
5. QHasami, Japan Postcrossing Supporter QHasami
10,080 postcards sent
6. mii00017, Japan mii00017
9,921 postcards sent
7. kyoto348, Japan kyoto348
9,246 postcards sent
8. sasori1027, Japan Postcrossing Supporter sasori1027
8,767 postcards sent
9. fluffernutter, Japan fluffernutter
8,419 postcards sent
10. ohukusan, Japan ohukusan
8,213 postcards sent

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sasa_noha, Japan kakko20, Japan Gafoo, Japan gurima, Japan miki2021, Japan nonnygreen, Japan onyagechan, Japan R_Lucy, Japan brydog115, Japan -Makoto-, Japan rinka0813, Japan starnats, Japan tomocera, Japan pappo, Japan sumika, Japan peace35, Japan sana0831, Japan Dily-holda, Japan MISAKO_T, Japan murakamiyyy, Japan mzsn, Japan hb73, Japan runry, Japan fuwari, Japan hoeru, Japan yorisakai, Japan MAKIKO-S, Japan Sachik0, Japan Seoritsu, Japan manaboo510, Japan rie-, Japan nagaimo, Japan A-W, Japan Enchan, Japan YukoKM, Japan hights_sakura, Japan
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