is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 126,785,797 habitants. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
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1. y12315259, Japan y12315259
13,485 postcards sent
2. sktour, Japan sktour
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3. sheluna, Japan sheluna
10,992 postcards sent
4. kyoto348, Japan kyoto348
9,246 postcards sent
5. mii00017, Japan mii00017
7,675 postcards sent
6. chobinyan2006, Japan chobinyan2006
7,545 postcards sent
7. lyo, Japan lyo
7,263 postcards sent
8. ohukusan, Japan ohukusan
6,017 postcards sent
9. QHasami, Japan QHasami
5,868 postcards sent
10. fluffernutter, Japan fluffernutter
5,851 postcards sent

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y_factory, Japan KEI_SMILE, Japan ikuemon, Japan m2misa, Japan sunciao, Japan chiayu0917, Japan unicon07, Japan Mippon, Japan yyohko, Japan _AKARI, Japan AsamiT, Japan Kakino-tane, Japan mana555, Japan shiomaru0902, Japan unitora, Japan Kaor, Japan fluffernutter, Japan Akiiiho, Japan Salyu_, Japan sometime_lights, Japan zmacguffin, Japan melodybox, Japan akku, Japan hitomi_6210, Japan DaasLars, Japan yunmom, Japan kanae55, Japan koap, Japan yuyunanami, Japan gamelan, Japan sktour, Japan kinako, Japan vitamincolor39, Japan buchineko, Japan MhizumeM, Japan KAYU, Japan
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