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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 126,994,511 habitants. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
Members: 9,647 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,014,910 postcards
Received: 1,022,456 postcards
Ranking: 12th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Japan

Most active members

1. y12315259, Japan y12315259
12,729 postcards sent
2. sktour, Japan sktour
12,045 postcards sent
3. sheluna, Japan sheluna
10,992 postcards sent
4. kyoto348, Japan kyoto348
9,246 postcards sent
5. mii00017, Japan mii00017
7,510 postcards sent
6. chobinyan2006, Japan chobinyan2006
7,424 postcards sent
7. lyo, Japan lyo
6,052 postcards sent
8. conejo, Japan conejo
4,985 postcards sent
9. fluffernutter, Japan fluffernutter
4,845 postcards sent
10. ohukusan, Japan ohukusan
4,834 postcards sent

Random members

sasori1027, Japan DESIGNbiyori, Japan kurijun, Japan aya116, Japan iamshy, Japan kiziri, Japan katuya, Japan Anne-kayoko, Japan YukariB, Japan hako, Japan ohukusan, Japan taretaschi, Japan Conjurer, Japan nyanco81, Japan Kachico, Japan nigaoe, Japan AIR12, Japan shingetsu, Japan Night-heron, Japan e_miki, Japan IZUMIe, Japan shi-san, Japan robyn_k, Japan Yokko27, Japan masako-2, Japan nahojp, Japan yukarii, Japan tomoko1555, Japan Michik, Japan rainbow_bread, Japan suzu322, Japan QHasami, Japan littlia, Japan shin2shin, Japan mihiroc, Japan nico-nico, Japan
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