is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 9,769,949 habitants. The capital of Hungary is Budapest.
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1. kate101, Hungary kate101
6,708 postcards sent
2. pixii, Hungary pixii
4,429 postcards sent
3. ppeva, Hungary ppeva
3,545 postcards sent
4. Kriana, Hungary Kriana
1,913 postcards sent
5. greenmania, Hungary greenmania
1,859 postcards sent
6. Zsocsjo, Hungary Zsocsjo
1,551 postcards sent
7. kcskriszta, Hungary Postcrossing Supporter kcskriszta
1,464 postcards sent
8. Boroka, Hungary Postcrossing Supporter Boroka
1,461 postcards sent
9. Vlaszij, Hungary Postcrossing Supporter Vlaszij
1,396 postcards sent
10. encus625, Hungary Postcrossing Supporter encus625
1,395 postcards sent

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