is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 9,768,785 habitants. The capital of Hungary is Budapest.
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1. kate101, Hungary kate101
7,336 postcards sent
2. pixii, Hungary pixii
4,431 postcards sent
3. ppeva, Hungary ppeva
3,666 postcards sent
4. Kriana, Hungary Kriana
2,245 postcards sent
5. kcskriszta, Hungary kcskriszta
2,111 postcards sent
6. greenmania, Hungary greenmania
1,991 postcards sent
7. Vlaszij, Hungary Postcrossing Supporter Vlaszij
1,648 postcards sent
8. zsocsjo, Hungary zsocsjo
1,560 postcards sent
9. biphobe, Hungary biphobe
1,553 postcards sent
10. Boroka, Hungary Postcrossing Supporter Boroka
1,541 postcards sent

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