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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 45,154,029 habitants. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
Members: 24,921 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,315,526 postcards
Received: 1,335,033 postcards
Ranking: 9th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Ukraine

Most active members

1. Happyjulia, Ukraine Happyjulia
2,999 postcards sent
2. Kvitnebuzok, Ukraine Kvitnebuzok
2,955 postcards sent
3. Anna_Jankova, Ukraine Anna_Jankova
2,925 postcards sent
4. Marussja, Ukraine Marussja
2,786 postcards sent
5. barsal, Ukraine barsal
2,773 postcards sent
6. Iwanka, Ukraine Iwanka
2,416 postcards sent
7. Anastasiy, Ukraine Anastasiy
2,361 postcards sent
8. Gydzuk, Ukraine Gydzuk
2,272 postcards sent
9. Hrustik, Ukraine Hrustik
1,818 postcards sent
10. Konobas, Ukraine Konobas
1,786 postcards sent

Random members

norbertfoster, Ukraine marina_svt, Ukraine born_to_be_happy, Ukraine Lariosiki, Ukraine Nikysya_, Ukraine julie_tour, Ukraine Bukafka, Ukraine 4buraha, Ukraine Olanamka, Ukraine Bogdann, Ukraine Elen77, Ukraine DashaSerebriakova, Ukraine daimantekeris, Ukraine Natta_lia, Ukraine Natalie_D, Ukraine MaksiMils, Ukraine stereoliza, Ukraine G_Anna, Ukraine H-S, Ukraine Ksjuha-and-Lesya, Ukraine Anna_Jankova, Ukraine Yanavaneika, Ukraine filolog_t, Ukraine Taykata, Ukraine siriusukr, Ukraine Epsilona, Ukraine Margarita77, Ukraine Yurii, Ukraine kotomi1313, Ukraine JessyL, Ukraine vickyzh, Ukraine JustFog, Ukraine Smurfette_from_Lviv, Ukraine Sulyma, Ukraine Lesia-K, Ukraine Vladyslav1998, Ukraine
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