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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 45,004,645 habitants. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
Members: 24,939 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,329,814 postcards
Received: 1,349,331 postcards
Ranking: 9th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Ukraine

Most active members

1. Happyjulia, Ukraine Happyjulia
3,134 postcards sent
2. Kvitnebuzok, Ukraine Kvitnebuzok
3,126 postcards sent
3. Anna_Jankova, Ukraine Anna_Jankova
3,080 postcards sent
4. Marussja, Ukraine Marussja
2,951 postcards sent
5. barsal, Ukraine barsal
2,773 postcards sent
6. Iwanka, Ukraine Iwanka
2,585 postcards sent
7. Anastasiy, Ukraine Anastasiy
2,361 postcards sent
8. Gydzuk, Ukraine Gydzuk
2,285 postcards sent
9. Konobas, Ukraine Konobas
1,923 postcards sent
10. Hrustik, Ukraine Hrustik
1,919 postcards sent

Random members

Katya26, Ukraine anilisa, Ukraine Kseniya76, Ukraine kofyia, Ukraine caromio, Ukraine Taykata, Ukraine julie_tour, Ukraine mr_vladimir_melnik, Ukraine marysme, Ukraine Julia-UA, Ukraine ValentinaS, Ukraine Oleg_from_Crimea, Ukraine asv9791, Ukraine Natusya, Ukraine Anele_kr, Ukraine jiviado, Ukraine Nonexistent, Ukraine angel-m, Ukraine Vika_Kyiv, Ukraine cherry39111, Ukraine Bogdann, Ukraine AlexSue23, Ukraine Tranzit, Ukraine Galinka_ua, Ukraine Nastya_Zhyto, Ukraine sellena, Ukraine muzanna, Ukraine Alisok, Ukraine tatiana_zhytelna, Ukraine Gordienko_NV, Ukraine Dashuria, Ukraine Dar_rud, Ukraine timofeykina, Ukraine ManiaM, Ukraine juuuulli, Ukraine volodya_zhytelnyi, Ukraine
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