is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 44,622,516 habitants. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
Members: 25,678 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,631,829 postcards
Received: 1,652,516 postcards
Ranking: 12th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Ukraine

Most active members

1. Anna_Jankova, Ukraine Anna_Jankova
10,486 postcards sent
2. Kvitnebuzok, Ukraine Kvitnebuzok
8,346 postcards sent
3. victoria_kukharska, Ukraine victoria_kukharska
5,693 postcards sent
4. andrommeda, Ukraine andrommeda
4,936 postcards sent
5. Hrustik, Ukraine Hrustik
4,757 postcards sent
6. tyus, Ukraine tyus
3,668 postcards sent
7. Happyjulia, Ukraine Happyjulia
3,481 postcards sent
8. hitopadesa, Ukraine hitopadesa
3,471 postcards sent
9. Konobas, Ukraine Konobas
3,372 postcards sent
10. Iwanka, Ukraine Iwanka
3,240 postcards sent

Random members

edwardreese, Ukraine fly__cloud, Ukraine quasar, Ukraine Iwanka, Ukraine wsdeybyf, Ukraine ursa, Ukraine Ogirochok, Ukraine TanyaBorodina, Ukraine piot, Ukraine o_sandra8, Ukraine TanyaR, Ukraine Juli_Smirnova, Ukraine Katerina_F, Ukraine OlgaMartik, Ukraine parhammer, Ukraine Vitaliy_Zalogin, Ukraine maxim-1972, Ukraine profgr, Ukraine Irenochka, Ukraine Konobas, Ukraine maripsj, Ukraine olya_arch, Ukraine JulyVK, Ukraine Dyvia, Ukraine vita_krasnikova, Ukraine OlhaTsima, Ukraine andrommeda, Ukraine Anastasiia_K, Ukraine oksiandra, Ukraine slava_postcrossing, Ukraine Smirnov_Olexiy, Ukraine Alex_Sunny, Ukraine Lyudmylka, Ukraine valentinorossi, Ukraine Irynkaaa, Ukraine Alenchiks, Ukraine
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