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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 45,004,645 habitants. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
Members: 25,643 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,386,352 postcards
Received: 1,406,158 postcards
Ranking: 9th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Ukraine

Most active members

1. Kvitnebuzok, Ukraine Kvitnebuzok
3,854 postcards sent
2. Anna_Jankova, Ukraine Anna_Jankova
3,839 postcards sent
3. Happyjulia, Ukraine Happyjulia
3,439 postcards sent
4. Marussja, Ukraine Marussja
3,229 postcards sent
5. Iwanka, Ukraine Iwanka
3,061 postcards sent
6. barsal, Ukraine barsal
2,773 postcards sent
7. Konobas, Ukraine Konobas
2,405 postcards sent
8. Anastasiy, Ukraine Anastasiy
2,361 postcards sent
9. Hrustik, Ukraine Hrustik
2,352 postcards sent
10. Gydzuk, Ukraine Gydzuk
2,329 postcards sent

Random members

Surie, Ukraine Armeria, Ukraine Catrin71, Ukraine miliciya02, Ukraine piot, Ukraine Lidon, Ukraine Travel_Man, Ukraine lunatokugava, Ukraine Lapiyka, Ukraine dobry_zaychyk, Ukraine AnastasiyaVolkova, Ukraine ira_from_mars, Ukraine Leopardik, Ukraine Kseniya76, Ukraine Mirolana, Ukraine alenka19, Ukraine centaurea_viola, Ukraine Oksi1602, Ukraine Luba_Rus, Ukraine Vika_Kyiv, Ukraine tatiana_zhytelna, Ukraine Marina_Rishtun, Ukraine samoiliuk, Ukraine VictoriaDol319, Ukraine Jesszeos, Ukraine Ferenika, Ukraine DrCreepy, Ukraine Serhi, Ukraine Galushka83, Ukraine Spirit22, Ukraine volodya_zhytelnyi, Ukraine marthe2403, Ukraine Markizo, Ukraine Julia-UA, Ukraine Helik44, Ukraine MakeitKyiv, Ukraine
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