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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 45,004,645 habitants. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
Members: 25,515 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,394,834 postcards
Received: 1,414,707 postcards
Ranking: 9th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Ukraine

Most active members

1. Anna_Jankova, Ukraine Anna_Jankova
4,067 postcards sent
2. Kvitnebuzok, Ukraine Kvitnebuzok
4,032 postcards sent
3. Happyjulia, Ukraine Happyjulia
3,449 postcards sent
4. Marussja, Ukraine Marussja
3,229 postcards sent
5. Iwanka, Ukraine Iwanka
3,064 postcards sent
6. barsal, Ukraine barsal
2,773 postcards sent
7. Hrustik, Ukraine Hrustik
2,466 postcards sent
8. Konobas, Ukraine Konobas
2,406 postcards sent
9. Anastasiy, Ukraine Anastasiy
2,361 postcards sent
10. Gydzuk, Ukraine Gydzuk
2,329 postcards sent

Random members

Ferenika, Ukraine Blink_Hrystya, Ukraine Vika_Kyiv, Ukraine Galushka83, Ukraine KristinaMt, Ukraine lelers, Ukraine Yra, Ukraine rus_kolomiya, Ukraine julietour, Ukraine lena_ukraine, Ukraine Ludmilka-2, Ukraine Lessya, Ukraine Ksjuha-and-Lesya, Ukraine KiTanaMi, Ukraine domkarutka, Ukraine shevasnake01, Ukraine FoxStefani, Ukraine H-S, Ukraine Niacoc, Ukraine Oksana_Z, Ukraine ValentinaS, Ukraine Frantina, Ukraine ZheniaBarnyk, Ukraine Rihaaa, Ukraine Lenu44a, Ukraine H_Alenka, Ukraine Sealerinka, Ukraine Liliana-Elisabeth, Ukraine yulia_kh, Ukraine yulia_kab, Ukraine RiWar, Ukraine Aleshina, Ukraine Stalker, Ukraine Majya, Ukraine Daria_Nikitenko, Ukraine FionaStar, Ukraine
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