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About Ridhi...

I am Ridhi, originally from Nepal. I have studied in India. I love travelling. Travel has always fascinated me. I love writing poems, adventure sports, sports and trekking. I love spending time amid nature. I play basket ball. I love visiting cafes and catching up over a cup of coffee.

I would love to receive postcards your country, monuments or the most visited town/cities of your country.

Whats your favourite spot/ place in town? Write to me about anything. You could share a deep etched secret maybe :)
How do you spend you day? What's the weirdest hobby you've had ?
What does a day in your life look like ? So many things to know about you.

I want to plant as much seeds I can this year. Do you mind sending me some seeds from your county ? I would love to nuture and grow as many plants as I can. And when the plant grows, I will send you a picture of it.

I would love any post card you send me. However, these would really make a difference.

>> Anything on art/ creativity: Doodles, cartoons, paintings , caricatures.
>> Graffiti's on walls
>> Doors and windows / Old street, roads
>> Monuments
>> Sunset and sunrise
>> Coffee, chimes and chocolates
>> Coldplay, Audrey Hepburn
>> Lana Del Ray (I love her voice)// Marilyn Moore
>> Anything hand crafted
>> Tea cups and kettles,
>> green tea (if you plan to send me a postcard inside an envelope, please send me a green tea bag of your country...)
>> Couples
>> silhouette of couples kissing
>> Anything depicting love
>> Gotochi cards
>> cute cafes of your town
>> light houses
>> desserts/ french patisseries
>> images of post box
>> antiques
>> moustache
>> clocks
>> rail tracks
>> bicycles
>> maps
>> windmills

I have always wanted to learn a new language. I would love it if you write something in your language.

**Please date your postcards.
**If you plan to enclose the postcard in an envelope, please send something like may be a bill of a restaurant, a chocolate wrapper, movie ticket, coil, tea bags etc etc..

**It's my birthday month and I turn 28. I would love to get atleast 28 b'day wishes from everyone around the world. If you could ask your friends, or family members too to send me a postcard, it would mean so much to me. Thanks in advance :)

Note: I would be really happy to receive one of the Post crossing stamps if your country issues any. Please use them.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Note: My mailbox is somewhere else. So there is always a delay in registering postcards. However, when I do receive the postcards, I register them immediately. :)