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About Luzia...


World sometimes seems not too big, as when we can reach distant spots with a click... but there are plenty of nice new things to know, beauty to discover, to refresh mind and soul.
I enjoy sending postcards, the old way to communicate using paper & pencil, the messages sent in stamps, the chosen words...

Hobbies I like: Japanese tea ceremony, astrology and Postcrossing!

Postcard's themes that touch me:
Post Office, postal boxes and everything related to Postcrossing: meetings, special edition postcards, Postcrossing stamps!

GF series by Postallove(MISSING COUNTRIES: Bermuda, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ireland, Morocco, San Marino, Tajikstan, Venezuela)

And if a postcard with hearts is on your hands, feel free to send it to me, as I have a special collection of them.

Any other card is welcome as well, as a hand made one (soooo exclusive these ones, pieces of art!), many thanks in advance!

Feel free to read my interview on the blog:

Thank you! Obrigada! Merci! Danke! Arigatô! Gracias! Dakujem! Bedankt! Sukriya! Grazie! Kop Khun Kha! Ngiyabonga! Hvala! Kiitos!

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