is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 2,786,844 habitants. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
Members: 8,494 (Browse all)
Sent: 656,471 postcards
Received: 669,205 postcards
Ranking: 18th (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. gitagric, Lithuania Postcrossing Supporter gitagric
7,904 postcards sent
2. Rama58, Lithuania Postcrossing Supporter Rama58
6,118 postcards sent
3. Hemer, Lithuania Hemer
5,128 postcards sent
4. antika1, Lithuania antika1
4,721 postcards sent
5. Gytemarija, Lithuania Gytemarija
4,704 postcards sent
6. vera_kovaliova, Lithuania vera_kovaliova
4,670 postcards sent
7. myliu_Lietuva, Lithuania myliu_Lietuva
4,204 postcards sent
8. Vidas67, Lithuania Vidas67
4,113 postcards sent
9. ltlidija, Lithuania ltlidija
3,581 postcards sent
10. Queen7X, Lithuania Queen7X
3,372 postcards sent

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