is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 2,827,721 habitants. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
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Ranking: 17th (by sent postcards)

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1. gitagric, Lithuania gitagric
6,607 postcards sent
2. Rama58, Lithuania Rama58
5,371 postcards sent
3. Hemer, Lithuania Hemer
4,807 postcards sent
4. vera_kovaliova, Lithuania vera_kovaliova
4,437 postcards sent
5. myliu_Lietuva, Lithuania myliu_Lietuva
3,730 postcards sent
6. giesha61, Lithuania giesha61
2,954 postcards sent
7. valras, Lithuania valras
2,844 postcards sent
8. Gytemarija, Lithuania Gytemarija
2,803 postcards sent
9. Queen7X, Lithuania Queen7X
2,661 postcards sent
10. NaglasDrugys, Lithuania NaglasDrugys
2,636 postcards sent

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