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About Sylvia...

I love to travel and have lived in France, Kenya, and South Korea. I have also traveled to about 60 different countries and to 47 of the 50 states in the USA.

I am especially interested in history, maps, nature, different cultures, and foreign languages. I love interacting with people from all over the world.

I also like hiking, taking long rides on my bicycle, spending time outdoors, and river rafting. I recently started geocaching.

My profile photo was taken on the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Incline Railway is the world's steepest passenger railway with a 72.7% grade. In the photo, the rail car is about 2/3 of the way up the mountain; you can see the steep slope going down, beyond the front of the car.

When I receive your postcard, the first thing I do is look at the ID to see what country it's from. Then I read everything that you have written to me and I try to figure out what the front of the postcard looks like. Next I look at the postage stamps you've used, and then -- finally -- I turn it over to see if my guess was correct. I really have a lot of fun reading your postcard, especially when your text is intriguing but also gives me enough clues to imagine at least a couple of ideas of what could be on the front.

If you send your postcard in an envelope, I first look to see if there is an ID on the envelope. Then I look at the postage stamps. Upon opening the envelope, I always try to take out the postcard so that I see your written note first, and then the rest is as above.

I would appreciate it if you would send me a postcard that you like or one that is representative of you. And it would be great if you would tell me why you like the postcard, or how it represents you, or why you chose it.

Most importantly, a big "thank you" to each of you who sends me a postcard. I now look forward to going to my mailbox to see what unexpected surprises from around the world are waiting for me!

For those of you who are receiving postcards from me, I split my time between Las Vegas, Nevada and Washington, D.C., so you may receive a card from either location or perhaps from around the world when I am in "travel mode."

I hope that you are enjoying Postcrossing as much as I am : )

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