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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 31,187,265 habitants. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.
Members: 5,263 (Browse all)
Sent: 351,669 postcards
Received: 354,879 postcards
Ranking: 24th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Malaysia

Most active members

1. peifern, Malaysia peifern
7,996 postcards sent
2. newrule, Malaysia newrule
6,846 postcards sent
3. kkkhor, Malaysia kkkhor
6,025 postcards sent
4. kkk, Malaysia kkk
4,150 postcards sent
5. hasbullah, Malaysia hasbullah
3,340 postcards sent
6. mccraze, Malaysia mccraze
3,186 postcards sent
7. carolinechia, Malaysia carolinechia
3,061 postcards sent
8. mem, Malaysia mem
3,000 postcards sent
9. nisnoopy3, Malaysia nisnoopy3
2,824 postcards sent
10. ChohSan, Malaysia ChohSan
2,802 postcards sent

Random members

shmrym, Malaysia scha_nat, Malaysia Leonis, Malaysia treealley, Malaysia AlbertCass, Malaysia leeyan, Malaysia peifern, Malaysia Hychoo, Malaysia ariefnlenny, Malaysia siongyeelim, Malaysia newrule, Malaysia Mazz, Malaysia yusofharun, Malaysia Zahirah, Malaysia cherrybeebee, Malaysia LCKHOW, Malaysia angiephang, Malaysia mushroominmypocket, Malaysia Charlie_Dale, Malaysia LennyZackaria, Malaysia amber_cher, Malaysia iamshufen, Malaysia jodra, Malaysia SLLiew, Malaysia nurul_nas, Malaysia SerHuy, Malaysia Matthew07, Malaysia zurasayang77, Malaysia yaiteng4, Malaysia Manila, Malaysia mary29sabah, Malaysia JaiseSee, Malaysia usha_potter, Malaysia ROXANNE_TEO, Malaysia imaisha, Malaysia Clover_Swen, Malaysia
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