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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 31,187,265 habitants. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.
Members: 5,623 (Browse all)
Sent: 392,159 postcards
Received: 394,311 postcards
Ranking: 24th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Malaysia

Most active members

1. peifern, Malaysia peifern
8,895 postcards sent
2. newrule, Malaysia newrule
7,678 postcards sent
3. kkkhor, Malaysia kkkhor
6,874 postcards sent
4. kkk, Malaysia kkk
4,995 postcards sent
5. hasbullah, Malaysia hasbullah
3,868 postcards sent
6. mccraze, Malaysia mccraze
3,828 postcards sent
7. carolinechia, Malaysia carolinechia
3,455 postcards sent
8. ChohSan, Malaysia ChohSan
3,411 postcards sent
9. nisnoopy3, Malaysia nisnoopy3
3,377 postcards sent
10. yaiteng4, Malaysia yaiteng4
3,180 postcards sent

Random members

one_na, Malaysia SerHuy, Malaysia Taiping-Rainy, Malaysia chanchiayi, Malaysia bluehillsgreensea, Malaysia angiefang, Malaysia kangweixie, Malaysia newrule, Malaysia janicewong, Malaysia calynng, Malaysia JamieTeoh, Malaysia fikkah, Malaysia mary29sabah, Malaysia vin_ann, Malaysia ChohSan, Malaysia KHORCC18, Malaysia mikhailcbh, Malaysia mccraze, Malaysia oochen, Malaysia YangTengLoh, Malaysia Munzai, Malaysia Hychoo, Malaysia egroup, Malaysia AshRed, Malaysia angiephang, Malaysia kamaruzaain, Malaysia shirbing, Malaysia Jia_Hui, Malaysia Christina_Jia_Hui, Malaysia ept86, Malaysia ahren, Malaysia halizarahman, Malaysia ongchongboon, Malaysia Mikimeikee, Malaysia liannnnn25, Malaysia YU123, Malaysia
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