is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 95,540,395 habitants. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.
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1. marimba, Vietnam marimba
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2. lmdacio, Vietnam lmdacio
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3. stampswithandrew, Vietnam stampswithandrew
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4. libra_Phuc, Vietnam libra_Phuc
212 postcards sent
5. chinhxitrum, Vietnam chinhxitrum
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6. Jo-in-Hanoi, Vietnam Jo-in-Hanoi
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7. postcardsfromsaigon, Vietnam postcardsfromsaigon
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8. dragan2003, Vietnam dragan2003
146 postcards sent
9. datta_iev, Vietnam datta_iev
126 postcards sent
10. neottaemune, Vietnam neottaemune
103 postcards sent

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ChrisMai, Vietnam phuongdang, Vietnam Eva_CrossingPost, Vietnam dragan2003, Vietnam Martinis, Vietnam Thaovo, Vietnam stampswithandrew, Vietnam ljlouiss, Vietnam Tung, Vietnam ndnhat, Vietnam KimQue, Vietnam Riihime, Vietnam
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