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Hello fellow-postcrosser,

I'm looking forward to receiving your postcard! If you could include a personal note that would be special.

A little about myself: I'm a crazy donkey lady, volunteering at an actual donkey shelter. Taking the smart asses out for a walk in the woods is one of my favourite pastimes :-) I'm living with the love of my life, our two rescue cats and usually one extra (senior) foster kitteh. I'm a huge fan of Patrick McDonnell's comic MUTTS (adorable Shtinky my fave character) and The Farside is my kind of humour.

I like reading, watching films and bingewatching series, love all animals, the outdoors, paper and needle crafts, mending & upcycling, National Geographic style photograpy, antique or vintage postcards, museum cards, glass objects and cultural heritage as I used to be museum collection information specialist.

The eighties were my decade. Music I love is either minimal or bombastic classical, next to electronic synth pop. Artists like Underworld, Moby, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Emiliana Torrini, David Bowie, Fisherspooner, Belle & Sebastian, Nouvelle Vague and many more.

I'm vegan out of love for the globe and all of its inhabitants. Please take this into consideration while choosing me a postcard.

Single and multi-view touristy cards are the only type I can't seem to get excited about. Sorry!

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