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About Gitta...

how are you? How did you get hooked on this wonderful thing?

I am happily married, a vegetarian and keen amateur gardener, lover of birds & animals, nature and anything sweet, kind and wonderful. Also, most of the times a happy servant to two gorgeous cats. Wilda is a beautiful, but headstrong Ragdoll and Wanda is a Maine Coon and, true to her breed, a gentle giant. We love our "girls" very much 😊

My passion for postcards began when I, as a little girl, stayed over at my great-aunt Anna's. We would sit under the lilac trees and admire the cards she had received over several decades. I prefer illustrations to photos, but I do enjoy good photography of scenery or people.

I really don’t care for run-of-the-mill tourist cards or multi-views and I kindly ask you to consider sending me something else. Although, a card of the Eiffel tower would be nice!

Here is my TOP5 on preferred themes:

*cat illustrations
*Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly
*old teddybears 🐻
*art & illustrations (Monet, John Constable, Molly Brett, Beatrix Potter, Inkognito, Belle&Boo, botanical or film posters)
*anything beautiful of your choice

To US Postcrossers: I would love it if you choose something by Norman Rockwell, Lowell Herrero or Linda Jane Smith for me.

For more ideas, see my Favorites, please. Some are cards which I have especially enjoyed receiving, some are cards that I am hoping to receive. Whether I ever receive these or not, I know I will be happy admiring them on this amazing site.

If you don't have a card of my preference, don't worry! Write something special! I am more interested in people and their cats or other pets than I am in geography, so rather than telling me where you are from, why not tell me WHO you are? Did you hug somebody today? Did you say ”Sorry” to anyone? Did you get a compliment today? What’s your favorite hobby or song? What’s your fondest memory of a lost and loved relative? Please share something meaningful! I wish to receive stories as well as postcards 😂

I fill up the cards I send with my ”life story”, taking great care in selecting a special or preferred card for each Postcrosser. I really enjoy selecting the card, writing and decorating it! Another dear hobby is making handcrafted cards and some of you stamp collectors may get one that I have made using my duplicate stamps. Nice stamps will be appreciated by me, too!

Thank you for caring and sharing!💌

Gitta (short for Birgitta)

P.S: My preferences for direct swaps are teddy bear images OR
(('')(''))~ illustrations by Andrey Arinushkin, Irina Garmashova-Cawton, Lowell Herrero, Anna Hollerer, Lesley Anne Ivory, Renate Koblinger, Mariya Pavlova, Cat breeds by Postallove, Louis Wain. Your favorite artist? Please share!