is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,282,223 habitants. The capital of Norway is Oslo.
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1. heidilura, Norway heidilura
7,415 postcards sent
2. jhbr, Norway jhbr
7,087 postcards sent
3. AGayViking, Norway AGayViking
4,290 postcards sent
4. KAS, Norway KAS
3,991 postcards sent
5. tonn, Norway tonn
3,686 postcards sent
6. LindaBarL, Norway LindaBarL
3,103 postcards sent
7. signhild, Norway signhild
3,064 postcards sent
8. marh, Norway marh
2,331 postcards sent
9. Calendula, Norway Calendula
2,213 postcards sent
10. pefawm, Norway pefawm
2,126 postcards sent

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Solfrid, Norway _Newton_, Norway Anastas_UA, Norway Haakon_i_Norge, Norway signe30, Norway CecilieEB, Norway jhbr, Norway bokmorten, Norway zlkrsngr, Norway IreneBP, Norway snuppa62, Norway ergon, Norway EnomiZ, Norway Norway_girl, Norway Inger71, Norway Irinka123, Norway Mama3x, Norway AGayViking, Norway AniLu, Norway andreawold, Norway marvikkis, Norway notme1978, Norway marit_la, Norway MimiEsmeralda, Norway Backstreets, Norway wonderlikeworld, Norway Batmanandhobbes, Norway Fnatten, Norway lindalill78, Norway AdaHe, Norway lucretia89, Norway perohans, Norway heidilura, Norway olga-ks, Norway KAS, Norway LeishaCamden, Norway
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