is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,314,336 habitants. The capital of Norway is Oslo.
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1. heidilura, Norway Postcrossing Supporter heidilura
11,868 postcards sent
2. jhbr, Norway Postcrossing Supporter jhbr
8,950 postcards sent
3. AGayViking, Norway AGayViking
6,237 postcards sent
4. KAS, Norway Postcrossing Supporter KAS
5,649 postcards sent
5. LindaBarL, Norway Postcrossing Supporter LindaBarL
4,646 postcards sent
6. signhild, Norway signhild
3,786 postcards sent
7. lindalill78, Norway lindalill78
3,692 postcards sent
8. tonn, Norway tonn
3,686 postcards sent
9. Inger71, Norway Postcrossing Supporter Inger71
3,542 postcards sent
10. ScandinavianTraveler, Norway ScandinavianTraveler
3,030 postcards sent

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