is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,314,336 habitants. The capital of Norway is Oslo.
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1. heidilura, Norway Postcrossing Supporter heidilura
9,032 postcards sent
2. jhbr, Norway jhbr
7,797 postcards sent
3. AGayViking, Norway AGayViking
4,788 postcards sent
4. KAS, Norway Postcrossing Supporter KAS
4,635 postcards sent
5. LindaBarL, Norway Postcrossing Supporter LindaBarL
3,963 postcards sent
6. tonn, Norway tonn
3,686 postcards sent
7. signhild, Norway signhild
3,441 postcards sent
8. ingerlinger, Norway Postcrossing Supporter ingerlinger
2,392 postcards sent
9. marh, Norway marh
2,346 postcards sent
10. pefawm, Norway Postcrossing Supporter pefawm
2,261 postcards sent

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mornirolli, Norway trond, Norway Zydruske, Norway Irinka123, Norway lucretia89, Norway Solrun, Norway LeishaCamden, Norway Haakon_i_Norge, Norway Vildrose, Norway MimiEsmeralda, Norway Marbella13, Norway andreawold, Norway Inger71, Norway 3nomiZ, Norway lindalill78, Norway wonderlikeworld, Norway hiddeninabook, Norway Luke85, Norway AniLu, Norway marvikkis, Norway thjoh, Norway liiiiz, Norway LindaBarL, Norway monikri, Norway notme1978, Norway ingerlinger, Norway pefawm, Norway heidilura, Norway vedkubbe2010, Norway TrineAB, Norway TonjeA, Norway jorunm, Norway ullal, Norway adelezzaroug, Norway Insu74, Norway Norway_girl, Norway
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