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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,232,929 habitants. The capital of Norway is Oslo.
Members: 1,299 (Browse all)
Sent: 146,184 postcards
Received: 148,638 postcards
Ranking: 37th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Norway

Most active members

1. jhbr, Norway jhbr
6,171 postcards sent
2. heidilura, Norway heidilura
5,440 postcards sent
3. tonn, Norway tonn
3,686 postcards sent
4. KAS, Norway KAS
3,419 postcards sent
5. AGayViking, Norway AGayViking
2,992 postcards sent
6. signhild, Norway signhild
2,578 postcards sent
7. marh, Norway marh
2,295 postcards sent
8. Britt, Norway Britt
2,114 postcards sent
9. malinmat, Norway malinmat
2,112 postcards sent
10. LindaBarL, Norway LindaBarL
2,068 postcards sent

Random members

aolsen, Norway KAS, Norway lindalill78, Norway perohans, Norway HelenaTS, Norway AigarsBeteris, Norway Grevinne, Norway LindaBarL, Norway KristelJane, Norway AGayViking, Norway jhbr, Norway bokmorten, Norway wonderlikeworld, Norway Solfrid, Norway arcticgirl64, Norway mkmaryanne, Norway trond, Norway signe30, Norway esthkul, Norway yes35, Norway elenavb, Norway Malangsberta, Norway heidilura, Norway tkcn, Norway tantejul, Norway LydiaAbigail, Norway Marit_la, Norway YoungWind1, Norway LeishaCamden, Norway Inger71, Norway Norway_girl, Norway ingerlinger, Norway Okonell, Norway bokstaver, Norway Fnatten, Norway marh, Norway
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