is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 1,392,730,000 habitants. The capital of China is Beijing.
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1. maroussia, China maroussia
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2. sxdpeter, China sxdpeter
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3. bugs7, China bugs7
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4. agfa, China agfa
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5. zack, China zack
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6. jyxzn, China Postcrossing Supporter jyxzn
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7. ggdw, China ggdw
4,389 postcards sent
8. danbo119, China danbo119
3,400 postcards sent
9. Eels, China Postcrossing Supporter Eels
3,140 postcards sent
10. goalgoalbob, China goalgoalbob
3,134 postcards sent

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hejun, China sammilee, China Recluse-X, China Doris_F, China becks723, China YIning9, China junjun1990, China Liu-Hao, China mxp, China zjtlsm, China R3, China wurstig, China M_oNSter, China Kitty_Poon, China Faspand, China qiubaoqi, China Zhaojiakai, China Christina99, China FlossieXiao, China cHhaJngYe, China helloQ, China iTamo, China Huanwen, China jun1990, China wtq_567, China Lingir, China foxmeri, China Zhang-Na, China 00, China yang77, China Jean_Poon, China EVA-HPS, China aSong, China Chen_qianqi, China XiaoXiong, China Afra1996, China
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