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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 1,371,220,000 habitants. The capital of China is Beijing.
Members: 63,980 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,822,743 postcards
Received: 1,730,296 postcards
Ranking: 8th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from China

Most active members

1. maroussia, China maroussia
5,871 postcards sent
2. bugs7, China bugs7
5,138 postcards sent
3. sxdpeter, China sxdpeter
5,031 postcards sent
4. jyxzn, China jyxzn
2,832 postcards sent
5. ggdw, China ggdw
2,590 postcards sent
6. liccabonny, China liccabonny
2,545 postcards sent
7. agfa, China agfa
2,453 postcards sent
8. zack, China zack
2,441 postcards sent
9. anagahan, China anagahan
2,035 postcards sent
10. zf0253, China zf0253
1,939 postcards sent

Random members

yikoko88, China canoesoul, China yuwen6, China Gin_Poon, China hongyangyang, China Sy_8012, China starrainm, China JTY_S, China MotongChen, China GloriaERL, China Esther_fairyyy, China danbo119, China NiaHo, China Sherrylisa7, China SerenaTong, China Vincent_Chou, China lisamoni, China chaoism, China xxwindow, China grumpykitty0426, China JennyZYM, China Yesterdaymore, China Sonyi, China ZoeyLiu, China tuziyf, China wangyixin, China LandQH, China phantasiel, China Jessssie, China Annie_Liang, China BEllaaiai, China soranya, China Uhina, China KyleGYM, China MerryKuo, China terencehowingkin, China
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