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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 1,378,665,000 habitants. The capital of China is Beijing.
Members: 64,652 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,878,016 postcards
Received: 1,778,164 postcards
Ranking: 8th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from China

Most active members

1. maroussia, China maroussia
6,148 postcards sent
2. sxdpeter, China sxdpeter
5,238 postcards sent
3. bugs7, China bugs7
5,224 postcards sent
4. jyxzn, China jyxzn
3,001 postcards sent
5. ggdw, China ggdw
2,718 postcards sent
6. agfa, China agfa
2,595 postcards sent
7. zack, China zack
2,581 postcards sent
8. liccabonny, China liccabonny
2,545 postcards sent
9. zf0253, China zf0253
2,034 postcards sent
10. wangjiayimike, China wangjiayimike
1,984 postcards sent

Random members

LvRan, China RuR, China cath1993, China moyuan, China maggie1998, China totoro0621, China sweetbitter, China momo_cho, China youngLH, China felicityliu, China xiaoxiao_zhao, China dengko, China lazyhong, China youngmoon, China Kelly-Chen, China AlexZou, China Jiangyuning, China Huang-gui, China Brant_b, China nightprayer, China EVA-HPS, China jun1990, China AaronLei, China lyadada, China susiehan, China munian, China 21JACK, China Wenwenwen, China FEE-bee, China xiru_li, China angleJiangxin1, China Sara_Zhang, China postcrosser_anna, China Milky_, China Circle1122, China Aru_Lee, China
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