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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 37,948,016 habitants. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.
Members: 31,949 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,222,275 postcards
Received: 1,260,872 postcards
Ranking: 11th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Poland

Most active members

1. halsza, Poland halsza
8,773 postcards sent
2. delenn_mir, Poland delenn_mir
6,056 postcards sent
3. joanna, Poland joanna
5,896 postcards sent
4. medici, Poland medici
5,796 postcards sent
5. Lilian02, Poland Lilian02
5,466 postcards sent
6. RobertoK, Poland RobertoK
5,417 postcards sent
7. Ata_, Poland Ata_
4,135 postcards sent
8. petrajordania, Poland petrajordania
3,499 postcards sent
9. Ewaabr, Poland Ewaabr
3,310 postcards sent
10. nijak710, Poland nijak710
2,884 postcards sent

Random members

Charlotte_eleanor, Poland kadam, Poland ania89, Poland RN, Poland mohonk, Poland kareena, Poland Rennegat, Poland ldarial, Poland Oliviax, Poland Aga95, Poland Marek001, Poland Carol41, Poland mint_candy, Poland Ola4, Poland crazytriangle, Poland Bartovx-dechat, Poland wszostak, Poland fac0card, Poland Jola95, Poland medici, Poland Marian43, Poland Szczerbatek21, Poland AgaW, Poland Astrida, Poland debester, Poland jusiaQ, Poland bartekhadasik, Poland Andzelikapawelec, Poland asiulap, Poland PauMat, Poland kartkowaswinia, Poland Ferrirox, Poland kempos, Poland Choco_Jelly, Poland Rita-Anna, Poland Monika700, Poland
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