is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 37,978,548 habitants. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.
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1. halsza, Poland halsza
11,700 postcards sent
2. medici, Poland medici
9,672 postcards sent
3. joanna, Poland Postcrossing Supporter joanna
8,865 postcards sent
4. RobertoK, Poland RobertoK
8,539 postcards sent
5. Lilian02, Poland Lilian02
6,909 postcards sent
6. delenn_mir, Poland delenn_mir
6,219 postcards sent
7. Ata_, Poland Postcrossing Supporter Ata_
5,179 postcards sent
8. nijak710, Poland nijak710
4,835 postcards sent
9. Ewaabr, Poland Ewaabr
4,633 postcards sent
10. Delillah, Poland Postcrossing Supporter Delillah
4,476 postcards sent

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