is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 37,974,826 habitants. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.
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Sent: 1,345,327 postcards
Received: 1,386,172 postcards
Ranking: 11th (by sent postcards)

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1. halsza, Poland halsza
9,710 postcards sent
2. medici, Poland medici
7,442 postcards sent
3. joanna, Poland Postcrossing Supporter joanna
6,772 postcards sent
4. RobertoK, Poland RobertoK
6,599 postcards sent
5. delenn_mir, Poland delenn_mir
6,121 postcards sent
6. Lilian02, Poland Lilian02
5,960 postcards sent
7. Ata_, Poland Postcrossing Supporter Ata_
4,509 postcards sent
8. nijak710, Poland nijak710
3,917 postcards sent
9. Ewaabr, Poland Ewaabr
3,765 postcards sent
10. petrajordania, Poland petrajordania
3,499 postcards sent

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Atadyb, Poland Monia402, Poland Anastazja8, Poland magdalena93, Poland olagaszczyk, Poland Kotonatorka, Poland Znamky, Poland kubagaszczyk, Poland PauMat, Poland Dominiqe, Poland mrt90, Poland konefka, Poland zk, Poland Danusia43, Poland Ania1982, Poland Paula_S, Poland aniapoznan, Poland darinkr, Poland zbig, Poland Krzysztof81, Poland wojtek1980, Poland Monicc, Poland misia59, Poland wojtgaszczyk, Poland aszin, Poland monikax, Poland Razitko, Poland Agniesszka08, Poland Pamyeol, Poland Alicja, Poland Kalinka90, Poland likeblazes, Poland Magnis, Poland solecka, Poland grrushenka, Poland Magic256, Poland
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