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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 37,970,087 habitants. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.
Members: 32,002 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,240,381 postcards
Received: 1,279,467 postcards
Ranking: 11th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Poland

Most active members

1. halsza, Poland halsza
8,888 postcards sent
2. joanna, Poland joanna
6,097 postcards sent
3. delenn_mir, Poland delenn_mir
6,058 postcards sent
4. medici, Poland medici
6,041 postcards sent
5. RobertoK, Poland RobertoK
5,603 postcards sent
6. Lilian02, Poland Lilian02
5,540 postcards sent
7. Ata_, Poland Ata_
4,195 postcards sent
8. petrajordania, Poland petrajordania
3,499 postcards sent
9. Ewaabr, Poland Ewaabr
3,354 postcards sent
10. nijak710, Poland nijak710
2,999 postcards sent

Random members

Little_Enchantress, Poland Reszka, Poland teaholic221, Poland AgaW, Poland Cwaniarka, Poland KarolinaJot, Poland Kunia, Poland nijak710, Poland EwaKult, Poland Koval, Poland floralcalico, Poland o_g, Poland Filip-Poland, Poland Britannica, Poland Marmik, Poland PauMat, Poland Magda85, Poland jacekstefan, Poland ankalat, Poland Katsiarzyna, Poland szpottka, Poland wojtek1980, Poland Qashqa, Poland Maniuska, Poland biodegradowalna, Poland Aga95, Poland gosiak97, Poland iwalenty, Poland CatherineEl, Poland Domi16, Poland HerCu, Poland atenaH, Poland patka11, Poland dropit, Poland JoanaBea, Poland cartagina, Poland
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