is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,727,668 habitants. The capital of Greece is Athens.
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1. MartinaL, Greece MartinaL
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2. dst121gr, Greece dst121gr
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3. antigoni, Greece antigoni
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4. christinatsag, Greece christinatsag
2,149 postcards sent
5. greeneyes12, Greece greeneyes12
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6. enyalios, Greece enyalios
1,959 postcards sent
7. TexyDeb, Greece TexyDeb
1,852 postcards sent
8. mor_lefay, Greece mor_lefay
1,684 postcards sent
9. romaine, Greece romaine
1,596 postcards sent
10. Phibatola, Greece Postcrossing Supporter Phibatola
1,462 postcards sent

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