is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,727,668 habitants. The capital of Greece is Athens.
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1. MartinaL, Greece MartinaL
4,132 postcards sent
2. dst121gr, Greece dst121gr
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3. Phibatola, Greece Phibatola
3,156 postcards sent
4. NikBab81, Greece Postcrossing Supporter NikBab81
2,296 postcards sent
5. TexyDeb, Greece TexyDeb
2,280 postcards sent
6. antigoni, Greece antigoni
2,259 postcards sent
7. christinatsag, Greece christinatsag
2,149 postcards sent
8. romaine, Greece romaine
2,010 postcards sent
9. enyalios, Greece enyalios
1,959 postcards sent
10. mor_lefay, Greece mor_lefay
1,853 postcards sent

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