is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 1,320,884 habitants. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.
Members: 2,196 (Browse all)
Sent: 257,556 postcards
Received: 263,861 postcards
Ranking: 33rd (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. andry1961, Estonia Postcrossing Supporter andry1961
7,122 postcards sent
2. HellenMg, Estonia HellenMg
5,197 postcards sent
3. tuuker, Estonia tuuker
4,898 postcards sent
4. Akroma, Estonia Postcrossing Supporter Akroma
4,192 postcards sent
5. treksek, Estonia treksek
4,032 postcards sent
6. Ellaa, Estonia Ellaa
3,979 postcards sent
7. diamonds, Estonia diamonds
3,831 postcards sent
8. Hellen1, Estonia Hellen1
3,627 postcards sent
9. maririina, Estonia maririina
3,422 postcards sent
10. Mummi, Estonia Mummi
3,280 postcards sent

Random members

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