is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 1,315,480 habitants. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.
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Sent: 230,897 postcards
Received: 235,835 postcards
Ranking: 32nd (by sent postcards)

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1. HellenMg, Estonia HellenMg
4,741 postcards sent
2. tuuker, Estonia tuuker
4,035 postcards sent
3. Ellaa, Estonia Ellaa
3,966 postcards sent
4. treksek, Estonia treksek
3,956 postcards sent
5. Andry1961, Estonia Andry1961
3,732 postcards sent
6. diamonds, Estonia diamonds
3,627 postcards sent
7. Mummi, Estonia Mummi
3,280 postcards sent
8. Hellen1, Estonia Hellen1
3,166 postcards sent
9. Hellen2, Estonia Hellen2
2,816 postcards sent
10. maririina, Estonia maririina
2,720 postcards sent

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kirikall, Estonia maili81, Estonia MerlinHa, Estonia Murakas, Estonia Fireles, Estonia evajette, Estonia ede001, Estonia DenisTallinn, Estonia uneline, Estonia AlinaEST, Estonia Tamzin, Estonia Mannike, Estonia Evgenia_Est, Estonia Andry1961, Estonia sikujuga, Estonia jalutaja, Estonia aatsnica, Estonia Misslipa, Estonia tammmeelis, Estonia jevgeni70, Estonia cerres, Estonia Laura--, Estonia AliceFromEstland, Estonia Sorulane, Estonia ewelyn7777, Estonia absentminded, Estonia rukkil, Estonia tuuker, Estonia Maamees, Estonia Ellaa, Estonia Alaris, Estonia hallkiisu, Estonia mariaioanna, Estonia sakslanna, Estonia Maili, Estonia naturegirl, Estonia
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