Lata, United Kingdom

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  • Not interested in direct swaps
  • English and Spanish
  • Female

About Laura...

Hi everyone,
I hope you are enjoying postcrossing as much as I am!
I am Spanish, but I live in the UK. My husband is English and we have two children. I work as a Spanish teacher.
Our children speak both English and Spanish. We use the one parent- one language strategy: my husband speaks English with them and I use Spanish. So if you live in similar multilingual and multicultural circumstances I would really like to read about your experiences in your card. And if you would like to write to me in Spanish in order to practise, please go ahead!
I like reading, swimming, listening to music and writing letters.
I enjoy classical authors such as Thomas Hardy or Jane Austen, but also contemporary fiction and fantasy. I am a Shakespeare buff.
I would love to receive postcards featuring monuments, such as cathedrals, castles, palaces, temples, historic universities or libraries. UNESCO World Heritage sites would be a good example.
Besides, I would welcome postcards with pictures of parks and quaint streets, windows, mazes, swimming-pools, fountains, railway stations, mailboxes...
Literary postcards would be great, if you happen to have them: your national literary writers, their houses or museums; quotes; libraries, books, notebooks, writing utensils and other stationery paraphernalia...
I am interested in art in general: paintings, sculptures, statues,cloisters, gargoyles, grotesques... Watercolours or vintage images of city streets or famous monuments would be fantastic.
I am very keen to learn more about the culture of Nordic European countries, Ireland, Italy, Russia and India.
If you prefer to send me something more light-hearted, I would also like colourful, naif-style illustrations; many-of-the-same-thing Nouvelles Images style cards; maps, languages and alphabets, tea, teacups and teapots; coffee shops; fairies; characters from children's books or Manga comics; paintings of women reading or writing... Or something funny!
I would also like cards showing some typical foods or folkloric customs of your country.
If you are artistic and make your own cards, it will be a treat to see one of them.
In my Favourites you can find postcards I haven't received. I have found that I quite like those illustrated cards with little icons representing your country. Here are a couple of examples: (World Travel postcards)
Even though I have received many cards in these years, I still get very excited about each one. If you happen to have the time, please check the cards I have received from your country already, to avoid duplicates.
However, all in all, a simple postcard from the place where you live, or where you went on holiday, will do me just fine! Please do write something on the card, about yourself or about the card you are sending me, for instance.
Many thanks. Happy postcrossing!

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