is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 465,292 habitants. The capital of Malta is Valletta.
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1. shadowsword, Malta shadowsword
1,544 postcards sent
2. coniea, Malta coniea
1,258 postcards sent
3. karmenu, Malta karmenu
1,091 postcards sent
4. sweettalula, Malta sweettalula
949 postcards sent
5. musicat8, Malta musicat8
512 postcards sent
6. Cupidwings, Malta Cupidwings
460 postcards sent
7. Vrabezza, Malta Vrabezza
387 postcards sent
8. AllaD, Malta AllaD
378 postcards sent
9. Fesii, Malta Fesii
364 postcards sent
10. Willow-n, Malta Willow-n
327 postcards sent

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