is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 483,530 habitants. The capital of Malta is Valletta.
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1. coniea, Malta coniea
3,419 postcards sent
2. shadowsword, Malta shadowsword
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3. karmenu, Malta karmenu
2,868 postcards sent
4. sweettalula, Malta sweettalula
1,007 postcards sent
5. marchelo, Malta marchelo
491 postcards sent
6. cgs, Malta cgs
393 postcards sent
7. AllaD, Malta AllaD
378 postcards sent
8. lillithy, Malta lillithy
372 postcards sent
9. Fesii, Malta Fesii
364 postcards sent
10. aida716, Malta aida716
347 postcards sent

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