is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 502,653 habitants. The capital of Malta is Valletta.
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1. shadowsword, Malta shadowsword
2,387 postcards sent
2. coniea, Malta coniea
2,291 postcards sent
3. karmenu, Malta karmenu
1,869 postcards sent
4. sweettalula, Malta sweettalula
1,002 postcards sent
5. Vrabezza, Malta Vrabezza
387 postcards sent
6. AllaD, Malta AllaD
378 postcards sent
7. Fesii, Malta Fesii
364 postcards sent
8. Willow-n, Malta Willow-n
327 postcards sent
9. cgs, Malta cgs
325 postcards sent
10. Varvaraspb, Malta Varvaraspb
271 postcards sent

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DinoZoia, Malta zuulia, Malta heilagericke, Malta Kat_Wolf, Malta karmenu, Malta josiblock, Malta angg369, Malta coniea, Malta Sincerely_Loree, Malta Varvaraspb, Malta cheeta, Malta shadowsword, Malta sweettalula, Malta vincemallia, Malta
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