is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 4,853,506 habitants. The capital of Ireland is Dublin.
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Sent: 213,620 postcards
Received: 216,629 postcards
Ranking: 38th (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. ned44440, Ireland Postcrossing Supporter ned44440
22,366 postcards sent
2. fisherman, Ireland Postcrossing Supporter fisherman
21,953 postcards sent
3. chrissybaby, Ireland Postcrossing Supporter chrissybaby
18,190 postcards sent
4. kodzos, Ireland Postcrossing Supporter kodzos
11,784 postcards sent
5. jr11577, Ireland jr11577
5,834 postcards sent
6. claudiainireland, Ireland claudiainireland
5,810 postcards sent
7. derries, Ireland derries
4,828 postcards sent
8. AnneMac, Ireland AnneMac
4,563 postcards sent
9. cursus_honorum, Ireland cursus_honorum
3,609 postcards sent
10. Trollgirl, Ireland Trollgirl
2,642 postcards sent

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sarahb1, Ireland Mysticvean, Ireland Ditke62, Ireland Dunluce, Ireland derries, Ireland Leelanny, Ireland Irish-Greetings, Ireland kamsoph, Ireland neleh17, Ireland Anne-Sophie88, Ireland camooooon, Ireland Paulmurphy, Ireland lisantos123, Ireland Karatedo, Ireland lucky2002, Ireland postcardfan2019, Ireland AirforceSgt549, Ireland Clarinka, Ireland kodzos, Ireland Mrata, Ireland lenny-fox, Ireland patrycja8, Ireland Dschout0013ds, Ireland BrigaSaule, Ireland hot_whiskey, Ireland Averil, Ireland kasiak, Ireland Demodawid, Ireland Syndelmude, Ireland inish, Ireland Catharsisis, Ireland eldri, Ireland merqn, Ireland ned44440, Ireland tarajazz, Ireland jr11577, Ireland
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