is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 2,087,946 habitants. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana.
Members: 1,234 (Browse all)
Sent: 185,631 postcards
Received: 187,560 postcards
Ranking: 39th (by sent postcards)

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1. Iztok, Slovenia Postcrossing Supporter Iztok
7,355 postcards sent
2. jest, Slovenia jest
5,959 postcards sent
3. Lionheart, Slovenia Lionheart
5,204 postcards sent
4. Robert_2022, Slovenia Robert_2022
4,118 postcards sent
5. Immortal74, Slovenia Immortal74
3,909 postcards sent
6. setpika, Slovenia setpika
3,754 postcards sent
7. Majda, Slovenia Majda
3,555 postcards sent
8. katjasl, Slovenia katjasl
2,715 postcards sent
9. JAKA, Slovenia JAKA
2,291 postcards sent
10. Tanja1, Slovenia Tanja1
2,190 postcards sent

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