is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 2,067,372 habitants. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana.
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1. iztok, Slovenia Postcrossing Supporter iztok
10,854 postcards sent
2. jest, Slovenia jest
9,829 postcards sent
3. Robert_2022, Slovenia Robert_2022
6,517 postcards sent
4. vlabor, Slovenia vlabor
5,830 postcards sent
5. Immortal74, Slovenia Immortal74
5,477 postcards sent
6. Lionheart, Slovenia Lionheart
5,204 postcards sent
7. Majda, Slovenia Majda
4,255 postcards sent
8. vilabled, Slovenia Postcrossing Supporter vilabled
3,970 postcards sent
9. setpika, Slovenia setpika
3,946 postcards sent
10. katjasl, Slovenia katjasl
3,216 postcards sent

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