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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 2,063,768 habitants. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana.
Members: 1,153 (Browse all)
Sent: 135,147 postcards
Received: 136,797 postcards
Ranking: 36th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Slovenia

Most active members

1. Lionheart, Slovenia Lionheart
5,204 postcards sent
2. Iztok, Slovenia Iztok
4,337 postcards sent
3. setpika, Slovenia setpika
3,598 postcards sent
4. jest, Slovenia jest
2,736 postcards sent
5. Majda, Slovenia Majda
2,684 postcards sent
6. JAKA, Slovenia JAKA
2,291 postcards sent
7. Robert_2022, Slovenia Robert_2022
2,189 postcards sent
8. Tanja1, Slovenia Tanja1
2,033 postcards sent
9. katjasl, Slovenia katjasl
1,626 postcards sent
10. -Sunny-, Slovenia -Sunny-
1,584 postcards sent

Random members

yulinija, Slovenia annalynne, Slovenia vesnal, Slovenia jest, Slovenia ninasuricata, Slovenia tejka76, Slovenia Ninocka, Slovenia katjasl, Slovenia KatarinaS, Slovenia Bocko, Slovenia vlabor, Slovenia Pinch8, Slovenia hikingfreak, Slovenia SimSunshine, Slovenia repovrtilec, Slovenia anika-rainbow, Slovenia urbyxd, Slovenia Roland56, Slovenia Carmen3, Slovenia natasakl, Slovenia Majda, Slovenia violica, Slovenia acarinha, Slovenia mihazotler, Slovenia ValentinaZ, Slovenia vasili1945, Slovenia Iztok, Slovenia warrior, Slovenia frajer, Slovenia goldberg, Slovenia anansie, Slovenia DamjanaNM, Slovenia Natasa-MP, Slovenia Androo, Slovenia GreenLollipop, Slovenia OlgaZarko, Slovenia
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