is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 5,612,253 habitants. The capital of Singapore is Singapore.
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1. leengiankai, Singapore leengiankai
9,329 postcards sent
2. Alicia_Lee_Xin_Rou, Singapore Alicia_Lee_Xin_Rou
7,300 postcards sent
3. Ashlyn_Lee, Singapore Ashlyn_Lee
5,933 postcards sent
4. Kaiboon, Singapore Kaiboon
5,655 postcards sent
5. JonathanChua, Singapore JonathanChua
5,623 postcards sent
6. lohsmeng, Singapore lohsmeng
5,112 postcards sent
7. ASColin, Singapore ASColin
5,013 postcards sent
8. TaiYang, Singapore TaiYang
4,455 postcards sent
9. joyax, Singapore joyax
3,469 postcards sent
10. pixii, Singapore pixii
3,419 postcards sent

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