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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 17,018,408 habitants. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam.
Members: 39,333 (Browse all)
Sent: 3,821,517 postcards
Received: 3,862,903 postcards
Ranking: 4th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Netherlands

Most active members

1. korf, Netherlands korf
15,716 postcards sent
2. Blauwvinger2010, Netherlands Blauwvinger2010
8,909 postcards sent
3. kampen27, Netherlands kampen27
8,675 postcards sent
4. JJV, Netherlands JJV
8,075 postcards sent
5. StrawBerryBlossom, Netherlands StrawBerryBlossom
8,065 postcards sent
6. lorrier, Netherlands lorrier
7,806 postcards sent
7. Thea2, Netherlands Thea2
7,452 postcards sent
8. Zwollywood, Netherlands Zwollywood
7,156 postcards sent
9. Seashelly, Netherlands Seashelly
7,111 postcards sent
10. mary-ann, Netherlands mary-ann
6,495 postcards sent

Random members

PaulBollen, Netherlands IngridMvB, Netherlands Mr_Postman, Netherlands cardmaster, Netherlands hablaauw, Netherlands margrietbrouwer, Netherlands merkje69, Netherlands FataMorgana, Netherlands utHan, Netherlands ISkully05, Netherlands Annemarie7, Netherlands Ina1961, Netherlands Mafdeliefje, Netherlands opdewierd, Netherlands Corien, Netherlands Annemiek4, Netherlands Maruscha, Netherlands Jazz1684, Netherlands postcrossing12, Netherlands Ann66, Netherlands Nicole0405, Netherlands yvette_post, Netherlands MireilleMeijers, Netherlands Inge78, Netherlands malou78, Netherlands anahi, Netherlands harm50, Netherlands JJV, Netherlands HennieB, Netherlands jeanette_de_vries, Netherlands josephineheeringa, Netherlands kay_kay, Netherlands ThijMa, Netherlands Brabantse, Netherlands Tice, Netherlands Lutine, Netherlands
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