is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 17,231,017 habitants. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam.
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1. korf, Netherlands korf
17,296 postcards sent
2. Bluefinger2010, Netherlands Postcrossing Supporter Bluefinger2010
13,763 postcards sent
3. jjv, Netherlands Postcrossing Supporter jjv
11,072 postcards sent
4. ihhf, Netherlands ihhf
10,861 postcards sent
5. mary-ann, Netherlands mary-ann
10,666 postcards sent
6. StrawBerryBlossom, Netherlands StrawBerryBlossom
10,346 postcards sent
7. martha66, Netherlands Postcrossing Supporter martha66
9,938 postcards sent
8. Seashelly, Netherlands Seashelly
9,567 postcards sent
9. niegoedsnicky, Netherlands niegoedsnicky
9,501 postcards sent
10. lorrier, Netherlands Postcrossing Supporter lorrier
8,867 postcards sent

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