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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 16,936,520 habitants. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam.
Members: 38,163 (Browse all)
Sent: 3,502,331 postcards
Received: 3,542,149 postcards
Ranking: 4th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Netherlands

Most active members

1. korf, Netherlands korf
14,648 postcards sent
2. kampen27, Netherlands kampen27
8,675 postcards sent
3. Thea2, Netherlands Thea2
7,452 postcards sent
4. Blauwvinger2010, Netherlands Blauwvinger2010
7,195 postcards sent
5. lorrier, Netherlands lorrier
7,041 postcards sent
6. Zwollywood, Netherlands Zwollywood
6,936 postcards sent
7. JJV, Netherlands JJV
6,669 postcards sent
8. StrawBerryBlossom, Netherlands StrawBerryBlossom
6,346 postcards sent
9. Nortes, Netherlands Nortes
6,267 postcards sent
10. kelu, Netherlands kelu
5,962 postcards sent

Random members

kwiksa, Netherlands landfiets, Netherlands Dymphie, Netherlands Nynke-Pino, Netherlands Lutine, Netherlands eraserhead, Netherlands Vliegend_tuig, Netherlands Annerie, Netherlands Zenith73, Netherlands RiaD, Netherlands DaneOskam, Netherlands comaflope, Netherlands AnnevdB88, Netherlands marriette, Netherlands Pinksyl, Netherlands Marjan77, Netherlands Snoes, Netherlands cetm1316, Netherlands LenieK, Netherlands Forestchapel80, Netherlands KristelBruins, Netherlands annejet, Netherlands Visker, Netherlands Jejuleja, Netherlands Rona225, Netherlands Ries7, Netherlands NinaHogeboom, Netherlands Gravinlia, Netherlands Bloem1702, Netherlands Hoekstra, Netherlands gabbypost, Netherlands eveke, Netherlands Grizet, Netherlands RolMar, Netherlands VivalaInga, Netherlands MirjamW, Netherlands
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