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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 81,413,145 habitants. The capital of Germany is Berlin.
Members: 47,604 (Browse all)
Sent: 5,663,287 postcards
Received: 5,647,947 postcards
Ranking: 1st (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Germany

Most active members

1. Willi, Germany Willi
21,800 postcards sent
2. Klausdiemaus, Germany Klausdiemaus
20,712 postcards sent
3. Nordbaer, Germany Nordbaer
19,466 postcards sent
4. wurzelchen, Germany wurzelchen
14,034 postcards sent
5. Antje321, Germany Antje321
13,867 postcards sent
6. rosenbusch, Germany rosenbusch
12,712 postcards sent
7. elfie-luna, Germany elfie-luna
11,761 postcards sent
8. uttia4a, Germany uttia4a
10,669 postcards sent
9. Kizza00, Germany Kizza00
8,906 postcards sent
10. hepman, Germany hepman
8,700 postcards sent

Random members

Wuestenblume, Germany Maschen-Hannele, Germany Snailmailfriend, Germany Ich_bin_Berliner, Germany ralf-112, Germany hulottati, Germany Meebselchen, Germany Stubbi, Germany Sumpfdotterblume, Germany kobiak, Germany Emmina, Germany Buddy, Germany anirahtak, Germany freakschnegge, Germany kimi5588, Germany Manu86, Germany Thyroid, Germany Carotto48, Germany ebinici, Germany Kloppi, Germany FiLe, Germany Elisabeth2016, Germany Ines1980, Germany OlafArens, Germany Onjmal, Germany Junoblue, Germany Merle13, Germany redsmile_de, Germany flubber, Germany Els58, Germany charly74, Germany CoriSbg, Germany Svemapaan, Germany Steinbock, Germany MD69, Germany Matadorxx, Germany
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