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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 82,667,685 habitants. The capital of Germany is Berlin.
Members: 50,355 (Browse all)
Sent: 6,488,945 postcards
Received: 6,470,552 postcards
Ranking: 1st (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Germany

Most active members

1. Willi, Germany Willi
24,061 postcards sent
2. Klausdiemaus, Germany Klausdiemaus
22,885 postcards sent
3. Nordbaer, Germany Nordbaer
20,722 postcards sent
4. Antje321, Germany Antje321
16,084 postcards sent
5. wurzelchen, Germany wurzelchen
15,302 postcards sent
6. rosenbusch, Germany rosenbusch
14,858 postcards sent
7. elfie-luna, Germany elfie-luna
13,095 postcards sent
8. uttia4a, Germany uttia4a
12,976 postcards sent
9. hepman, Germany hepman
11,005 postcards sent
10. Kizza00, Germany Kizza00
10,490 postcards sent

Random members

Koersty, Germany MartinaBriehl, Germany PittyPlatsch, Germany ernstelli, Germany reinahrda, Germany melly79, Germany Rotschuh, Germany CharlottePia, Germany McBumble, Germany heidrungruber, Germany tietziana, Germany siaca, Germany meersonne, Germany chantalbourhis, Germany Beeria, Germany SalsaBB, Germany JaneWin, Germany jofemapa, Germany renardine78, Germany candihda, Germany Ipek_, Germany Corrion, Germany Lederkasper, Germany Gerhart, Germany DoTea, Germany Sunny0801, Germany Stef76, Germany Leaspa, Germany lilacs, Germany Mrs_Momo, Germany MoinFrisia, Germany hauiline, Germany Wolkenfrau, Germany fiercely, Germany DocSchuette, Germany cclef, Germany
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