is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 82,695,000 habitants. The capital of Germany is Berlin.
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1. Willi, Germany Willi
26,438 postcards sent
2. klausdiemaus, Germany klausdiemaus
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3. Nordbaer, Germany Nordbaer
22,653 postcards sent
4. Antje321, Germany Antje321
18,488 postcards sent
5. rosenbusch, Germany rosenbusch
17,138 postcards sent
6. wurzelchen, Germany wurzelchen
15,874 postcards sent
7. uttia4a, Germany uttia4a
15,391 postcards sent
8. elfie-luna, Germany elfie-luna
13,814 postcards sent
9. hepman, Germany hepman
13,330 postcards sent
10. Kizza00, Germany Kizza00
12,175 postcards sent

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rtk_magic, Germany arekuna, Germany Satsuki-chan, Germany Ed_Jo, Germany blnbear, Germany Silke45, Germany federchen, Germany nicetry, Germany AsEWiese, Germany Annabella312, Germany Daisy52014, Germany Nicole136, Germany omahanni, Germany reinholdo, Germany gebamsel, Germany Kalinka1987, Germany AnneChrNiewiera, Germany bettyrene, Germany Mezzosoprano, Germany Tempusfugit73, Germany Kloppi, Germany Sunsetphotographer, Germany Luro, Germany Schnaufi, Germany Boerdefloh, Germany Ulrike73, Germany Habakuk19, Germany 9393Postman, Germany Zoepfchen, Germany Lucky7, Germany Bedap, Germany Calalou, Germany Rosenquarz, Germany Bochmann, Germany Flo_, Germany Liesli, Germany
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