is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 82,927,922 habitants. The capital of Germany is Berlin.
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1. Willi, Germany Postcrossing Supporter Willi
27,991 postcards sent
2. klausdiemaus, Germany klausdiemaus
25,984 postcards sent
3. Nordbaer, Germany Postcrossing Supporter Nordbaer
23,719 postcards sent
4. Antje321, Germany Antje321
20,142 postcards sent
5. rosenbusch, Germany Postcrossing Supporter rosenbusch
18,764 postcards sent
6. uttia4a, Germany Postcrossing Supporter uttia4a
17,177 postcards sent
7. wurzelchen, Germany wurzelchen
15,905 postcards sent
8. hepman, Germany Postcrossing Supporter hepman
15,004 postcards sent
9. elfie-luna, Germany elfie-luna
14,111 postcards sent
10. Kizza00, Germany Kizza00
13,267 postcards sent

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