is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 82,905,782 habitants. The capital of Germany is Berlin.
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Sent: 8,794,852 postcards
Received: 8,765,736 postcards
Ranking: 1st (by sent postcards)

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1. Willi, Germany Postcrossing Supporter Willi
29,769 postcards sent
2. klausdiemaus, Germany klausdiemaus
27,564 postcards sent
3. Nordbaer, Germany Postcrossing Supporter Nordbaer
25,348 postcards sent
4. Antje321, Germany Antje321
21,856 postcards sent
5. rosenbusch, Germany Postcrossing Supporter rosenbusch
20,427 postcards sent
6. uttia4a, Germany Postcrossing Supporter uttia4a
18,940 postcards sent
7. hepman, Germany Postcrossing Supporter hepman
16,678 postcards sent
8. wurzelchen, Germany wurzelchen
15,952 postcards sent
9. elfie-luna, Germany elfie-luna
14,476 postcards sent
10. Kizza00, Germany Kizza00
14,446 postcards sent

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Gitte, Germany forelka, Germany Dixidax, Germany TanteFrieda, Germany MaryWillow, Germany Svenja92, Germany worldtraveler82, Germany Hering, Germany Tanja81, Germany dominikg, Germany AnjaB, Germany SEV_lena, Germany BettyBlue4711, Germany iwannek, Germany Robinchen, Germany Christa_Monika, Germany sissi, Germany Sidolix, Germany Annika0304, Germany hueftgold, Germany Snegurotschka, Germany Harald62, Germany anwee, Germany timmyn, Germany Soukousa, Germany Kraeuterfee, Germany Beanova, Germany Sabine67, Germany atlantidochka, Germany heidepfeffer, Germany ColorfulCourtney, Germany Mollymoritz, Germany Erdbeerpony, Germany Amydiva25, Germany Arthea, Germany Lucas25734, Germany
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