is a country in the continent of North America with a population of 126,190,788 habitants. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.
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1. Jambo_Sana, Mexico Postcrossing Supporter Jambo_Sana
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2. marthae, Mexico marthae
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3. jany_gurb, Mexico jany_gurb
881 postcards sent
4. ShyOfASpark, Mexico ShyOfASpark
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5. rousita, Mexico rousita
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6. Flamacordis, Mexico Flamacordis
698 postcards sent
7. salamandras, Mexico salamandras
628 postcards sent
8. alicedice, Mexico alicedice
581 postcards sent
9. catalina3, Mexico catalina3
560 postcards sent
10. Pikkle, Mexico Pikkle
559 postcards sent

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