is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 11,422,068 habitants. The capital of Belgium is Brussels.
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1. ferro, Belgium ferro
16,390 postcards sent
2. TCLom, Belgium TCLom
8,811 postcards sent
3. loops, Belgium loops
8,560 postcards sent
4. Fairy11, Belgium Fairy11
7,929 postcards sent
5. SallyBrown, Belgium SallyBrown
6,327 postcards sent
6. Destiny62, Belgium Destiny62
5,381 postcards sent
7. Chamsie, Belgium Chamsie
5,304 postcards sent
8. jeanmarie, Belgium jeanmarie
5,298 postcards sent
9. juytters, Belgium juytters
5,209 postcards sent
10. morganalefay, Belgium morganalefay
4,891 postcards sent

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