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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 60,600,590 habitants. The capital of Italy is Rome.
Members: 4,174 (Browse all)
Sent: 410,001 postcards
Received: 415,882 postcards
Ranking: 22nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Italy

Most active members

1. micio, Italy micio
8,777 postcards sent
2. lallpall, Italy lallpall
8,267 postcards sent
3. Paol, Italy Paol
7,799 postcards sent
4. limoda, Italy limoda
5,492 postcards sent
5. enzofil21, Italy enzofil21
5,190 postcards sent
6. frantisek, Italy frantisek
4,657 postcards sent
7. Betty1996, Italy Betty1996
4,641 postcards sent
8. imagna, Italy imagna
4,456 postcards sent
9. rodcenko, Italy rodcenko
4,087 postcards sent
10. carlafed, Italy carlafed
3,569 postcards sent

Random members

Amorushka, Italy little--shadow, Italy ariamarti, Italy britneygenoa, Italy Giuggia, Italy Iside82, Italy MrLeopax, Italy Tiberia, Italy ichnusa, Italy Ekkacire, Italy nutedda, Italy Giulya, Italy Suss90, Italy Jessica_, Italy ilariabrugnara, Italy francy89, Italy cinghiospol, Italy Alemnk, Italy LoveToLove, Italy jonio67, Italy Robi-e-Marino, Italy Julienne32, Italy lina88, Italy limoda, Italy geruggi, Italy carlafed, Italy kitty_bunny, Italy Francy85, Italy Emma74, Italy Vikto65, Italy antonel, Italy viridiana_, Italy la_sparky, Italy Sissi69, Italy Cipri, Italy Totta, Italy
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