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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 60,600,590 habitants. The capital of Italy is Rome.
Members: 4,067 (Browse all)
Sent: 386,473 postcards
Received: 392,378 postcards
Ranking: 22nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Italy

Most active members

1. micio, Italy micio
8,464 postcards sent
2. lallpall, Italy lallpall
7,573 postcards sent
3. Paol, Italy Paol
7,167 postcards sent
4. limoda, Italy limoda
5,424 postcards sent
5. frantisek, Italy frantisek
4,656 postcards sent
6. enzofil21, Italy enzofil21
4,613 postcards sent
7. Betty1996, Italy Betty1996
4,595 postcards sent
8. imagna, Italy imagna
4,129 postcards sent
9. Enry, Italy Enry
3,517 postcards sent
10. rodcenko, Italy rodcenko
3,485 postcards sent

Random members

cristian999999, Italy ciprea, Italy ralu_istr, Italy Renzo53, Italy Fedeblu, Italy Iside82, Italy fairyophelia, Italy marco6691, Italy Padus, Italy felicya, Italy Jupie, Italy lala1302, Italy rotulio, Italy NycteaFlintstone, Italy MartiandLau, Italy pupimarti, Italy sandy52, Italy stefaniarocco, Italy Kinucci, Italy Erunir, Italy mbiaso, Italy fracasso, Italy federicacnls97, Italy Neelixa, Italy Gaspara, Italy carlafed, Italy cento7, Italy alevir, Italy robbyroby, Italy federicaserra, Italy Poly65, Italy antonel, Italy dc84, Italy milu82, Italy Polia-Polina, Italy ST0RM, Italy
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