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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 60,627,498 habitants. The capital of Italy is Rome.
Members: 4,193 (Browse all)
Sent: 418,492 postcards
Received: 424,604 postcards
Ranking: 22nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Italy

Most active members

1. micio, Italy micio
8,873 postcards sent
2. lallpall, Italy lallpall
8,509 postcards sent
3. Paol, Italy Paol
8,063 postcards sent
4. limoda, Italy limoda
5,529 postcards sent
5. enzofil21, Italy enzofil21
5,299 postcards sent
6. frantisek, Italy frantisek
4,657 postcards sent
7. Betty1996, Italy Betty1996
4,653 postcards sent
8. imagna, Italy imagna
4,561 postcards sent
9. rodcenko, Italy rodcenko
4,315 postcards sent
10. carlafed, Italy carlafed
3,733 postcards sent

Random members

pepebi, Italy martina_potter, Italy Giulya, Italy Thamaraa, Italy Betty1996, Italy Amya80, Italy Marti97, Italy Serenaaaa, Italy marthyzoe, Italy ciprea, Italy minguccio, Italy britneygenoa, Italy cento7, Italy Emerina, Italy ChristianJ, Italy asatrian, Italy ariamarti, Italy LoveToLove, Italy silvanogiai, Italy Essenziale, Italy Iside82, Italy chimera, Italy atik212, Italy GiacomoALombardi, Italy rotulio, Italy Luigi85, Italy theadventurers, Italy Fagn, Italy SuperSusy, Italy mich97, Italy Isydora, Italy rodcenko, Italy moni6219, Italy castalia252000, Italy monicuccia, Italy saiaku, Italy
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