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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 60,730,582 habitants. The capital of Italy is Rome.
Members: 3,587 (Browse all)
Sent: 375,133 postcards
Received: 381,347 postcards
Ranking: 22nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Italy

Most active members

1. micio, Italy micio
8,371 postcards sent
2. lallpall, Italy lallpall
7,170 postcards sent
3. Paol, Italy Paol
6,885 postcards sent
4. limoda, Italy limoda
5,376 postcards sent
5. frantisek, Italy frantisek
4,655 postcards sent
6. Betty1996, Italy Betty1996
4,568 postcards sent
7. enzofil21, Italy enzofil21
4,425 postcards sent
8. imagna, Italy imagna
3,918 postcards sent
9. Enry, Italy Enry
3,517 postcards sent
10. TruRoss, Italy TruRoss
3,358 postcards sent

Random members

Kinucci, Italy lilimarl, Italy dominict, Italy petrolo, Italy travellingstefi, Italy EmanuelaItalia, Italy LaRimmel, Italy ranigler, Italy Tano1969, Italy Renzo53, Italy domenico1971, Italy dominict2, Italy Albeala, Italy marcopolo, Italy Antonella-, Italy ArturPius, Italy gigia71, Italy Betty1996, Italy Fedeblu, Italy Theodore_767613, Italy gracee91, Italy marthyzoe, Italy TREPIUTRE, Italy lallpall, Italy sicilia23, Italy imagna, Italy rodcenko, Italy Totta, Italy Cristinachan, Italy cento7, Italy Brideofthesea, Italy Svicolone, Italy Neelixa, Italy maribo, Italy britneygenoa, Italy Polia-Polina, Italy
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