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About Allen...

Hello all!

I'm Allen, a Canadian dude who used to live in Berlin, Germany (natürlich kannst Du mir auf Deutsch schreiben.)

I collect stamps, plastic cards (like used gift cards or expired membership cards for example) and of course postcards. If you happen to have a few extra stamps or cards you don't mind sending (in an envelope) it would be highly appreciated but it's not necessary of course. Just a card from you is more than enough :)

I'm happy to receive postcards about anything! Home made cards are also welcome so long as it's not a cut out from a cereal box, etc. and PLEASE no glitter, it's rather messy. Thank you.

If you would like some ideas here are a couple:

* Sloths
* Ostriches/pelicans/kookaburras
* Greetings from... by Postallove
=> My collection is here: http://keepcalmandsendon.blogspot.ca/search/label/greetings%20from...
* Mystical Owls from Photo Fabrique (I'm missing the Herbalist)
* Anime (Black Jack and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are favourites)
* LGBTQ+ themed
=> cards playing with gender roles and presentation along with Trans* pride are my favourite :)
* Anything macabre or involving anatomy
* Russian post boxes like these ones: http://gallery.ru/watch?a=bQdf-nCIM
* Bundesländer Karten von den "Papersisters" (ich habe nur NRW)
* Ortsschildkarten aus Deutschland (z.B. http://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/DE-3475500)
=> Meine Sammlung ist hier: http://keepcalmandsendon.blogspot.ca/p/stadtschildkarten.html
* Check out my favourites :)


All the cards I receive officially, through direct swaps and the forums can be seen here: http://keepcalmandsendon.blogspot.ca/ If it has not been posted, I haven't received it :(


If you're having trouble thinking about something to write, here's some writing ideas:

*How do you say "he" and "she" (gender pronouns) in your language? Do you have a gender neutral pronoun, like singular "they" in English?
*If you're a geocacher, tell me a crazy geocaching story or one of the best hides you've found.
*If you could have any kind of superpower what would it be?
*What's your favourite song right now?
*Tell me a secret of yours :0
*Draw something, whether it's good or not as long as you had fun doing it :)

Thanks! And it's great to meet you all :D

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