What is Postcrossing?

It's a project that allows you to send postcards and receive postcards back from random people around the world. That's real postcards, not electronic! Learn more.

How does it work?

  1. Request an address and a Postcard ID
  2. Mail a postcard to that address
  3. Receive a postcard from another postcrosser!
  4. Register the Postcard ID you have received
  5. Go to number 1 to receive more postcards!

Our happy members


“In this age of advanced technology, letter/postcard writing seems to be a thing of the past. Communication can travel across the world in a few seconds. Everything is so instant that we forget to appreciate the simple things. This is why it's such a joy to look into our (real) mailbox and find a handwritten letter from a stranger in another land, and know that they have taken the time to write specially to us. Postcrossing has made this possible and reminded us of the simple joys of life.”

Deanna A, China
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What is happening now?

Postcrossing in numbers

  • icon803,326 members
  • icon208 countries
  • icon71,117,656 postcards received
  • icon983 received in the last hour
  • icon378,209 postcards traveling
  • icon222,805,662,067 miles traveled
  • icon8,947,497 laps around the world