is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 631,636 habitants. The capital of Macao is Macao.
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1. audreyyung, Macao audreyyung
2,793 postcards sent
2. DiannaMacau, Macao DiannaMacau
2,295 postcards sent
3. dennis0318, Macao dennis0318
1,971 postcards sent
4. khaki_catia, Macao khaki_catia
1,294 postcards sent
5. katzen1011, Macao katzen1011
1,075 postcards sent
6. erica_t, Macao erica_t
1,050 postcards sent
7. armeng, Macao armeng
878 postcards sent
8. sutesnoopy, Macao sutesnoopy
843 postcards sent
9. qoocandy7, Macao qoocandy7
678 postcards sent
10. emilyzhang, Macao emilyzhang
663 postcards sent

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