is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 640,445 habitants. The capital of Macao is Macao.
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1. audreyyung, Macao audreyyung
2,628 postcards sent
2. DiannaMacau, Macao DiannaMacau
2,174 postcards sent
3. dennis0318, Macao dennis0318
1,707 postcards sent
4. khaki_catia, Macao khaki_catia
849 postcards sent
5. erica_t, Macao Postcrossing Supporter erica_t
767 postcards sent
6. katzen1011, Macao katzen1011
683 postcards sent
7. qoocandy7, Macao qoocandy7
678 postcards sent
8. emilyzhang, Macao emilyzhang
663 postcards sent
9. Drey01, Macao Drey01
594 postcards sent
10. kakaka, Macao kakaka
563 postcards sent

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