is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 622,567 habitants. The capital of Macao is Macao.
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1. DiannaMacau, Macao DiannaMacau
1,908 postcards sent
2. audreyyung, Macao audreyyung
1,881 postcards sent
3. dennis0318, Macao dennis0318
1,520 postcards sent
4. erica_t, Macao erica_t
696 postcards sent
5. qoocandy7, Macao qoocandy7
677 postcards sent
6. emilyzhang, Macao emilyzhang
571 postcards sent
7. khaki_catia, Macao khaki_catia
558 postcards sent
8. Staci, Macao Staci
527 postcards sent
9. darco, Macao Postcrossing Supporter darco
471 postcards sent
10. katzen1011, Macao katzen1011
423 postcards sent

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