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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 103,320,222 habitants. The capital of Philippines is Manila.
Members: 2,148 (Browse all)
Sent: 105,631 postcards
Received: 106,569 postcards
Ranking: 44th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Philippines

Most active members

1. cabbie, Philippines cabbie
3,582 postcards sent
2. rodrigo_dvjr, Philippines rodrigo_dvjr
1,731 postcards sent
3. conniecocoon, Philippines conniecocoon
1,724 postcards sent
4. susandg, Philippines susandg
1,352 postcards sent
5. davanita, Philippines davanita
1,158 postcards sent
6. anichat, Philippines anichat
1,046 postcards sent
7. Piattos, Philippines Piattos
975 postcards sent
8. glad1024, Philippines glad1024
885 postcards sent
9. mai0hmai, Philippines mai0hmai
859 postcards sent
10. ennamoj, Philippines ennamoj
832 postcards sent

Random members

mai0hmai, Philippines darksnow, Philippines grace_basilisa, Philippines la_luna_pusa, Philippines iamjulienne, Philippines HerschelSolano, Philippines magnoliamay, Philippines Kewl, Philippines meowbykate, Philippines -Cool-, Philippines erianne, Philippines ennamoj, Philippines susandg, Philippines jayemike, Philippines isabellemace, Philippines itismejessie, Philippines seedlaine, Philippines malinprovido, Philippines meldz, Philippines Jenny_Tao, Philippines larissarim, Philippines bear_eyes, Philippines mmpf, Philippines Maydayeve, Philippines juliaisabel, Philippines debonheur, Philippines riverdexterus, Philippines xinlustar, Philippines jarmaicanpatty, Philippines Runwen, Philippines herchan, Philippines rodrigo_dvjr, Philippines RegMijares, Philippines sparowmel, Philippines starchel, Philippines mydearestmaria, Philippines
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