is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 106,651,922 habitants. The capital of Philippines is Manila.
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1. cabbie, Philippines cabbie
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2. conniecocoon, Philippines conniecocoon
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3. rodrigo_dvjr, Philippines rodrigo_dvjr
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4. susandg, Philippines susandg
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5. Kewl, Philippines Kewl
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6. meldz, Philippines meldz
1,990 postcards sent
7. mai0hmai, Philippines mai0hmai
1,836 postcards sent
8. anichat, Philippines anichat
1,806 postcards sent
9. jdaraawisan, Philippines jdaraawisan
1,372 postcards sent
10. davanita, Philippines davanita
1,158 postcards sent

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