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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 103,320,222 habitants. The capital of Philippines is Manila.
Members: 2,093 (Browse all)
Sent: 100,294 postcards
Received: 101,464 postcards
Ranking: 44th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Philippines

Most active members

1. cabbie, Philippines cabbie
3,396 postcards sent
2. rodrigo_dvjr, Philippines rodrigo_dvjr
1,603 postcards sent
3. conniecocoon, Philippines conniecocoon
1,551 postcards sent
4. susandg, Philippines susandg
1,192 postcards sent
5. davanita, Philippines davanita
1,158 postcards sent
6. Piattos, Philippines Piattos
975 postcards sent
7. anichat, Philippines anichat
944 postcards sent
8. glad1024, Philippines glad1024
869 postcards sent
9. ennamoj, Philippines ennamoj
818 postcards sent
10. kingm, Philippines kingm
778 postcards sent

Random members

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