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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 104,918,090 habitants. The capital of Philippines is Manila.
Members: 2,250 (Browse all)
Sent: 111,719 postcards
Received: 112,600 postcards
Ranking: 44th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Philippines

Most active members

1. cabbie, Philippines cabbie
3,801 postcards sent
2. rodrigo_dvjr, Philippines rodrigo_dvjr
1,943 postcards sent
3. conniecocoon, Philippines conniecocoon
1,925 postcards sent
4. susandg, Philippines susandg
1,553 postcards sent
5. davanita, Philippines davanita
1,158 postcards sent
6. anichat, Philippines anichat
1,138 postcards sent
7. mai0hmai, Philippines mai0hmai
993 postcards sent
8. Piattos, Philippines Piattos
975 postcards sent
9. ennamoj, Philippines ennamoj
939 postcards sent
10. glad1024, Philippines glad1024
931 postcards sent

Random members

happyprune, Philippines poppypaper, Philippines MareGel, Philippines ishanography, Philippines journeywtme_, Philippines seedlaine, Philippines sparowmel, Philippines meldz, Philippines WinnieRamos, Philippines chararan19, Philippines magnoliamay, Philippines conniecocoon, Philippines blackjetfins, Philippines -Cool-, Philippines mmpf, Philippines skyOrange, Philippines ailuvwu, Philippines bluefairy, Philippines postcardsjah, Philippines mikemilrivera, Philippines Graciosa, Philippines Runwen, Philippines Jediross, Philippines syd, Philippines allanum, Philippines silvernero, Philippines la_luna_pusa, Philippines drewisthegirl, Philippines anchcabalfin, Philippines mai0hmai, Philippines lifedance, Philippines Kewl, Philippines vincejansen, Philippines Sufi, Philippines kichikikay, Philippines missCHARMING, Philippines
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