is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 106,651,922 habitants. The capital of Philippines is Manila.
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1. cabbie, Philippines cabbie
4,481 postcards sent
2. conniecocoon, Philippines conniecocoon
2,865 postcards sent
3. rodrigo_dvjr, Philippines rodrigo_dvjr
2,581 postcards sent
4. susandg, Philippines susandg
2,427 postcards sent
5. mai0hmai, Philippines Postcrossing Supporter mai0hmai
1,496 postcards sent
6. Kewl, Philippines Kewl
1,410 postcards sent
7. meldz, Philippines meldz
1,359 postcards sent
8. anichat, Philippines anichat
1,311 postcards sent
9. Riven, Philippines Riven
1,279 postcards sent
10. davanita, Philippines davanita
1,158 postcards sent

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