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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,747,358 habitants. The capital of Austria is Vienna.
Members: 2,940 (Browse all)
Sent: 355,848 postcards
Received: 359,830 postcards
Ranking: 26th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Austria

Most active members

1. radiofan, Austria radiofan
9,132 postcards sent
2. Bock, Austria Bock
8,872 postcards sent
3. honeybee, Austria honeybee
7,136 postcards sent
4. rehrlanna, Austria rehrlanna
5,088 postcards sent
5. Baikalsee, Austria Baikalsee
5,061 postcards sent
6. Bestgirl, Austria Bestgirl
4,428 postcards sent
7. Robin67, Austria Robin67
4,211 postcards sent
8. Struwelliese, Austria Struwelliese
3,851 postcards sent
9. Augenstern, Austria Augenstern
3,714 postcards sent
10. claudsch5, Austria claudsch5
3,640 postcards sent

Random members

Bestgirl, Austria rossorobot, Austria BeeBree, Austria Freyja7, Austria Malija14, Austria Edelweiss-, Austria pandora0211, Austria poppunkpizzapiece, Austria Remigius, Austria BlueAngel, Austria paladru, Austria speeky, Austria SilverBlue39, Austria clemens1, Austria martina4393, Austria delbarbaru, Austria Mamusyaka, Austria jennylo189, Austria mandi020663, Austria Alexaattilanoah, Austria haweiup, Austria Maria_Taldykina, Austria Mirabell22, Austria honeybee, Austria Do_Rit_B, Austria spb811, Austria Woody1973, Austria yvo178, Austria Facella, Austria Sabine2500, Austria Kersis, Austria aussie007, Austria fuchsl2, Austria Aloevera, Austria ooma, Austria bruno58, Austria
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