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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,611,088 habitants. The capital of Austria is Vienna.
Members: 2,789 (Browse all)
Sent: 301,122 postcards
Received: 305,590 postcards
Ranking: 26th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Austria

Most active members

1. radiofan, Austria radiofan
6,922 postcards sent
2. Bock, Austria Bock
6,639 postcards sent
3. honeybee, Austria honeybee
6,296 postcards sent
4. Baikalsee, Austria Baikalsee
4,700 postcards sent
5. Robin67, Austria Robin67
4,004 postcards sent
6. Bestgirl, Austria Bestgirl
3,913 postcards sent
7. rehrlanna, Austria rehrlanna
3,779 postcards sent
8. Augenstern, Austria Augenstern
3,708 postcards sent
9. Struwelliese, Austria Struwelliese
3,517 postcards sent
10. claudsch5, Austria claudsch5
3,390 postcards sent

Random members

Struwelliese, Austria paladru, Austria Sage-femme, Austria loewenmensch, Austria pflegero14, Austria Post_stp, Austria kraki, Austria Jazz29, Austria Laura90, Austria Etta1980, Austria TravellingMind, Austria Austriatinchen, Austria soffifee, Austria speeky, Austria nonopharos84, Austria Edelweiss-, Austria rotviolett, Austria Pichlerisa, Austria ollah4, Austria Starbuck1982, Austria wuff67, Austria ghostcaster, Austria Pugnus, Austria wandafan, Austria Bock, Austria rutis63, Austria tuzzi, Austria Rifkabyle, Austria rehrlanna, Austria MWTKOFLER, Austria freigeist, Austria nella0802, Austria EEB, Austria madamepapier, Austria bindi1, Austria Facella, Austria
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