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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,747,358 habitants. The capital of Austria is Vienna.
Members: 2,870 (Browse all)
Sent: 331,454 postcards
Received: 335,593 postcards
Ranking: 26th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Austria

Most active members

1. radiofan, Austria radiofan
8,257 postcards sent
2. Bock, Austria Bock
7,940 postcards sent
3. honeybee, Austria honeybee
6,743 postcards sent
4. Baikalsee, Austria Baikalsee
4,770 postcards sent
5. rehrlanna, Austria rehrlanna
4,586 postcards sent
6. Bestgirl, Austria Bestgirl
4,228 postcards sent
7. Robin67, Austria Robin67
4,124 postcards sent
8. Struwelliese, Austria Struwelliese
3,733 postcards sent
9. Augenstern, Austria Augenstern
3,708 postcards sent
10. claudsch5, Austria claudsch5
3,521 postcards sent

Random members

Schriftschneiderin, Austria spb811, Austria haweiup, Austria Arabb, Austria Stupsicat, Austria NoisyOwl, Austria Edelweiss-, Austria Barlena, Austria radiofan, Austria martina4393, Austria daradlyn, Austria romiix3, Austria masai1, Austria ghostcaster, Austria Mamusyaka, Austria little-billie, Austria TravelMizzi, Austria paladru, Austria honeybee, Austria poppunkpizzapiece, Austria BirgitHM, Austria hp4200, Austria Danube, Austria kakatusa, Austria wandafan, Austria Marghit, Austria nonopharos84, Austria Eniella, Austria bruno58, Austria rehrlanna, Austria orlolena, Austria Bock, Austria melanie1, Austria felipe, Austria FlowerMary, Austria abbyzhangwanru, Austria
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