is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,847,037 habitants. The capital of Austria is Vienna.
Members: 3,235 (Browse all)
Sent: 537,058 postcards
Received: 541,270 postcards
Ranking: 24th (by sent postcards)

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1. Bock, Austria Bock
16,189 postcards sent
2. radiofan, Austria Postcrossing Supporter radiofan
16,085 postcards sent
3. honeybee, Austria honeybee
10,584 postcards sent
4. rehrlanna, Austria rehrlanna
8,306 postcards sent
5. eagle1, Austria eagle1
6,890 postcards sent
6. rotviolett, Austria rotviolett
6,861 postcards sent
7. Baikalsee, Austria Baikalsee
5,590 postcards sent
8. Robin67, Austria Robin67
5,390 postcards sent
9. Meixi, Austria Meixi
5,384 postcards sent
10. haweiup, Austria haweiup
5,359 postcards sent

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Casythecat, Austria radiohead92, Austria veitsberger, Austria Hartl1985, Austria unserepost, Austria honeybee, Austria rehrlanna, Austria soira, Austria wandafan, Austria austrianRedhead, Austria SabinaLorenz, Austria Mogessa, Austria Neretta, Austria lmyk, Austria Marghit, Austria Angels_Eyes, Austria Subira, Austria hidge, Austria maxi32320, Austria GMonika, Austria Luciebaer, Austria Biggi-67, Austria Krischi14, Austria Mirijam79, Austria Kersis, Austria LizAus, Austria BlueAngel, Austria 19gernot84, Austria ooma, Austria Bruno1405, Austria MysticVampire, Austria Pugnus, Austria haweiup, Austria Bine00485, Austria Evalefthanded, Austria jecky21, Austria
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