is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,516,543 habitants. The capital of Switzerland is Bern.
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1. schneggisabrina, Switzerland schneggisabrina
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2. Dascia, Switzerland Dascia
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3. Hurbig, Switzerland Hurbig
11,119 postcards sent
4. diams1, Switzerland diams1
10,925 postcards sent
5. OTTOX, Switzerland OTTOX
10,634 postcards sent
6. Newdawn, Switzerland Newdawn
9,904 postcards sent
7. Vre, Switzerland Vre
7,661 postcards sent
8. Sylvette, Switzerland Postcrossing Supporter Sylvette
7,637 postcards sent
9. nissemor, Switzerland nissemor
6,841 postcards sent
10. swisslady, Switzerland swisslady
5,492 postcards sent

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