is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,516,543 habitants. The capital of Switzerland is Bern.
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1. schneggisabrina, Switzerland schneggisabrina
14,333 postcards sent
2. Dascia, Switzerland Dascia
13,451 postcards sent
3. OTTOX, Switzerland OTTOX
8,292 postcards sent
4. Vre, Switzerland Vre
7,658 postcards sent
5. Sylvette, Switzerland Postcrossing Supporter Sylvette
7,413 postcards sent
6. Newdawn, Switzerland Newdawn
6,634 postcards sent
7. Hurbig, Switzerland Postcrossing Supporter Hurbig
6,473 postcards sent
8. diams1, Switzerland diams1
6,167 postcards sent
9. egni, Switzerland egni
5,813 postcards sent
10. nissemor, Switzerland nissemor
5,793 postcards sent

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