is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,466,017 habitants. The capital of Switzerland is Bern.
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Sent: 410,598 postcards
Received: 415,398 postcards
Ranking: 25th (by sent postcards)

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1. Dascia, Switzerland Dascia
10,732 postcards sent
2. schneggisabrina, Switzerland schneggisabrina
10,481 postcards sent
3. Sylvette, Switzerland Postcrossing Supporter Sylvette
7,185 postcards sent
4. Vre, Switzerland Vre
7,036 postcards sent
5. OTTOX, Switzerland OTTOX
6,660 postcards sent
6. Egni, Switzerland Egni
5,064 postcards sent
7. Grigeli, Switzerland Grigeli
4,941 postcards sent
8. grobhaas, Switzerland grobhaas
4,618 postcards sent
9. nissemor, Switzerland nissemor
4,482 postcards sent
10. stefanbaur, Switzerland stefanbaur
4,153 postcards sent

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