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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 8,466,017 habitants. The capital of Switzerland is Bern.
Members: 3,231 (Browse all)
Sent: 378,068 postcards
Received: 382,058 postcards
Ranking: 25th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Switzerland

Most active members

1. Dascia, Switzerland Dascia
9,806 postcards sent
2. schneggisabrina, Switzerland schneggisabrina
9,607 postcards sent
3. Sylvette, Switzerland Sylvette
7,037 postcards sent
4. Vre, Switzerland Vre
6,709 postcards sent
5. OTTOX, Switzerland OTTOX
6,217 postcards sent
6. Grigeli, Switzerland Grigeli
4,941 postcards sent
7. Egni, Switzerland Egni
4,877 postcards sent
8. grobhaas, Switzerland grobhaas
4,616 postcards sent
9. stefanbaur, Switzerland stefanbaur
4,153 postcards sent
10. nissemor, Switzerland nissemor
4,153 postcards sent

Random members

Merlin14, Switzerland Schneeleopard, Switzerland OL-Freak, Switzerland KatzeStella, Switzerland Babs84, Switzerland akaroa, Switzerland Xabbu, Switzerland mimei598, Switzerland TanParm, Switzerland asega, Switzerland Jekaterina, Switzerland ritawilen, Switzerland knuffi, Switzerland Annamarie_CH, Switzerland jmz61, Switzerland ztzhang, Switzerland blauerose, Switzerland msmon, Switzerland Hurbig, Switzerland malsed, Switzerland thibcabe, Switzerland purplemarvis, Switzerland helene1006, Switzerland janbrasil, Switzerland Belinda1978, Switzerland swisslady, Switzerland uwczyk67, Switzerland del1908, Switzerland Stefan54, Switzerland jannatpac, Switzerland diams1, Switzerland TedTed, Switzerland sstuder, Switzerland caviman, Switzerland Lianprio, Switzerland coxor, Switzerland
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