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About حامد_Maπías...

'What things makes you happiest?'
'It's very simple, there's the 'work' that I have to do and the peace in my mind'
Batbayan from Mongolia answering Bruce Parry's question in BBC documentary Tribe 2005 ~sometimes so difficult isn't it!

I like stamps (hares/rabbits, peace incl peace-dove, about RedCross RedCrescent etc, cartography and maps on stamps of small island nations)

if you make a small drawing of a rabbit or hare on your card that would make my day
& I love genuine real postcards with original imprint /text on address side to be seen, like publisher logo discription. old postcards with sculped edges or circle postcards.....
looking forward your postcard
handwritten and stamped please

think out of the box now and then
enjoy your day!
love, harmony and beauty

song for hope and joy: Jerusalema by Master KG & Nomcebo

about me & some of my interests

* containers intermodal, freight, shipping * countries that don't exist

* deer * drilling platform * drinking water, waterbottlelabel sent as postcard, recommended book "Water For Health For Healing For Life" by Batmanghelidj

* electricity * elements

* faqir * my age 57 since april 13th, gender ♂ * fire & fire-extinguisher * fog * funeral car

* gasoline station * gold

* hearses

* ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd ɹǝɥʇouɐ ɯoɹɟ sƃuıɥʇ ǝǝs oʇ ǝʌol ı * Iittala & Marimekko * (frank)incense

* Jonah and the fish (whale) story in jewish, christian and islam tradition

* الكعبة‎‎ Kaaba * Кавка́з * Marie Kondo * koteka * Koyaanisqatsi * Kukuxumusu

* lasagne

* mail art * man/men at work * miksang * minimalism/interior * music Balkan music, أم كلثوم Umm Kulthum Oum Kalsoum * myrrh

* numbers

* onyx * oryx

* Pantone * Partij voor de Dieren/Party for the Animals & PETA * petrol stations * π pi the number

* qigong * quinoa * quixotism * your quote in life

* remote islands * roundabouts in trafic * Rumi

* salt * shades of white * sheepshearing * Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet * small buildings with function other then living or commercial, like bridgetenderhous, watersuplyhous * sufism

* tapir * Nikola Tesla * Stefan & Franciszka Themerson * three wise men (three Kings) * txalaparta

* urban exploring * urinals

* Vatican

* warningsymbols/ hazardsymbols * washing machine * wheelchairs * wooden clothes pegs

* xanith

* Yello * yellow

* zimmer=walking frame * -Z- is Zelensky Зеленский *

* Atomium

* bees & honey * bookmobile = library on wheels

* I like cardboardcards made from boxes of non-food (or food)package, record sleeves, bookcover etc, written and stamped
# on holidays I used to sent foodboxcards to my sister and vice versa.
la vache qui rit was our favourite

* cars, Russian, Volvo * circles * coffin or casket

!!!go home alive now or as Cargo 200 Груз 200. do not hurt!!!

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