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margreetbtn, Netherlands


(or Margreet) is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 4 years (1,659 days).
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  • Distance sent: 3,361,286 miles
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  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, a little bit French
  • Birthday: 18th April
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About Margreet...

Hello fellow-postcrosser,

About me: My name is Margreet, I'm married and we have 3 sons. On my avatar is a picture of me and one of my twinboys. My twinboys look a lot like eachother. They are 8 years old. I also have a little boy of 3 years old.
My favorit place to go to is the beach. Especially in summertime, because I love the feel of the sand between my toes and the sunshine on my skin and the sound of the waves.

The reason why I started with postcrossing is because I always like to buy cards, send cards and also recieve cards. It's nice to know that when I sent a card, someone opens his mailbox and gets a smile on his face, because there came "fun"mail instead of the usual bills and advertisingmail.

When you send me a card, I would like to read something about yourself, your life, how your day was or what your plans are for the next day, the most embarassing or the funniest thing that has ever happened to you, maybe a secret you have...
Really, the back of the card is the most interesting to me!

But, as I always like it very much to find a matching card for someone, here are some ideas:

*** Special request for 2018: tell me, if you ever wanted to start a business, in what would you start it and why?
*** I would love to receive old cards in 2018, maybe showing ordinary people in the olden days. Maybe cards like these:

- During christmas time I really like to receive postcards showing birth of Christ.

- High Heels (shoes) I love cards with high heels on them :-)
- illustrated zebra's or girafs.
- Cards of paintings (I like the styles of Van Gogh, Rembrand van Rijn, Modigliani, Gauguin, Isaac Israel, Renoir, Monet, etc)
- Pin ups
- Women who carry their baby in a baby sling
- Women who breastfeed their baby
- Twins
- Black and white
- Religious cards (Any religion) (No buildings please, I'm more interested in details)
- Madonna and child
- When you live in a monarchie, pictures or drawings of your king and/or queen, but a picture of a president is also very much appreciated
- Sights of the sea, ocean, lakes or rain (anything with water)

- SOUTH KOREA: My twinboys just started with Hapkido. If you have a card on this subject, please send it to me. you can send it to my boys, Jurre and Hidde. They will be thrilled with a card about Hapkido :-)

My dislikes:
- Cards with no message from you
- Empty hurrays :-)

BTW, a friend of mine often gives me cards in exchange for some nice stamps, a win-win situation. So if you don't have a suitable card for me, put some nice stamps on a cut out of a food package, write something down you have experienced that day, and I will be just as happy, as well as my friend! :-)

I'm looking forward to your card and Happy Postcrossing!