Towards a greener hobby

We have listened to user's concerns about Postcrossing's ecological footprint. From operating the servers that host this project to sending postcards or other items through the mail, precious resources like paper and oil are used and CO2 is produced.
As you know, CO2 emissions added to the atmosphere contribute to climate change.

So how can you help to make Postcrossing a greener hobby? Here are a few tips from the forum:

  1. Choose postcards made with recycled paper or postcards made with fibre that comes from sustainable forests. For instance, FSC certified postcards.
  2. Reuse/Recycle envelopes (it can be fun!)
  3. Use envelopes/writing pads made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.
  4. Walk, or ride your bike to take your mail to the Post Office.
  5. Write your postcards during daylight, or outside in the fresh air, and save on energy.
  6. When soaking off your stamps do them all at the same time and reuse the water as much as possible.
  7. Use refillable pens/highlighters etc.
  8. Print on both sides of the paper or reuse old study courses etc. to print things for personal use.
  9. When wrapping things, reuse gift paper. Be creative! You can use old maps, newspapers, pages from magazines etc.
  10. Get your electricity from a company that provides it from sustainable energy sources such as wind farms, solar energy, hydro energy, etc.
  11. Support an environmental organisation such as Climate care, WWF, Greenpeace etc.

To help reduce its impact on the environment, Postcrossing regularly donates to environmental projects, to help reduce the impact of its emissions and help funding sustainable energy initiaves around the world.

We're confident this is a step in the right direction, BUT, offsetting emissions should be the last resort. Postcrossing doesn't have the financial resources to offset every single postcard sent... this is where YOU can help. By making little choices like the ones suggested above, you, too, are contributing to making Postcrossing a greener hobby.

Comments and suggestions are welcome at the forum.