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Dear Strangers :) !

I utterly enjoy writing and receiving postcards, and I think the idea behind this website/project is very poetic :). When I receive a postcard, it is always so wonderful to think of the journey it made - the distances, seas and borders it crossed, the place where it came from, where it just hung around ;) until someone picked it out for me ... Somehow I think it is fascinating that it materially existed someplace else - that kind of fascination is something that an e-mail or instant message just cannot bring about.

While of course I enjoy pretty postcard motives, what I appreciate most of all is reading about you, reading whatever you would like to tell me, getting to know you a little bit :).
If you need some ideas:
- What is the story behind the postcard - where&why&when did you buy it, if you remember?
- Is there a really great book or song you can recommend?
- What was your best day of the last few months, and why?

Now to a few things I like or am interested in, so you get an idea what postcard motives I might like or what we can talk about:

autumn / trees / forests / parks / taking walks / cats / sheep / gerbils / the sea / the night / city lights / dawn, dusk / the mysterious, odd and spooky / watching ski jumping / music / Keane / Maximo Park / Harry Potter / Gilmore Girls / podcasts / drinking tea / herbs / berries / vegetarianism&veganism (am not vegan [yet]) / mental health / lgbtqia+ / cultural differences & similarities / writing letters / art, paintings / painting, sometimes (not very well) / dreaming / thinking / watching / drifting / ...

Thanks for reading my profile! I'm looking forward to your card. :)

P.S. If you happen to have a card of Lancy Cat, Jetoy choo choo cat, a ski jumping hill, or with an artistic/optical Illusion skull painiting, I would be suuper happy to receive it.

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