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siobhan, Germany


(or Hanna) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 9 years (3,637 days).
8,151 sent 8,145 received

  • Distance sent: 17,654,244 miles
  • Last seen: about 21 hours ago
  • Languages: German, English, Norwegian, some French, some Spanish, some Russian, some Icelandic
  • Interested in direct swaps: No Click to learn more about direct swaps
  • 19th on most postcards sent from Germany
  • 16th on longest distance sent from Germany
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Lat: 51.03, Lon: 6.98 | Google Maps

About Hanna...

Hello, fellow postcrossers!

If you like it short:
Send any real postcard you want and it'll be good. :-)

If you like it a bit longer:
I read a lot, I'm very interested in language(s), and I'm a huge sports fan. I also like unspoilt nature, my cat, stormy weather, my friends, baking, simple things, winter, audio plays, rough coasts, lazy days ...

In case you want help choosing a postcard, here are some things I really like (but I like lots of other things as well!):

*nature (preferably from your own country)
*snow & ice
*space (planets etc.)
*wild animals of your country/area
*PHQ/USPS postcards (or similar stamp postcards)
*mountains, volcanoes
*trees, forests
*Northern lights
*biathlon, NFL & other professional sports (athletes, venues, the Olympics)
*foxes, wolves, squirrels, wild boar piglets
*all kinds of deer
*birds in flight
*ballet, modern dance
*Eurovision Song Contest
*reprints of vintage travel posters (not real vintage cards)
*things (e.g. mountains or buildings) reflected in water
*black & white nudity (men or women)
*René Magritte, Edvard Munch, Ivan Aivazovsky, David Hockney
*Tintin, Wallace & Gromit, The Peanuts, Hägar, Asterix
*"Fauna of Belarus" postcards (please check my received cards from Belarus)
... or take a look at my favourites for inspiration - they're all cards I haven't received yet. :-)

I'm not really into multiviews, Christmas/Easter/etc. cards or cards that are old, overly cute, tacky, girly, "funny", war-related, or have inspirational quotes/sayings on them - it's just not my thing.

But in the end, any postcard you want to send me is perfectly fine - there's no need to apologize if you can't send me anything from the list above. :-) Just because something isn't on the list doesn't mean I won't like it!

► I'd really prefer it if you send me a real postcard though: with a picture on one side and message, stamp & address on the other - no envelope. :-) Please don't send photos, folded greeting cards, handmade cards, etc.
⇒ Gelieve geen wenskaarten/dubbele kaarten in een envelop - bedankt!

I'd love to read your message in Norwegian, Russian, French, Spanish or Icelandic, if you're a native speaker! But whatever language you use - please write something ... anything! The more, the better. ;-)

♦ Dear Russian speakers: I'm learning Russian now, so could you write in cursive Cyrillic (or your normal handwriting), please? It would be great to get some practice reading non-printed Cyrillic. Спасибо!

I'm always happy to see interesting and beautiful stamps on my postcards. I scan them for a virtual collection, but I don't collect stamps on their own, so please don't use an envelope. If you're interested:

Please respect my privacy - don't give my address to anyone outside of Postcrossing (like Touchnote) and don't publish the back of my postcard anywhere. Thank you very much for understanding!

I can't wait to find your card in my mailbox!