is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 144,373,535 habitants. The capital of Russia is Moscow.
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Sent: 7,110,322 postcards
Received: 6,981,434 postcards
Ranking: 2nd (by sent postcards)

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1. johnruss, Russia johnruss
8,014 postcards sent
2. Philatelist1, Russia Philatelist1
7,809 postcards sent
3. nattaza, Russia Postcrossing Supporter nattaza
7,761 postcards sent
4. akholyavkin, Russia akholyavkin
6,812 postcards sent
5. Nadiushik, Russia Nadiushik
6,015 postcards sent
6. libsem, Russia libsem
5,821 postcards sent
7. PC, Russia PC
5,591 postcards sent
8. Alexander_Yuryev, Russia Alexander_Yuryev
5,427 postcards sent
9. Alexandro, Russia Alexandro
5,378 postcards sent
10. 4ajka, Russia 4ajka
5,313 postcards sent

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YuliaBlossom, Russia Ketherhen, Russia verooro, Russia IrishkafromRussia, Russia Angrycarrie, Russia Tarasova_Marina, Russia ValeriyaMor, Russia Bodogrey, Russia listiz1985, Russia kataevka, Russia nekarenina, Russia Alxor, Russia Marinka92, Russia Aprel_of_Bryansk, Russia wise_falafel, Russia markinaasa, Russia MilaLuna, Russia Ann04, Russia ArianaHar, Russia liza-medved, Russia pechenuga, Russia Sophie_e, Russia Mikhailt63, Russia Tarasov_Alexander, Russia Vaceslavkoren565, Russia Katalpa, Russia Korzun_a, Russia KoKosinka, Russia cristailiaca, Russia Philatelist1, Russia AsaPro, Russia MaryMishukova, Russia Rouxlis, Russia Lubov117, Russia JennyDewars, Russia MarusiaMishukova, Russia
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