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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 144,342,396 habitants. The capital of Russia is Moscow.
Members: 91,730 (Browse all)
Sent: 5,670,172 postcards
Received: 5,531,334 postcards
Ranking: 2nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Russia

Most active members

1. johnruss, Russia johnruss
5,240 postcards sent
2. PC, Russia PC
4,956 postcards sent
3. Alexander_Yuryev, Russia Alexander_Yuryev
4,868 postcards sent
4. 4ajka, Russia 4ajka
4,663 postcards sent
5. nattaza, Russia nattaza
4,590 postcards sent
6. Philatelist1, Russia Philatelist1
4,536 postcards sent
7. Mariaf, Russia Mariaf
4,304 postcards sent
8. kelpie, Russia kelpie
4,180 postcards sent
9. libsem, Russia libsem
3,959 postcards sent
10. SvyatSvyat, Russia SvyatSvyat
3,925 postcards sent

Random members

Jelena_Lijepa, Russia AnneGem, Russia I_Immortalis, Russia Bomboncita, Russia tina_soboleva, Russia anyutkanezabudka, Russia Trust_A, Russia Ivvarina, Russia Klavdiy, Russia Coffee_Fox, Russia pfalerist, Russia besti0la, Russia 113, Russia AlexeyBorodin, Russia not_OK, Russia An_na_, Russia CrooKs, Russia Rozailya, Russia Midzishi, Russia Dotsenko_Mariya, Russia Lido4ka, Russia yarvu, Russia Pinchas, Russia Natalia_Anverovna, Russia Zvezda, Russia julia2post, Russia YuliaSavushkina, Russia Anton79, Russia Marina_from_Siberia, Russia Apollinarya, Russia 000kat000, Russia Lapyla, Russia derlafff, Russia KAILASAL, Russia evinia, Russia dashavini, Russia
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