is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 144,478,050 habitants. The capital of Russia is Moscow.
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Sent: 7,655,598 postcards
Received: 7,505,148 postcards
Ranking: 2nd (by sent postcards)

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1. johnruss, Russia johnruss
9,139 postcards sent
2. Philatelist1, Russia Philatelist1
9,079 postcards sent
3. Nattaza, Russia Postcrossing Supporter Nattaza
8,834 postcards sent
4. akholyavkin, Russia akholyavkin
7,303 postcards sent
5. Nadiushik, Russia Nadiushik
6,707 postcards sent
6. libsem, Russia Postcrossing Supporter libsem
6,550 postcards sent
7. Asato, Russia Postcrossing Supporter Asato
6,452 postcards sent
8. Alexandro, Russia Alexandro
5,896 postcards sent
9. Crossover, Russia Postcrossing Supporter Crossover
5,868 postcards sent
10. Julianai, Russia Julianai
5,719 postcards sent

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alevizor, Russia grey_eyez, Russia Marina_Marina_, Russia Smile_T, Russia Valeri_t, Russia VerkKka, Russia Chaffinch, Russia Annie_min, Russia Ded_Balaganny, Russia lena_smile, Russia Anatolyy, Russia Alenkin, Russia KatrinMail, Russia IrinkaRu, Russia fishka1505, Russia Alina145, Russia MaxSergeev, Russia dudewilldoo, Russia DinkaDin, Russia Alinina, Russia FCMezhgorye, Russia chernonosova, Russia Orual, Russia eugenevas, Russia RnonR, Russia dacota, Russia zefyrka, Russia holy_hawley, Russia Xute, Russia ALFAVIT, Russia Reply_all, Russia PolinaK, Russia EHdragon, Russia Liolichik, Russia Lana_Go, Russia Sunny_Nataly, Russia
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