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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 144,342,396 habitants. The capital of Russia is Moscow.
Members: 91,923 (Browse all)
Sent: 5,563,004 postcards
Received: 5,421,883 postcards
Ranking: 2nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Russia

Most active members

1. johnruss, Russia johnruss
5,164 postcards sent
2. PC, Russia PC
4,953 postcards sent
3. Alexander_Yuryev, Russia Alexander_Yuryev
4,693 postcards sent
4. 4ajka, Russia 4ajka
4,488 postcards sent
5. nattaza, Russia nattaza
4,388 postcards sent
6. Philatelist1, Russia Philatelist1
4,279 postcards sent
7. Mariaf, Russia Mariaf
4,183 postcards sent
8. kelpie, Russia kelpie
4,155 postcards sent
9. libsem, Russia libsem
3,831 postcards sent
10. SvyatSvyat, Russia SvyatSvyat
3,716 postcards sent

Random members

water-melon, Russia daria_di21, Russia FintiFlusha, Russia Vikateria, Russia Velluto, Russia BobbinRobbin, Russia Performance, Russia Natallii, Russia feodora_a, Russia Ellina, Russia christina2, Russia tvoynru, Russia basilikum, Russia AlinaDeusheva, Russia Milalina, Russia mila_rus, Russia irina1987, Russia nightbeast, Russia mishima211, Russia nata2, Russia galker, Russia Natali_rus, Russia KONDHELEN, Russia sergrog, Russia dimon_saveliev, Russia Karushka, Russia my_nemi, Russia Gelya_Orlik, Russia doroschenkova, Russia Whitelake, Russia RemiMilka, Russia Olga13, Russia JewelJul, Russia Bereznikova_Anastasi, Russia Olga_Tish, Russia oOlga, Russia
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