is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 144,495,044 habitants. The capital of Russia is Moscow.
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1. johnruss, Russia johnruss
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2. nattaza, Russia nattaza
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3. Philatelist1, Russia Philatelist1
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4. Alexander_Yuryev, Russia Alexander_Yuryev
5,377 postcards sent
5. PC, Russia PC
5,313 postcards sent
6. Mariaf, Russia Mariaf
4,969 postcards sent
7. 4ajka, Russia 4ajka
4,959 postcards sent
8. akholyavkin, Russia akholyavkin
4,634 postcards sent
9. SvyatSvyat, Russia SvyatSvyat
4,622 postcards sent
10. libsem, Russia libsem
4,493 postcards sent

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Kolyadka, Russia Sanek-guitar_player, Russia _Mary_, Russia SeaOwl, Russia 89043920564, Russia Likliza, Russia AlexanderNik, Russia Natasha_Sunflower, Russia nattaza, Russia Christy23, Russia luciuskato, Russia Alice_Ra, Russia Julianai, Russia Temabeloglinskiy, Russia Iren98, Russia Elenutelape, Russia Levin81, Russia Kisa-Murka, Russia Iris_D, Russia Aleksandra77, Russia Stasyamba, Russia Tatiana_Proshunina, Russia KateRo, Russia Elizabeth999, Russia Island_Lady, Russia KaigorodovaTatiana, Russia lizzasoma, Russia Kristallix, Russia cristins, Russia julia2post, Russia RnonR, Russia Jachenka, Russia AndyKey, Russia Rolyasha, Russia anna_kozachek, Russia iolka, Russia
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