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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 261,115,456 habitants. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.
Members: 6,663 (Browse all)
Sent: 163,360 postcards
Received: 163,677 postcards
Ranking: 33rd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Indonesia

Most active members

1. si_uned, Indonesia si_uned
5,434 postcards sent
2. sinta, Indonesia sinta
2,349 postcards sent
3. agung, Indonesia agung
1,550 postcards sent
4. sintamedia, Indonesia sintamedia
1,299 postcards sent
5. Ireneind, Indonesia Ireneind
1,207 postcards sent
6. richardus, Indonesia richardus
993 postcards sent
7. erka_79, Indonesia erka_79
958 postcards sent
8. dee_narcissa, Indonesia dee_narcissa
935 postcards sent
9. Restu_Amalia, Indonesia Restu_Amalia
922 postcards sent
10. minasuherman, Indonesia minasuherman
900 postcards sent

Random members

srndh, Indonesia Cleondexter, Indonesia agung, Indonesia Gewidionyo, Indonesia kevin_gustian, Indonesia Laila_, Indonesia lestarizky, Indonesia Fafah, Indonesia mr_victora, Indonesia dearmianti, Indonesia Fafamz, Indonesia mengmingmung, Indonesia lovinawijayanti, Indonesia Ardhista, Indonesia sititie, Indonesia TheKiddos, Indonesia ludenisu_78, Indonesia Christianhad, Indonesia renattayn, Indonesia pujiro, Indonesia Badrit, Indonesia Riskaikaika, Indonesia minasuherman, Indonesia angelinamarini, Indonesia sisiliaalin, Indonesia sarahjuck, Indonesia neny_mei, Indonesia bemy1985, Indonesia azuring, Indonesia sisiliaa, Indonesia dinayng, Indonesia krisna_ajah, Indonesia anda_l, Indonesia khanifati, Indonesia nofarharmoko, Indonesia Apul, Indonesia
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