is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 263,991,379 habitants. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.
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1. si_uned, Indonesia si_uned
6,425 postcards sent
2. sinta, Indonesia sinta
2,499 postcards sent
3. agung, Indonesia agung
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4. Ireneind, Indonesia Ireneind
2,017 postcards sent
5. richardus, Indonesia richardus
1,694 postcards sent
6. erka_79, Indonesia erka_79
1,691 postcards sent
7. sintamedia, Indonesia sintamedia
1,476 postcards sent
8. tuesday_ruby, Indonesia tuesday_ruby
1,381 postcards sent
9. dina_astuti, Indonesia dina_astuti
1,369 postcards sent
10. IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia IndonesiaRaya
1,332 postcards sent

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