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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 261,115,456 habitants. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.
Members: 6,956 (Browse all)
Sent: 169,330 postcards
Received: 169,116 postcards
Ranking: 33rd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Indonesia

Most active members

1. si_uned, Indonesia si_uned
5,627 postcards sent
2. sinta, Indonesia sinta
2,388 postcards sent
3. agung, Indonesia agung
1,607 postcards sent
4. sintamedia, Indonesia sintamedia
1,319 postcards sent
5. Ireneind, Indonesia Ireneind
1,272 postcards sent
6. richardus, Indonesia richardus
1,055 postcards sent
7. erka_79, Indonesia erka_79
1,016 postcards sent
8. dee_narcissa, Indonesia dee_narcissa
997 postcards sent
9. Restu_Amalia, Indonesia Restu_Amalia
964 postcards sent
10. minasuherman, Indonesia minasuherman
924 postcards sent

Random members

Aristia, Indonesia Riskaikaika, Indonesia joevinlucas, Indonesia Laila_, Indonesia KoJep, Indonesia anandafida, Indonesia CeciliaLany, Indonesia rafika1703, Indonesia PROBOJATI, Indonesia MaisieSagita, Indonesia GabbyTrivia, Indonesia onand, Indonesia wahyuratri, Indonesia MikeYap, Indonesia Nuruh, Indonesia Ferian_Pratama, Indonesia beuleunyoh, Indonesia arga25, Indonesia danikaputri, Indonesia yudianme, Indonesia IraFebdian, Indonesia Restu_Amalia, Indonesia dewiratih, Indonesia lopilopi, Indonesia Darenalia, Indonesia ludenisu_78, Indonesia elizabethsheilaf, Indonesia NettaGrace, Indonesia adristi, Indonesia titi7171, Indonesia gangga92, Indonesia reenn33, Indonesia sisiliaa, Indonesia Staciargani, Indonesia fachryreyhan, Indonesia indriyani, Indonesia
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