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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 257,563,815 habitants. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.
Members: 6,503 (Browse all)
Sent: 159,717 postcards
Received: 160,153 postcards
Ranking: 33rd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Indonesia

Most active members

1. si_uned, Indonesia si_uned
5,302 postcards sent
2. sinta, Indonesia sinta
2,341 postcards sent
3. agung, Indonesia agung
1,506 postcards sent
4. sintamedia, Indonesia sintamedia
1,290 postcards sent
5. Ireneind, Indonesia Ireneind
1,175 postcards sent
6. richardus, Indonesia richardus
963 postcards sent
7. erka_79, Indonesia erka_79
933 postcards sent
8. dee_narcissa, Indonesia dee_narcissa
910 postcards sent
9. minasuherman, Indonesia minasuherman
899 postcards sent
10. Restu_Amalia, Indonesia Restu_Amalia
883 postcards sent

Random members

naomisantoso, Indonesia kayla80, Indonesia Sorarin, Indonesia Elz_devina, Indonesia RiaAlfana, Indonesia Ichabaisa, Indonesia agung, Indonesia alfrd, Indonesia michelletandean, Indonesia jellyjump___, Indonesia fita_emilia, Indonesia jillylumanauw, Indonesia normapawestri, Indonesia pujiro, Indonesia krisna_ajah, Indonesia TamaraTherito, Indonesia Restu_Amalia, Indonesia RistyDA, Indonesia salma80, Indonesia Devinatasha, Indonesia joy77, Indonesia TheKiddos, Indonesia BrendaGracia, Indonesia richardus, Indonesia wahyupriagung, Indonesia andreaika, Indonesia real_chariseptii, Indonesia nyidemang, Indonesia ZahraBee, Indonesia Sujo, Indonesia CeciliaLany, Indonesia Mahapatih, Indonesia riokamar8, Indonesia BellaChristella, Indonesia yukiofutagawa, Indonesia erka_79, Indonesia
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