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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,358,076 habitants. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.
Members: 6,589 (Browse all)
Sent: 460,141 postcards
Received: 471,940 postcards
Ranking: 19th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Portugal

Most active members

1. nunoftferreira, Portugal nunoftferreira
9,206 postcards sent
2. manelmor, Portugal manelmor
7,124 postcards sent
3. PilotOne, Portugal PilotOne
5,858 postcards sent
4. anaserodio, Portugal anaserodio
4,811 postcards sent
5. Miguel-Isaias, Portugal Miguel-Isaias
4,455 postcards sent
6. paisdasmaravilhas, Portugal paisdasmaravilhas
3,930 postcards sent
7. catiadraga, Portugal catiadraga
3,412 postcards sent
8. Rosamariababo, Portugal Rosamariababo
3,044 postcards sent
9. paulolgnunes, Portugal paulolgnunes
3,015 postcards sent
10. geminiscp, Portugal geminiscp
2,980 postcards sent

Random members

JoaoCravo, Portugal Iodo53, Portugal paisdasmaravilhas, Portugal jagct, Portugal Ana-Fernandes, Portugal Aline_R, Portugal AnaMarg, Portugal martinha, Portugal Anactf, Portugal LABRAX, Portugal LaraSilva, Portugal aralc, Portugal marianapadez, Portugal AnAgostinho, Portugal landoro, Portugal Rosamariababo, Portugal nowere_man, Portugal Rute, Portugal vimatos, Portugal claudiadmcoelho, Portugal Literata, Portugal dissendium, Portugal ClaraCH, Portugal Miguel-Isaias, Portugal geminiscp, Portugal Lurdes, Portugal Jpguerreiro, Portugal CellaVolta, Portugal antarrrtida, Portugal HelenaMaltez, Portugal PedroSantos, Portugal Tuguinha, Portugal Naira_Gals, Portugal mca, Portugal nunoftferreira, Portugal inesbarbosa, Portugal
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