is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,283,822 habitants. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.
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1. nunoftferreira, Portugal nunoftferreira
14,160 postcards sent
2. Miguel-Isaias, Portugal Postcrossing Supporter Miguel-Isaias
9,626 postcards sent
3. anaserodio, Portugal anaserodio
9,456 postcards sent
4. manelmor, Portugal manelmor
9,152 postcards sent
5. PilotOne, Portugal PilotOne
9,021 postcards sent
6. paisdasmaravilhas, Portugal Postcrossing Supporter paisdasmaravilhas
8,568 postcards sent
7. Rosamariababo, Portugal Rosamariababo
6,012 postcards sent
8. geminiscp, Portugal Postcrossing Supporter geminiscp
5,916 postcards sent
9. jagct, Portugal jagct
4,135 postcards sent
10. catiadraga, Portugal catiadraga
3,557 postcards sent

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