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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,324,611 habitants. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.
Members: 6,839 (Browse all)
Sent: 504,822 postcards
Received: 516,374 postcards
Ranking: 19th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Portugal

Most active members

1. nunoftferreira, Portugal nunoftferreira
10,818 postcards sent
2. manelmor, Portugal manelmor
7,770 postcards sent
3. PilotOne, Portugal PilotOne
6,514 postcards sent
4. anaserodio, Portugal anaserodio
6,316 postcards sent
5. Miguel-Isaias, Portugal Miguel-Isaias
5,926 postcards sent
6. paisdasmaravilhas, Portugal paisdasmaravilhas
5,410 postcards sent
7. Rosamariababo, Portugal Rosamariababo
4,111 postcards sent
8. geminiscp, Portugal geminiscp
4,023 postcards sent
9. catiadraga, Portugal catiadraga
3,491 postcards sent
10. paulolgnunes, Portugal paulolgnunes
3,015 postcards sent

Random members

PedroSantos, Portugal isabeljeronimo, Portugal PilotOne, Portugal AliceMelao, Portugal PauloTopa, Portugal Itinha, Portugal Dalshagnar, Portugal Tikky, Portugal Half_Century, Portugal oiloncanvas, Portugal _greenmouse_, Portugal Antandgui, Portugal claudiasmoliveira2, Portugal Rideshal, Portugal Ana-Fernandes, Portugal garrdengnnome, Portugal JoaoCravo, Portugal FCPORTOFAN, Portugal leag12, Portugal ElsaCunca, Portugal aaandreiaaa, Portugal aralc, Portugal dulcetuga, Portugal ziga, Portugal OdeteMG, Portugal xtoria, Portugal inesaraiva, Portugal paisdasmaravilhas, Portugal anaserodio, Portugal danny_bullit, Portugal paulo, Portugal MariaJoseValente, Portugal Dinis, Portugal VanessaSilva, Portugal anabelaribeiro, Portugal ukucastro, Portugal
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