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About Kersten...

Hi everybody.

I was always interested in different cultures, traditions, or to cut a long story short- I was always interested in the facts that make countries so different to each other. I mean, under our clothes were are all the same but in the end, no human being is the samel to another one.

I love a lot of things. Books and Music are amoung the things I need every day.

I live in north Germany and I'm very lucky not to live in a big city.
I love the countryside very much, alothough there are some disadvantages sometimes.

I'm now a member here for over one year. During that time, I have developed a love to open my letter box. Fortunately, it is only rarely empty.
And I have developed a taste of my most favourites postcard.

Anyway, I enjoy all postcard that are sent to me, except free add cards. And I don't mind if you send my card in an envelope and if you enclose something with it. And nice stamps are also always very welcomed, although I'm not a collector of stamps.
But, if you want to make me jumping around of joy and happiness, here are some tips for you, to reach this. Postcards with:

- the ocean
- beaches of your country
- city views
- Keep Calm Cards
- colourful cards
- Christmas Cards in December
- Birthday Cards in February
- cards with a tradition of your country/ city
- any card of Australia or New Zealand
- anything by the papersisters

and I'm sure that I can continue this list soon.

But please, do me the favour and send no snakes or spiders. I'm afraid of both of them. Thank you!

Lg Kersten
PS: For some time, I am on Instagram now. So even when your postcard is not here online, I will try to post it on Instagram.