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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 9,507,875 habitants. The capital of Belarus is Minsk.
Members: 28,919 (Browse all)
Sent: 2,069,621 postcards
Received: 2,088,050 postcards
Ranking: 8th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Belarus

Most active members

1. Brest, Belarus Brest
6,031 postcards sent
2. victorzenin, Belarus victorzenin
5,515 postcards sent
3. fomalgaut72, Belarus fomalgaut72
5,299 postcards sent
4. Ivanon, Belarus Ivanon
5,251 postcards sent
5. Flyurik, Belarus Flyurik
4,925 postcards sent
6. Ukurka, Belarus Ukurka
4,100 postcards sent
7. NataKlv, Belarus NataKlv
3,817 postcards sent
8. olga2003, Belarus olga2003
3,186 postcards sent
9. zheka-french, Belarus zheka-french
3,174 postcards sent
10. stripe, Belarus stripe
2,592 postcards sent

Random members

mother-dilettante, Belarus PaulinaV, Belarus HelenaRudaya, Belarus Fimka-marinka, Belarus Olga-2018, Belarus Little_Rita, Belarus Masha_KARANIK, Belarus Svyatochka, Belarus AOksana1997, Belarus lasto, Belarus Meia_Lee, Belarus Hanna_99, Belarus Ksenia-V, Belarus Bel_Alena, Belarus EvAnastasia, Belarus Vuster, Belarus Serenamente, Belarus MrsFeather, Belarus tanka83, Belarus a_postcard_girl, Belarus art_music_life, Belarus Marta_, Belarus Nastusik, Belarus melopaque, Belarus Nikatinchik, Belarus Darya_Bullo, Belarus Alexashka, Belarus Tyrande_Whisperwind, Belarus Burstyn, Belarus Florindr, Belarus Kukusiki, Belarus thealexandria19, Belarus Umbrella, Belarus Evgeniya2510, Belarus Ivanon, Belarus Klarisia, Belarus
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