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grizzabella, Germany


(or Katja) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 11 years (4,212 days).
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About Katja...

Moin! :)

That’s how we say “Hello” here in northern Germany :)
My name is Katja and I’m living in Kiel on the beautiful Baltic Sea coast. I’m in my mid-thirties ;)
I like to listening to music, reading, taking photos, cycling, handlettering and recently I began to learn drawing and painting...

Postcrossing is a great project to travel around the world with postcards.
Therefore, I would appreciate a postcard of your city or region showing the sights or the beautiful landscape and nature of your country.
→ also Unesco WHS, areal views, night views, castles
* Please tell me what is shown on the card :)

Map cards are one of my passions – of your country, city and region.

Recently, I fell in love with all those great illustrated cards – check my faves ♥♥♥
→ foxes, owls, cats…
→ e.g. Garmashova, Paltser, Salmina, Selina… and many more!!
→ unicorns
→ Santoro, Jetoy, Anime/Manga, Studio Ghibli…
→ …

My collections:

I love fully written and nice decorated cards. Tell me sth about where you live or recommend a good book/author/musician. You can also draw sth, maybe a cat, fox, owl or penguin :)

What I also like:
Greetings from… (from country of origin, if possible*)
Flags of the World (by postcardmarket) *
Nature in general (mountains, the sea, sunsets…)
Animals (e.g. cats, tigers, fox, penguins, squirrels, birds (owls), wild animals - pls no snakes & spiders) – but I really don’t like funny animal cards and animals wearing clothes!!
Flowers esp. lavender, sunflowers, red poppy, cornflower or what is typical for your country
Native people of your country
Silhouettes, skylines
Coffee, tea, cupcakes, sweets

Pola-Cards (cards looking like a polaroid)
Love Around the World - Art by Ben (China)
Vintage Travel Poster
Ole West
Typography, handlettering
Fantasy, elves
Art esp. Romanticism (C.D. Friedrich), Impressionism (Monet), Expressionism (Van Gogh)

Cats on appletrees
Grafikwerkstatt Bielefeld
GEO cards

Or maybe you’ll happen to have a card (or a similar one) from my favourites here or at flickr: ? I'm sorry for the huge amount but there are so many wonderful cards... :)

But I'm happy with any card you'll choose for me :)


Please be fair and send only real postcards and no waste, cut-outs of food packages, pieces of paper, flyer, photos or anything else. I'm sending real postcards and I want to receive real postcards because that's what Postcrossing is about!

Please don't send postcards via Touchnote or other online services!

Thank you!

I'm really looking forward to your postcard :)

Sep 9th, 201